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Found in the Woods

A/N. Hey guys, this one suppose to be just a one shot but now I'm going to change it into a multi-chapter.

Chapter 2

Daryl POV

I was happy that I was able to bring Sophia back to her momma. I was happy that we had found her, and we could finally move off of this farm and go find a safe place of our own. That's what I wanted to do, but I knew Rick didn't want to. He had told me that Lori was pregnant and he didn't want to leave until she had the baby. I was trying to count and see how far she would be along; I knew that the baby would be Shane's. No matter how many time Lori tried to convince Rick it wasn't. I think we should move once Carl is one hundred percent, maybe go find an actual doctor somewhere. Anything would be better then staying here. We need to get out of Georgia.

Rick POV

I saw Daryl walking across the field, toward the house where I was standing. I decided to meet him half way, wanting to see what he needed.

Looking at Daryl, there was something different about him now. After finding Sophia, he was coming closer to the group, or at least closer to Carol. There was a relationship budding between Carol and Daryl, and it was going to be something good for both of them. I don't know how he felt about Sophia latching on to him like she had been doing since he found her.

"Hey Daryl, watcha need?"

"Rick, I think we should consider leaving after Carl's better." He paused looking for my reaction which he knew was coming. "We should go find a safer place, maybe we could find a doctor along the way, you know, to help Lori in a few months…"

I understood what he was saying and where he was coming from but… I was hesitant on leaving this place, after all, Hershel had helped Carl so much.

"Ya, maybe we should…" I said finally thinking logically." We'll have to have a group meeting tonight and talk."

Daryl POV

I was happy that Rick was finally agreeing with me on this. We needed to move out, with all of these animals, the walkers were going to start coming when they smelled the food and ran out of it in the city.

I walked back to where I left Carol and Sophia, by my tent, which I had moved closer to the camp. She was teaching Sophia and Carl some math I think.

Thinking about Carol, I couldn't help but wonder what our relationship was and where it was going. Hell, I knew I found her attractive and I loved her kid, guess saving her had a factor in that. I walked over and lowered myself down next to Carol, she looked up at me and her blue eyes shined, making my lips twitch up into a slight smile. Maybe I was falling in love with this woman.

"Whats up?" I asked her. The kids looked at me like I was stupid. "What? Why the hell you lookin at meh like that?"

"Were doing school works Mr. Daryl." Sophia said. Her brown eyes wide and a smile on her face.

Carl laughed and we all looked at him. "What the hells so funny kid?" I asked.

"We don't have a school anymore Sophia," He said, laughter still in his eyes. "This isn't even home work. This is tent work!" Him and Sophia both started laughing while Carol and I looked at each other.

I hoped Rick was talking to Lori about moving, hoping she would agree.

(Later that night)

"Ok, so me and Daryl were talking earlier and think we should move on."

Then there was silence. Carol grabbed onto my hand and I looked down a it. Sophia was sitting on my lap somehow and Carol was next to me. I still wasn't used o all the affection and touching that I had been getting in this group. No one usually cares about me like this, never had a girlfriend, never d a loving family. This was all new to me.

"When Car's all done healing, Hershel already said he wanted us to leave so we might as while go on our own free will instead of being forced." He stopped when he saw Lori open her mouth. "Lori I know, you want to stay until you have the baby but this is not the time to deal with that right now. He's not even a real doctor, he's a vet and we just need to get used to the fact that we might not even find a doctor to help you."

Then he realized his mistake. Lori hadn't told anyone about the pregnancy yet and he had just spilled it out. Everyone sat there with their mouths hanging open, shocked. Shane stood in the back of the group and looked at Lori. He opened his mouth to say something but Carl beat him to it.

"Your pregnant and no one told me? I'm your kid…" It was obvious that he was hurt and I didn't blame him. His parent's barley paid any attention to him, that's why he always got into so much trouble running off. He moved away from his mom, her arms reaching out to pull him back. But he was to quick and he moved over and sat next to Carol. she leaned down and whispered into his ear, so quietly I couldn't hear what she was saying.

"Sorry Mom." Carl said but he didn't move back. Sophia reached her hand out and grabbed Carl's hand who looked at it with a puzzled look on his face. I looked at Carol who was trying to hide her smile.

"Does anyone have any objections to this plan of leaving?" Rick said, breaking the awkward silence. "Someone can invite Hershel and his family to come with us if hey want, Glenn." Everyone looked at the Chinaman who's face turned red.

"No objections?" I said. Looking around. Then I looked at Rick. "Alight. I guess were leaving. We leave in three days. We'll start packing tomorrow. Goodnight everyone." With that, he walked away everyone looking around.

I looked at Carol then moved my head, motioning that it was time to get up. She leaned down and kissed Carl's head before standing up. Sophia got off my lap and I stood up to.

"Goodnight." Sophia, Carol and I all said at the same time. Carol and Sophia stopped and started talking before Sophia grabbed Carl's arm and they went into the RV, without Carol. I looked at her but she just waked past me and into my tent. Everyone stared at my but I just huffed and tuned around, walking into the tent and zipping it behind me, wondering what was going on.