The lump in the back of my throat would not leave. To my ears every move made echoed out through the abandoned school building. My feet taking me to the site that caused my curiosity; muffled moans and shifting papers from a nearby classroom. To my dissatisfaction the door was shut. It just makes it worse on my trick playing mind. I wanted to know, yet knew I shouldn't peak. My eyes stared holes in the sliding door before me. The organ known as my heart beating far too fast to be healthy. I couldn't help it though, just like my wandering mind. It needed to stop. Just a small peak couldn't hurt. That was what I told myself anyways as I gently pushed the door open a few centimeters. This letting a single eye gaze in. My breathing hitched at the site before me, as a pair of lustful bold eyes burned into my soul. Another pair soon shifting my way. I was frozen right there.

Two of the most elegant bodies known to the blond were in the midst of unspeakable acts. The younger of his two teachers spread out across the large wooden desk with at least half of his warm porcelain like skin in sight. Fine, long black hair sprawled underneath the body. Heat crawled up sun-kissed skin at the site before forcing eyes to travel to the clearly more dominant figure. Similar skin and hair, only unlike the other the black hair wasn't straight. It was wavier like calm rolling waves.

"I-I'm sorry! I didn't mean to intrude." My voice was clearly flustered. Who wouldn't be in a kind of situation he was in? "I won't tell anyone. Promise!" By now the door was opened more in his outburst.

I felt startled as the elder rose his hand. Eyes shut tightly as though expecting something bad to happen. A dark chuckle causing shivers up my spinal cord.

"Uzumaki is it?" I slowly slide my eyes open, seeing that the one who spoke was calling me over silently. I quickly glanced to the younger one of the pair who was moving to fix his clothes, a slight rose dusting on his cheeks. Embarrassed, but not nearly as much as he, himself was.

"Yes, sir. Mr. Uchiha, er.. Madara sensei.." For the reason of there being more than one teacher under the last name Uchiha it was stated since the begin of the year to use their first name. Since then more times than not most teachers responded to their first name. It made things almost better in some unknown way.

"Would you mind closing the door, and coming here." It wasn't a question, but a command. I was never a fan of the elder Uchiha. Hell, I wasn't a fan of most Uchihas, and I knew quite a few. I stood strong though as I took that step into the class and quietly shut the door behind me. My hand coming down to clench my black and orange messenger bag to my side as I neared to two.

I was soon only inches away from the two men. My weight shifting to each side in a sign of nervousness. Curiosity killed the cat was it? Maybe I should have paid more attention to life lessons that others taught me. I was never very good with rules, or guidelines as I liked to call them.

"Aren't most students gone for the day?"

"Yes sir. I-I was just leaving.."


My eyes wandered, unable to stay on one thing. "...And, I heard something... and got curious."

I watched as the two teachers made eye contact. Almost as though reading each other's mind. Wouldn't surprise me if they could. Most of them seemed to have an ability to read the air around them, like magic. It was what pissed me off the most. Sasuke being the cause of most of his hatred towards it. Bastard.

"Lunch time detention?" Madara pondered as he turned towards me again. The corner of my eye catching a small nodded for my mortal enemies brother, Itachi. I saw nothing wrong with the punishment per say. It did mean missing lunch. He could make it up with Ramen after school though.

I nodded to say I understood. A smile gracing the others figure that I should have questioned at the time.

"Then it is decided. My classroom should be fine. You do know where that is, correct?"

"I thi-. Yes Madara senpai." I truly didn't, but I did remember I had a class with Itachi beforehand . I would just ask him as awkward as I knew it would be after this. I had trouble even looking at him with the first image he was granted when first peaking on the scene. I wasn't at all appalled by it. I wasn't one for judging people on whom they decided to sleep with. He did wonder why it was much easier to look at the elder though. The word dominance ran through my head. He held an higher air than the other. You knew not to fool around too much. I knew from talk about the school that he was that kind of teacher.

"Good. We'll see you tomorrow then."

I wasted little time in telling my quick good-byes before hurrying out of the room and not looking back. If I knew any better at the time, I wouldn't have agreed to the detention. It was probably out of guilt for peeking on them that I even went along with it. Big mistake that was.