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"Oh, Derek, right there, yes," Penelope moaned.

Derek froze with one foot just inside of her apartment. He had used his key to get in, since it was movie night. Heat rushed through his body at the idea of what Penelope might be doing.

He glanced up, just able to see through the doorway to her bedroom. His baby girl was stretched out on her bed, wearing nothing more than a dark purple lacy bra and matching panties. Her eyes were closed, her lips slightly parted. Her left hand was resting on her left breast, and her right hand was inside her panties.

Derek swallowed hard. He closed the door silently behind him. He placed the movie he'd been carrying on the table and walked quietly to her bedroom door, stopping just outside of the strands of shells.

He watched as she rolled her lace covered nipple between her fingers. Her back arched and he stifled a moan as his cock twitched in his jeans. His hand unconsciously went down to adjust himself and then stayed, cupping his cock through the denim.

"Please baby, please, I need you Derek, please," she moaned. Through the lace of her panties he watched as she slid a finger into herself.

"Baby girl…." He moaned, his hand squeezing his cock.

She was up and off the other side of the bed so fast he would have laughed if he hadn't been so fucking turned on. She dragged the sheet with her, covering herself. He could see the flush of embarrassment coloring her pale skin all over and it turned him on more.

Penelope just stared at him, mortified. But even in her embarrassment she noticed the pure lust in his eyes, and the way he was holding himself.

"Y-you're early," she managed to squeak out after a few long seconds.

Derek held her eyes with his own as he slowly moved into her bedroom. He walked around the foot of the bed, coming to stand right in front of her.

"No baby girl, I'm just in time," he said. She shivered as his fingers caressed her cheek. He could feel the heat coming from her body as he shifted closer to her. He ran his fingers down her jaw line before lifting her chin. He bent down, brushing his lips lightly over hers. The kiss was brief, a light exploration. "Let go," he whispered against her lips. She had a brief moment of confusion before she realized he was tugging at the sheet she held in front of her. She loosened her fingers and it dropped to the floor. Derek immediately wrapped his arms around her and pulled her tight against him. She let out a little whimper when she felt his hardness pressing into her stomach. And then his lips descended onto hers again.

This kiss was not light. His tongue ran across her lower lip, requesting entry. She parted her lips and he dove in, tasting her sweetness. He moaned, his tongue tangling with hers.

His moan wiped away the last of her insecurities, the few that weren't already obliterated by his extremely obvious erection. She pressed her tongue past his as she wrapped her arms around his neck. He tasted delightful, just as she knew her chocolate god would.

Derek's hands went to her ass, pulling her tighter against him as he ground his hips into her. She moaned into their kiss as his fingers toyed with the edges of her lace panties.

After a long minute they broke apart, needing to breathe. Penelope gasped as she looked up at Derek and saw his eyes had gone liquid black with desire. Feeling brave, she decided to make a confession.

"You know, I did this every time before you'd get here on our movie nights," she said. He growled low in his throat as the meaning of what she'd said sunk in. He kissed her hard.

"I did the same thing every time as soon as I got home from here," he replied softly. Wetness pooled in her already soaked panties at his confession.

"You are overdressed hot stuff." She pulled his shirt up and he helped her, tossing it aside. She licked her lips as she ran her fingers over his sculpted chest. Derek could feel the precum leaking out of his aching cock as her fingers ran over his skin. His hips thrust involuntarily against her when she took one of his nipples into her mouth. Her fingers traced a burning path down over his abs as her tongue teased his nipple. Her fingers worked at the button on his jeans. She moved her mouth to his other nipple and he moaned as she sucked gently.

Before he realized it, she had undone the button on his jeans, lowered the zipper and was pushing them down off his hips. Suddenly she gasped, releasing his nipple to look up at him with wide eyes.

"No underwear?" she asked.

