Morning started off how it usually did. My alarm ringing deafening loud throughout the room for a minute or so before I finally shut it up. Soon after I dragged myself out of bed and to the shower. From there continued my normal routine. Got dressed. Brushed teeth. Ate a poor breakfast of ramen; the only thing I really could afford. Then finally left my empty home and went to school.

I lived alone by choice. It was only a few days after my birth that my parents passed away. I never knew the story exactly what happened. The subject always somehow changing whenever I asked my grandparents. They weren't really related to myself, but they had been there since I could remember. I finally just gave up and focused on the future. It would once in a while though it would enter the back of my mind.

I was only maybe a block away from home before I heard my name being called. I thought about just continuing without stopping, but I slowed myself to a stop and turned around to face who called me; Kiba. Along with him Sai and Sakura. Oh wonderful Sakura. The girl of my dreams. I knew that was where it would stay though seeing as her eyes were on Sasuke. Not that every other girl in the school didn't look at him with hearts in their eyes. What was wrong with me? I huffed a little in displeasure before smiling and greeting the group with a wave. Toothy grin from Kiba. Fake, yet strangely warm smile from Sai. God like smile from Sakura. What a good day this was turning out to be.

Chatter of last night's television shows and other various talk began. I wasn't overly interested in any of it, though it made the walk to school a lot faster. I wasn't sure that was a good thing or not though. It gave me time at least to copy Shikamaru's answer on the math homework I neglected. That was a bonus. It was great he was such a laid back friend. If it was anyone else I probably would have been turned away. That or given the wrong answers. I need grades to maintain for many reasons.

"How are things with Temari and you going?" I asked, attempted small conversation as a bolted through the first five or so questions.


Of course. That was his response for everything. I could tell by the look in his eye though that it was going alright. When I first found out they were dating I didn't even get it a week before I thought they would be over. Four months later though and they were still together. I wanted something like that. Yeah, I was a little jealous. Thank the heavens he wasn't the only one in his group of friends still single.

"Cheating are you dobe?" It wasn't a question. It was a statement.

I growled as I turned to the only person who called me that. My nose raising to him as though I was looking down on my enemy. Techinally it was the other way around though. Sasuke was looking down at me, literally.

"Ever heard of teamwork? Probably not. You never were much of a team player."

"Unlike you, my grades are good. I don't need your kind of 'teamwork'"

"Yeah, like you know what my grades. I have you kno-" I stopped midway through my thought as I noticed Sasuke pointing in a direction. My eyes narrowing before following invisible path. A piece of paper on the wall? It then dawned on me that it must be the same paper that provided us students our grades. They had student numbers though, so the only way Sasuke would have known what mine was if he asked someone... "Fuck off!"

I was quickly greeted with a warning about my language as the teacher entered the classroom. I also soon noticed the stares in my direction as the "Sassy Cult", as I liked to call it, tried to kill me with their eyes. I wouldn't doubt they would kill me if given a good enough reason. I already gave them good enough reason when I stole Sasuke's first kiss. Not on purpose! Someone bumped into me and that just happened to be an end result. I was beyond black and blue after that.

- Timeskip -

It was the class before lunch; Itachi's class. There was something majorly off though. Said teacher was nowhere to be found, and the bell to sound the beginning of the class had just gone off. Instead some old guy was standing in front of the us.

I could see his lips moving, but heard nothing. My mind was set into a little panic. How was I suppose to find a classroom I was unfamiliar with going to? It wasn't as though I had one of Madara's classes. Then I wondered, would Sasuke know? What were the chances of running into him right after class? Probably very unlikely, but I decided to fool myself. I would make it work. It was just the kind of guy I was.

For pretty much the rest of the class I sat there planning my meeting with both Uchiha's; gathering information from Sasuke and the detention with Madara. I couldn't help but shift back to the evening before though. Who could erase something like that from one's mind?

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