A/N: This has some theories my friend Peter and I came up with while talking in class one day. There's no REAL evidence to support our theories, just speculation, observation, and stuff read in books. So please don't flame me for being wrong, it's just speculation.

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1 Paths Forever Crossing

By: Prince Tyler Briefs

The sky above was crystal clear, millions of stars twinkling merrily in contrast to the mood of the two children lying on the soft grass of their home planet. One of these children was a boy with short brown hair, and sparkling blue green gray eyes. He couldn't have been older then two or three, and was deffinatly the middle of the group in age. Lying next to him, with her head next to his feet was a girl with soft brown hair and large brown eyes.

"Elli what are you thinking about?" The boy asked, his eyes still captivated by the stars.

"The future." Was all she whispered, and her hand locked on to the boy's next to her.


"Don't be afraid Benny, it's all right. I'm sure the Jedi are very nice people." Ben was silent for a moment, the vast infinities of the heavens becoming foggy as his eyes glazed with tears.

"But what about you? You won't be here when I come home to visit. You'll be going to…that planet for school."

"It's called Naboo Ben. It's were all the girls in our family have gone to school."

"And none of them have ever come back."

"Well maybe you'll come visit someday and you'll have a brother or sister here waiting to meet you."

"So what if I do? I'll never get to really know them! I only get to stay for a month at a time Elli. And daddy said they might give me a weird name. That man already said that if I go to the temple my name will be translated into the common language, which is Obi-Wan."

"But you still get to keep your last name." The two year old closed his eyes, suddenly wishing his special gift away.

"I don't want to keep my last name, I want to keep you guys." Elli sat up and pulled her little brother close to her.

"Benny listen to me, even if you stayed things wouldn't be the same. I'll be going no matter what, and mom and dad are still trying to have more kids. Things will change Ben, always. You can't stop it, only accept it. It's your path to go with the Jedi, to be one of them. Mine is to go to school, far away. But never forget who you are Ben, never!"

"I won't Elli, I promise."

Okay Chapter 1 is short but I wouldn't stop it there if I didn't have to okay? Chapter 2 will be longer and hopefully explain the title a bit and introduce the great Ty/Peter theory.