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Found in the Woods

Chapter 1

Daryl POV

The sound of birds chirping really did nothing for my mood. Looking for that little girl was hard work. I kept thinking about her mom, sitting at camp trying to keep helping out the group while containing her tears and fears at the same time. I was thinking about this when I came up to the little house. I saw the familiar white roses and grabbed one, waning to bring it back to Carol, tucking it in my pocket; I walked into the little country house. Looking around for any sign of the lost baby, I found a can of sardines in the trash and smelled them. They smelled bad normally so ones opened for a long time would smell even worse. Then I heard a noise from a cupboard and cocked my crossbow.

I walked towards it, trying to be as quiet as possible. I opened it and saw movement move towards the corner of the little closet.

"Sophia?" I called softly, trying not to frighten the girl if it was her. The figure slowly moved back to the entrance and looked up at me, her tiny face covered in dirt.

"Mr. Daryl?" It was such a soft whisper I barley heard it. I knelt down on the ground by her and said "Yeah, its me. Come 'ere Sophia." The little girl crawled into my arms and I stood up, making sure my crossbow was still loaded.

"Did you get bit?" I asked suddenly feeling at risk for holding her and bringing her back as a walker.

"No, sir. Mr. Daryl, I ran away. I tried to run to the highway like Mr. Rick said but there was a walker in the way. So I ran. I heard a gun shot, Mr. Daryl. What was it?"

I had to pause on that one. I didn't want to tell her that her friend got shot and almost died. "Oh it was nothing, doll. Come on, we need to get you home to your mama." With that, I carried her out the door and started walking towards camp. I couldn't wait to see Carols face, how happy she would be and how much joy they would have. I smiled and kept walking.

Carol POV

I tried to hold in my nervousness as I waited for Daryl. After today, I wanted to tell the men to call of the search. Truthfully, I was beginning to lose hope that my little girl was alive. I didn't want anyone to get heart because of my child that was probably gone. Carl had already gotten shot, we couldn't lose anymore.

I heard Dale call out that Daryl was back, but I didn't run towards him. I would wait. I would wait.

Daryl POV

Carol didn't run towards me like she usually did. I could see her putting laundry on the clothesline that was tied between the two trees. Sophia had fallen asleep on the walk home so I wanted the first person she saw to be her mom. I walked towards Carol, hushing people who saw me with the girl. I walked over towards her, shifting her baby in my arms before standing directly behind Carol.

"Carol." I said it soft, trying to not wake Sophia. She turned her head slightly.

"Yes?" She still wasn't fully looking at me.

"Turn around." Then she did. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened before jumping towards me and grabbing her little girl and me. We fell to the ground in a pile, Sophia waking up.

"Momma?" tears filled the baby's eyes as she saw her mom.

"I'm here baby." She looked at me and mouthed thank you and I wrapped my arms around the two of them.

We stayed there until dinner time.