New Power Syndrome

Chapter 1

I'm prepared to push role reversal to the limits; we've all heard of MPREG or "Male Pregnancy," but I'm going with something that is the male equivalent of PMS/that time of the month(excluding anything uterus related).

Has it been done? Maybe, but I want to do my own version of this situation, so here it is.

Fionna and Cake were on there way to Marshall Lee's house, hoping to get his help in taking care of a bug problem in there house.

"Do you really think he'll help us?" Cake asked

"Sure," Fionna said "he always does things for us."

"Correction," Cake said "he always does things for you."

"Whatever." Fionna responded

They made it to the vampire king's domain and Fionna pounded on the door as she usually did.

"Marshall Lee!" Fionna called "MARSHALL LEE!"

Five seconds later, Marshall Lee tore the door open, so roughly he damn near ripped it off its hinges.

"WHAT!" he snarled "What!"

Fionna and Cake cringed as the vampire stared them down menacingly.

"Well," he questioned crabbily "what do you WANT?"

"Uh..." Fionna answered tensely "we have a little infestation in our house and we were wondering if you could help us."

Marshall Lee looked on strangely.

"You can battle the Ice Queen with your bare hands," he inquired "but you can't handle a few rodents?"

Fionna started to feel a little irritated herself.

"Okay," she responded "first off, it's bugs were dealing with, second, what's your damage?"

The vampire became contrite.

"I'm sorry," he said meekly "I'm enduring New Power Syndrome."

Fionna looked at Cake, then back at him.

"What's that?" Fionna wondered

"See, every so often vampires' acquire new powers," Marshall Lee explained "but before we get our new powers our bodies must prepare themselves for them, and the process tends to make us a little...ornery."

"More so then usual?" Cake unwisely asked

"What's that supposed to mean?" Marshall Lee hissed

"Nothing." Cake whimpered

"So..." Fionna asked "will you help us?"

"Of course." the vampire stated

"Thanks." Fionna said, putting her hand on his shoulder

"Did I say you could touch me!" he snapped

Fionna quickly drew her hand away.

"Let's go." Marshall said dociley

The human girl and the cat looked on as the vampire flew ahead.

"Fi," Cake said nervously "I'm scared."

"Don't worry," Fionna reponded awkwardly "I'm sure it won't last that long."

Sorry guys, I only pick on you because I favor you over other girls. No offense to other girls it's just that some girls can get annoying, especially the nagging ones.