author notes: ok guys, so like I forgot to write my AN on the last chapter, sorry for that. I was just so excited to post up the new chapter after such a long time (especially since I had lost the book i had written it in). So, yeah... anyway! This chapter is my first HINT OF SMUT OR LIME, or however you want to call it. So comment and let me know what you think.

Disclaimer: I don't own D-gray man, because if i did it would have turned into yaoi (i swear thats all that would change!)

"Lucifer." someone whispered huskily into my ear. Their warm breath tickling the shell of my ear, sending tingling sensations up and down my spine.

A deep chuckle rumbling into the air around me. soon that warm breath moved onto my neck, goosebumps rising. My eyes fluttering like butterfly wings in the air, I wanted... no, I needed to see who it was.

Though a small voice in my head whispered to me the answer.

Then he bit down into the crevice of my neck. causing me to gasp and moan as he sucked at the bite-mark, my eyes flying open.

I knew it was him, the man that I had fallen for...

"mmm K-kanda." I heard myself moan, receiving another throaty chuckle. I couldn't help it, my eyes roamed from his chest to his face.

His hair was strewn about us like a curtain, hiding us from the world. Skin flushed slightly, lips in a haughty smile. But his eyes... oh god help me now... his eyes were dark with lust and love. Emotions swirling like a whirlpool. slowly he Leaned towards me, inching closer, his breath mixing with mine.

So close now, all I had to do was move forward and...


A gasp escaped my lips, my body having rocketed from the bed. Small nimble hands clutching the bed sheets. Perspiration caused my shirt to stick to my body.

My small body shaking.

"Crap! I have a small problem." I growled out, looking down. My face flushed in embarrassment.