Derek blushed and grinned at her as he kicked his shoes off and stepped out of his jeans, pushing them aside. He watched her as her eyes travelled down over his nude body. Her skin flushed pink as her eyes reached his arousal.

Penelope had never before seen a man so perfect. She took in his impressive length and girth, and briefly wondered if he'd even fit inside of her. She licked her lips as she watched a drop of precum form on the tip of his cock. She started to reach for him.

Derek quickly reached out, gently batting her hand aside and putting his hands on her hips, distracting her. She raised her gaze to his face again as he hooked his fingers into the waistband of her panties.

"Now you're overdressed," he said, smirking. He pushed her panties down until they fell to the floor. He ran his fingertips back up the outside of her thighs until reached her hips, and then pulled her close. His erection was hot against her belly as his hands moved to caress her ass briefly before sliding up her back. He unhooked her bra first try and slipped it off her, tossing it to the side. He moved back slightly so that he could reach up and cup her breasts in his hands.

"You are so beautiful baby girl," he said. He ducked his head down, capturing one rosy nipple between his lips. She gasped and moaned when his tongue darted out to lick her.

"Oh god, Derek," she gasped when he sucked hard on her nipple. He grasped her other nipple between two fingers, teasing it gently. She moaned deeply. Reaching between their bodies, she wrapped her fingers around his hard cock. Derek's breath hitched and he bit down gently on her nipple. She rubbed her hand over his silky smooth hardness, her thumb rubbing the precum over the tip.

"Baby girl," he moaned as he released her nipple. He nipped at her lower lip as he ran his fingers up her thigh. She trembled as his fingers slipped between her legs, sliding through the wetness to press over her clit. She moaned as his lips captured hers in another passionate kiss. He pulled his fingers away, hearing her whimper at the loss of contact, and then her squeal of surprise as Derek lifted her and laid her in the middle of her bed. He moved onto the bed, on his hands and knees next to her. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his lips down to hers. Derek stretched out next to her, his body pressed against hers as he kissed her again.

Penelope shifted her leg, rubbing her thigh against his arousal. Derek moaned into her mouth. He reached his arm over her, gripping her hip and pulling her tight against his body. His fingers slipped back between her thighs, brushing over her curls and finding her sensitive clit again.

"Derek, please," she moaned, breaking their kiss. He moved his hand further, sliding one long finger inside of her. Her mouth opened soundlessly as her hips rose to meet his hand. He slid a second finger into her, causing her to cry out. Derek thrust his hips gently, rubbing himself against her thigh. He rubbed her clit with his thumb while curling her fingers inside of her, finding that perfect spot. Penelope jerked in pleasure, her body tightening around his fingers as he brought her closer to the edge.

"Come on baby, come for me goddess," he whispered in her ear. He thrust his fingers in and out of her, watching her hands grip the sheets. He could tell she was so very close. He moved and took her nipple into his mouth again. She moaned as he sucked hard. He moved his fingers faster as he bit gently on her nipple, and that was enough to push her over the edge.

"Derek!" she cried out, moaning loudly as she came, her body arching off the bed.

Derek let go of her nipple as her body writhed in pleasure. "That's it baby, so sexy," he murmured. He paced the movement of his fingers in time with her orgasm, finally sliding his fingers out of her as her body calmed.

"Mmmm, hot stuff," she sighed happily.

Derek had intended to give her a few minutes to recover, but she reached for his cock seconds later. And as soon as her hand wrapped around him, he knew that he couldn't wait.

"Sweetheart," he whispered, voice husky with need. He gently moved her hand and then moved on top of her, settling between her legs. They moaned together as his cock slid over her wetness. He thrust against her, rubbing his hardness over her sensitive clit. Suddenly he stopped and looked at her.

"Shit, I didn't think… I don't have a condom…" he said. She smiled up at him and rocked her hips up against his.

"I'm on the pill hot stuff."

He didn't need any more encouragement. He pulled back just enough to position the tip of his cock at her entrance. He caught Penelope's eyes and held her gaze as he slowly pushed into her.

