First Night

The night is so young. The occasional cold wind serves as a reminder that it is the time of the year when snow would soon fall from the skies, where then the white winter season would envelop Volterra in a blanket of snow.

Lara loves winter; to her, winter is just so much calmer and peaceful during that season of the year. Everything would be so quiet and clear because everyone would be huddling within their homes close to the fireplace to keep themselves warm; leaving the whole city looked so much like an abandoned capital. The air would smell so much fresher and colder as each day passes, and she couldn't wait to taste the first snowflakes that falls from the cold grey skies and lie on a freshly fallen field of snow.

She closed her eyes, smiling up to the sky serenely. She takes a deep breath and savored the cold air that rushes into her lungs, numbing them with the fresh cold air. It's near midnight, the one hour that she loves the most in her life, and even more after she had acquired her new life. She swore that she wouldn't miss it for anything.

Her eyes fluttered open in surprise when she felt something cold tickled down her face. Her eyes widened when she noticed the amount of snow falling from the sky for the first time of the year. With a light cry of rejoice, Lara pushed herself away from the stone balcony and ran towards the large grand door located far away from the wing of the castle, where she resided with one other vampire prior to orders from Aro.

She descended down the stairs with the agility of a goddess, graceful and excited as she followed her reflection reflected on the smooth marble tiles. Forgetting that she is wearing her long silk gown of sleeping attire, Lara didn't notice the sound of the heels of someone's shoes clicking on the marble tiles.

Naturally, she slammed into that person. Lucky her, she didn't smashed the whole left side of her body as that person held her in his marble embrace, as if he has been expecting her to come into contact with him.

"Lara," then it comes the cool and silky voice of Caius Volturi, his cold red eyes staring down at the damsel with the peculiar-colored eyes. "What exactly are you trying to achieve by running down the stairs-"

"Caius! It's snowing!" she intercepted happily, forgetting for a while that the very vampire standing right in front of her is a cold, no-joke vampire. She started to bounce around the place with Caius still holding her arms, a wide smile on her face, all the while chanting, "It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!"

If Lara had stood very still, she would have noticed that Caius's eyebrow is twitching a little.

Before Caius could said anything else, Lara dragged the snow-haired king out of the door and out into the street outside the protective barrier of the Volturi base, all the while chanting the phrase, "It's snowing, it's snowing, it's snowing!"

"Why do you love snow so much?" Caius asked suddenly, breaking the icy atmosphere. Lara gave him a look and pondered the question before giving up on thinking and look up at the sky.

"I couldn't seem to find that answer in myself as well, Caius," she said, looking up into the grey sky, admiring the slowly falling snow flakes. "But they are just so beautiful that I couldn't avoid not loving them."

Letting her weight fall back and spin around the lamppost, Lara's eyes were fixed right above her, where the snowflakes started to settle on her hair and face. Just as she came back to facing Caius, giggling a little, everything happened at once.

He was right in front of her just when she came back to face him from spinning around the lamppost. One hand held her right cheek and, for a moment, her mind went blank as he drew his face closer to hers and gave her a passionate kiss while, still not sure what is happening, go along with the flow and kissed him back.

And then, she stopped him.

"I can't," she said to him, both of her hands stupidly placed on his broad chest. Giving her a beckoning look, Caius held her in his arms and preventing her escaping from him. "You're married." she said simply.

He merely shakes his head a little. Leaning down again, he kissed her once more. This time, he added more passion in it.

His lips were strangely warm against hers despite him being a Cold Being and her being a half-blooded Cambion. They so passionately melded against her lips, slowly driving her high with want for more and need. Before her consciousness sinks in further, she stopped him once again by separating their almost tightly sealed lips.

"Athenodora." She reminded him simply of his lawfully wedded wife, noticing embarrassingly that she is out of breath. "There's your wife, Athenodora."

"The marriage is for show and convenience," Caius answered in basic terms, his crimson eyes stared into hers, as if wanting to drown her in their colors. There was a light curve of smirk on his lips as he admired the flushed colors of her cheeks. "There is no love between the two of us married beings, but I know you and I did."

Once again, he leaned down and captured her lips with his, and this time, Lara no longer stopped him.

Then, surprisingly, Caius broke apart from her suddenly.

"No more questions?" he asked, amused. Lara smiled back to him.

"There's just no more reason for me to avoid your advances," Lara whispered, and with that, Caius leaned in back and kisses her.

