New Power Syndrome

Chapter 7

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With the tree house rid of bugs, Prince Gumball left as soon as he possibly could.

Now Fionna was just hanging out with Marshall Lee, while Cake kept her distance.

They were sitting on Marshall's Lee's house deck.

By this point, Marshall Lee had gone from cranky and violent to tired and sluggish.

"You look tired, Marsh." Fionna said

The vampire yawned and nodded.

"Yeah," he mumbled "the new powers...they're coming on...soon."

"What kind of new powers will you get?" Fionna wondered

"Dunno," Marshall Lee sighed "whatever I don't already have."

Fionna looked over at Cake.

"Cake, what are you doing?" she asked

"I was checking out this wierd rock." Cake said, pointing to an oddly shaped rock

"It is a wierd rock." Marshall Lee said

"So how much longer until you finaly get your new powers?" Fionna asked

"Five...minutes." the vampire stated

As he started to fall asleep where he was sitting, Fionna lightly grabbed his shoulder and carefully pulled him down toward her, laying his head in her lap.

Fionna played with his hair, until she heard a tapping sound. She looked, and saw Cake banging her head against the rock.

"Now what are you doing?" Fionna questioned

"This rock sounds hollow." the cat said

"Are you sure it's not the echo inside your head from the impact?" Fionna bantered

"Hilarious." Cake said sarcastically

Marshall Lee started twitching.

"Ow," he uttered "oh! It's happening! I can feel it!"

His eyes started glowing dark blue.

"Are you sure?" Fionna asked tensely

"Are my eyes glowing?" Marshall Lee asked hectically

"Yes!" Fionna replied

"Then it's happening!" Marshall Lee cried

He started writhing as the process overtook his body, filling him with new energy.

"It's a lot more painful than I imagined it would be!" the Vampire King shouted

Fionna sat and watched anxiously as Marshall Lee twitched fiercely.

After five minutes, the process was finally over, and Marshall stopped seizing.

Fionna and Cake looked down at him, as he lay limply on the ground moaning softly.

"Marshy?" Fionna gasped

"You okay, sugar?" Cake asked

"I'll be fine as soon as I regain the feeling in my legs." Marshall Lee sighed

Fionna and Cake looked at each other, then Fionna picked Marshall Lee up off the ground.

The two girls took the vampire inside, and Fionna put Marshall in his bed.

"Well," Fionna said "that was freakiest thing I've ever seen."

"Yeah probably." Marshall said

"How will you know what powers you got now?" Fionna wondered

"I'll know tomorrow." the Vampire King yawned

He reached under his pillow and pulled out a book.

"In the mean time," he sighed "take this."

Fionna took it and read the title: "The Enchiridion of Vampiric Abilities, penned by the Lady of Evil."

"Awesome!" Fionna affirmed

When she saw that Marshall Lee had fallen asleep, Fionna pulled his covers over him.

"Let's go Cake," Fionna said quietly, holding up the book "I wanna read this."

Yes that's the end, but the next fics will involve them breaking in Marshall Lee's new powers.