Penelope let out a soft whimper as he filled her. Derek gasped softly as her body tightened around him.

"You are perfect, so fucking perfect baby girl," he said. He pulled almost fully out of her and thrust back in hard, earning a deep moan from Penelope.

"Not as perfect – mmmm – as you, my chocolate god," Penelope replied, moaning in the middle of her sentence as Derek pulled out and thrust back into her again.

Words were lost to both of them as Derek started a rhythm of sliding in and out of her that had them both moaning and panting within seconds. Penelope let her hands wander all over his upper body. He moaned and thrust forcefully into her when she raked her nails over his back. Derek grabbed her hips and lifted, changing the angle of his cock inside her and earning a quiet "fuck" from Penelope as his next thrust pressed hard across her G-spot.

Derek quickly found himself on the edge of his own orgasm. He thrust harder, causing Penelope to cry out.

"Oh baby girl, come for me again, please baby," he said, wanting to bring her again before he came. He started to move his hand to her clit, but she beat him to it. He moaned as her fingers went to their union, exploring how he fit inside of her. She wrapped her fingers around his cock as he thrust in and out of her once. "Baby…." He moaned again and she picked up on the need in his voice. She shifted her fingers to her clit, rubbing in tight circles as he thrust faster.

Just a few seconds later Penelope was crying out as she came. Derek gripped her hips harder as she bucked her body up towards his. She tightened around his cock and he couldn't hold back any longer. He moaned, calling her name as he came inside of her.

Derek managed to not collapse on top of her. He braced himself to keep most of his weight off her as he leaned down to kiss her. She moaned softly, contently, as she returned his kiss. He moved from her lips, trailing kisses over her cheek and jaw, down to her neck. He bit her neck softly while pulling his still hard cock out of her and thrusting in again. She whimpered, and Derek was filled with a sudden need to get them both off again.

"Oh, fuck, Derek," Penelope murmured as he began to thrust in and out of her again. He started slow, but it wasn't long before she was responding and urging him to go faster. He thrust his cock deep inside of her and held there. He shifted and then flipped them over without pulling out of her. Penelope hesitated, insecurities returning as she was more exposed. Derek reached up, cupping a breast in his hand, fingers teasing her nipple. He moved his other hand from her hip, sliding it between her legs. His thumb brushed over her clit and her insecurities were gone again. She began to move, riding him hard, pushing them both towards another orgasm.

Before they reached that point however, Derek changed their positions again. He got Penelope onto her hands and knees in the middle of the bed. He knelt behind her, his hand sliding between her wet folds as he got into position. She whimpered and he plunged into her. Gripping her hips he fucked her hard and fast, encouraged by the wordless sounds of pleasure she was making.

After a minute Penelope shifted, pulling a pillow down and lowering her head to it. Derek moaned as the shift allowed him to thrust even deeper into her. He felt himself getting closer to the edge.

"Baby, too good- fuck!" he exclaimed as he thrust deep into her.

"I'm right with you hot stuff," she moaned. He saw why she had shift positions as she reached up to tease her clit.

Two more thrusts and Derek simply couldn't take it anymore.

"Oh fuck! Baby!" he cried out as he slammed hard into her one last time, pulling her hips back to bury himself as far as possible. He felt her tighten around him as her orgasm began a split second before his. He heard her moaning and calling his name as she came, her body clenching around his cock. He held her tight, keeping her still even as her hips tried to move against him, while his cock pulsed inside of her.

Almost half a minute later he pulled out of her, causing her to whimper, and they both collapsed onto the bed. It was a few more long minutes before either spoke or moved in the slightest.

"Wow," Penelope said quietly.

"Yeah," replied Derek.

"You really are a god," Penelope said, smiling.

Derek turned on his side and pulled her into his arms. He nuzzled her neck, kissing the soft skin behind her ear. "And you are my goddess."