Wrapping both of her arms around his neck, he carried them both back to his bedchamber. His kisses gradually changed pace, becoming rough and demanding and lustful, taking another even more passionate level.

He sits her atop a study table in his room, and begun to reveal her breast by pulling off the clothes on her neck and on her chest. Opening the buttons one by one, he takes off her bra and begun his attack on the huge white orbs dangling in front of him. One mouth over one breast while his hand on the other, he pleases her on the table and heard her moan in satisfaction.

"Oh, Caius… we can't…" she said, moaning and holding him against her breast.

"Yes we can, my dear," Caius said to her. "If you won't do it with me, then I'll just have to rape you then…"

"Rape?" Lara said to him, repeating the words and imagining herself being forcefully taken by him. It was such an erotic scene that she begun to grind herself on the table and against his bulging pants. He groaned in response.

"Want me to rape you, my Lara?"

"No… please… don't rape me… don't… please… no sex… I don't want it…" Lara said, not wanting to engage in sex with the ancient vampire for fear of retribution from Athenadora. But at the same time, she held his head against her breasts, and his other hand started to wander and dwelved into her underwear, finding her so wet his penis got engorged to another level of huge.

"Oh… no… we can't do this… please.." Lara pleaded, but to no avail. Her pleads fell to deaf ear as Caius fucked her using his fingers, inserting two of his fingers into her virgin hole and feeling just how tight it is. Hearing her request, he speeds up his pumping into her hand while his thumb pleases her clit, and she moves against him.

"No! Caius! Ahn… no… please… don't… stop!"

"I am going to rape you now…" Caius said, bringing her to her first climax and hearing her scream his name against him and held her tight as she rides her first climax with him. After her climax finishes, she leaned against him, and he smirked.

Carrying her to the large bed, he began to take off all of his clothes and her clothes. Just when she opens her eyes, he started to prod her entrance with the head of his penis.

"Ah… no… Caius… no… don't put that into me…" Lara pleaded, trying to get up from her sleeping position and finding herself naked with him staring down at her.

"But you want this too… see how wet you are?" Caius said to her, prodding her entry a little deeper and hearing her moan.

"No… please," Lara said to him, trying to push him off from her weakly and close her vagina with her hands. He caught her hand and held them down, and that is when he pushes himself into her in a single thrust and heard her scream in pleasure.

"No! Caius! No! Don't!" Lara screams, as he fucks her hard and fast.

Caius ignores her and continues to pound into her hard. He loved just how tight she is, and how warm she is. He looks at her ecstasy filled face and finds himself climaxing with her and inside her for the first time, filling her insides with his fluids.

Not satisfied, he flipped her over in a single motion and continues to pound into her with frenzy, going so fast she couldn't have the time to moan in rhythm to his thrust. All she could manage is a moan once in a while and a scream.

Sometimes, her screams stuck in her throat, and could only manage a whimper. Halfway through their lovemaking, Lara moans for him to go slow.

"Please… go slow… please…" Lara moans, and held Caius tight against her back.

"No. I am not," Caius said to her, and going to thrust into her in a faster degree.

"Can you feel me fucking raping you, Lara? And you love it…" Caius said to her, climaxing inside her for the 3rd time and heard her scream.

"Caius… oh… yes… yes… I can feel you inside me… moving inside me… please… oh…" Lara moans to him, and pleaded for him to move.

They made love for most of the night, with Caius squirting his semen into her uterus, filling it full and making her stomach round. He marvels at her round stomach, and touches it now and then. They slept together for the very first time, all naked and open, while Caius marvels at his sleeping beauty sleeping in his arms.

"Caius?" Lara whispered softly into the dark, calling for her lover from the previous evening.

"Yes, la mie belleza?" said Caius huskily, his voice rumbled deep in his chest. Lara loved the feeling it sent down the back of her spine and she let her question hung for a while more as he kissed her temple lovingly and smoothed her hair back.

"I was told by many that you were a cold and heartless vampire who loves bloodlust," Lara looked up at Caius, waiting for a reaction. She could feel him nod his head once in agreement. "Yes," his voice rumbled in his chest. "That is correct."

A lovely frown formed on her forehead. "Then why are you acting not as described by many when you're around me?"

Both eyebrows rose at the comment. "Because I love you, that's why…"

Flipping her over and hearing her squeak, Caius inserted himself into her without her permission and begun a slow lovemaking to her, looking at her changing face of lust while he fucks her again and again into the night…

La mie belleza-My beauty