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"Guess it's my turn baby girl," he murmured, lifting her chin to give her a scalding kiss.

Penelope felt her skin flush as a flash of white hot desire went through her at his words. She returned his kiss with passion as she listened to the sounds of the porn scene playing. The woman was moaning deeply and Penelope could hear the soft sounds of the man's tongue moving over the woman's folds. She whimpered softly into the kiss.

Derek broke away a few seconds later, pushing her back into the cushions. He licked his lips and eyed the skirt she was wearing. His fingers slid down over her skirt, finding the edge and nimbly sliding under. Penelope gasped as his fingers touched the soft skin of her inner thigh and slid upwards. At his encouragement, she shifted and spread her legs, giving him easier access. His fingers played along her crotch, following the edge of her panties.

Derek could feel her heat and her moisture that close to her pussy. His cock twitched in his pants, already hardening again at the thought of tasting his baby girl. Not wanting to wait much longer, he moved to his knees, between her legs. He reached under her skirt with both hands, hooking her panties, ripping them down one side and pulling them off her. She gasped and started to protest, until he slid his fingers up her thighs, quickly silencing her. He pushed her skirt up some. Leaning down he licked the inside of one knee, earning a ticklish giggle from her. He repeated the action on the other knee and the giggle turned into a soft moan of pleasure.

Filled with a sudden impatience, Derek pushed her skirt all the way up, revealing her to him. He groaned softly at the sight of her neatly trimmed pussy, her folds glistening with her arousal. He brushed his fingers lightly over her and she trembled. His hands went to her hips, shifting her and pulling her closer to the edge, closer to his waiting mouth. He leaned close, his cock pulsing as he caught scent of her arousal. He flicked his tongue out, swiping around the top of her slit, barely brushing her clit.

"Derekā€¦."she whispered breathlessly, her fingers gripping the cushions already.

Derek's fingers flexed on her hips as he licked her slit from bottom to top. He circled her clit with the tip of his tongue and then pulled the nub into his mouth, sucking gently. Penelope moaned, the sound sending a shiver of delight through Derek. He sucked harder, enjoying the taste of his baby girl, and the way she tried to squirm under his ministrations. He released her clit, giving it one more flick of his tongue before licking down her slit. He probed her entrance with his tongue, teasing her with the hint of penetration.

"Oh god, please," she begged softly. Derek ignored her plea, moving away from her entrance and licking up one side of her pussy to circle her clit again. He flicked his tongue rapidly over her clit for a few seconds before licking down the other side of her pussy. Without warning he plunged his tongue inside of her, earning a short scream of pleasure. He fucked her with his tongue for several seconds. Her wordless sounds of pleasure had his cock aching.

Moving his mouth back to her clit, Derek trailed his right hand down from her hip to her thigh. He let his fingers play lightly over her soft skin, teasing along her inner thigh. He licked her clit slowly as his fingers brushed along the edge of her pussy. His long fingers moved to probe her entrance and then he slowly slid one finger inside of her.

"Ah, fuck... hot stuff..." Penelope moaned, pleasure flooding her veins. Derek took up a steady but slow pace, his tongue rubbing slow circles over her clit as his finger teased her with slow thrusts. Penelope whimpered as Derek added a second finger. Derek gave her clit a quick hard suck, moaning softly as he felt her walls tighten around his fingers.

Derek kept his movement slow even when Penelope's fingers ran over his head and shoulders, attempting to urge him faster. His fingers slid in and out of her, pressing upwards against her G-spot with each thrust. She whimpered, and pleaded, but Derek didn't relent. He kept her in a slow torturous climb towards that edge.

The act of pleasuring Penelope was just as torturous to Derek. He had to resist the constant urge to just stop and fuck her. His cock throbbed with the need to be inside of her. He reached down with his free hand, freeing himself from his clothing and giving his cock a few hard strokes.

Penelope was torn between the desire for the same thing Derek was fighting, a fast hard fuck, and what would come at the end of this slow burn of pleasure he was giving her. Derek added a third finger and she decided the hard fuck could wait.

Derek's need to make her come became too great. He added the third finger, feeling how tight she was, but kept it slow. He felt her abdominal muscles fluttering and knew even at the slow pace she was close to orgasm.

Penelope had never experience anything like the sensations Derek was giving her. She moaned as his fingers pressed against her G-spot over and over, sending warm pulses of pleasure through her. He pressed a tad harder against her clit and she felt the tremors start. Unlike all her other orgasms that sent her flying up to the edge of orgasm and then over, this was a slow approach to the edge and then a gentle nudge over.

Penelope tightened even more around Derek's fingers as she came. She moaned his name, writhing on the sofa as she came undone. Derek drew out her orgasm as long as possible, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her, and then just slowing his movements as she started to come down.

She had almost stopped twitching when Derek rose up and plunged his throbbing cock inside of her. She screamed in pleasure as he filled her.

"Derek, god yes!" Derek leaned down and kissed her hard. She licked her juices off his lips and he moaned. He held her hips tight as he started to pound into her.

"Baby girl, oh fuck, so good baby," he moaned. Penelope dug her fingernails into his shoulders.

"Harder baby, fuck me harder, please," she begged.

He obliged, fucking her harder and faster until they exploded together. She screamed his name and he moaned hers as they came.

They collapsed into a heap on the sofa. Derek shifted them until she was laying on top of him. She was resting her head on his chest, listening to his still racing heartbeat when he spoke quietly.

"So, did you like the movie?" His voice was quiet but still a deep rumble under her ear. She lifted her head to look at him, a pink tinge returning to her cheeks even as she answered.

"Maybe we could get Wild Girls 1and 2 next week?"

Derek laughed, pulling her down to him for a deep kiss in response.