Disclaimer: I have not seen Monster High, and know nothing about characters except the basics, I'm writing this story because my friend's little sister wants me to, if there's advice you feel I need to know please contact me,

My list of OCs

Freddie Krueger- son of Freddy Krueger, has the power to enter one's dreams undetected or have conversations

Chase Voorhees- son of Jason Voorhees, Big brute, friends with Freddie carries a hunting knife on his side and wears a hockey mask

Crystal Voorhees- Daughter of Jason Voorhees, Chase's younger sister, very kind-hearted

Thomas B. Sawyer- Son of Bubba Sawyer (Leatherface) very dirty loves hunting and mildly overwight,

Plate head- son of Chop-Top (leatherface's brother), Thomas's cousin, hippie who is very peaceful and has a metal cap atached to top of his skull

Judy Myers- Daughter of Michael Myers very quiet and to herself, loves music

Plot: After a day at the Mall Clawdeen meets Freddie and the two eventually fall in love, Clawd doesn't Want Cladeen around Freddie because of Freddie's "family issues (his dad being a child molester/murderer), and Freddie's friends don't want him around Clawdeen, thinking the Killer Kids (their group) doesn't fall in love .