"Nice job, bait boy."

Luke would recognize that girlish giggle anywhere. He glanced up from the stack of lumber he'd been collecting and saw that Lucy was seated next to Toby and Renee's boy, watching him intently.

What was his name again? Luke narrowed his eyes in concentration.

He had a fishing pole in hand and all of his attention was directed towards the pond, which caused Lucy to scrunch up her nose in distaste. "Fish are gross."

"They are tasty," the boy replied, barely sparing the spunky, blue haired girl a glance.

"Yuck," she shook her head and then adjusted her too-big-for-her-head bandana. "Besides, fishing is so boring."

Luke silently agreed. He would much rather spend his time in the forest, hacking at a tree. It was indefinitely more extreme than fishing.

"You know what's more fun?" A mischievous glint sparkled in Lucy's dynamically violet eyes.

The boy sighed. "What?"


Luke's eyes widened. No, no, no. Those words had not come out of his little girl's mouth, but as he realized that she wasn't just his little girl, she was also Selena's…He panicked inwardly. He tried to say something but his mouth felt incredibly dry. His feet stayed planted on the ground. He couldn't move.

The sandy haired fisherman flushed a bright pink. "O-oh, really? B-but fishing is very relaxing…"

"Kissing can be relaxing," Lucy explained, standing up and smoothing away the wrinkles in her purple attire. "I guess it depends on how you do it."

She walked closer to the boy, and with every inch, Luke cringed. She placed a gentle hand on his shoulder and his blush deepened. "Not scared, are you, Matt?"

"'Course n-not."

"Good," she said sweetly, taking the inactive fishing pole from his hands. "Hope ya don't mind," she aimed for the water, it eventually made a satisfying splash.

Matt, that was it. The thought registered as Luke watched the scene, terrified.

"Nice cast," he complemented, apparently more at ease when fishing was involved.

A smirk fell upon her lips. "I'll give it a try, so long as you consider giving kissing a try."

No. Say, no.


That little punk was flirting with his little girl! Luke's eyes narrowed, but still unable to move, he was forced to watch.

Something bit. Lucy smiled sideways at Matt, who returned it meekly. "Mind giving me a hand? I'm kind of new to this."

"Sure," he said, situating himself behind her, and holding her arms. He helped her steady the pole. She pretended to slip on some water, therefore, causing both of them to fall backwards.

Luke fumed as he noted their positioning. That boy was on top of his little girl! He tried to scream in outrage but no sound came out.

Lucy smiled up at Matt, feigning shyness. "Oops. Guess I'm a little clumsy."

Definitely her mother's daughter, Luke thought grimly.

Matt blushed down at her, not quite ready to stand up, so he propped himself on his elbow as to not squish the tiny girl. "It's alright…"

"You're so dumb sometimes," she finally said, exasperatedly, pulling his face down to hers and crushing her lips against his.


Two sets of eyes turned towards the carpenter. One set, deathly afraid. The other, fiercely angry. "Dad!"

AN: I imagine they'd been somewhere in their teens. Anyway, just an idea I had. Lucy is definitely my favorite rival child, despite the fact that her existence means that Candace and Luke don't get together...

*sighs* Oh, well...