"You A*s*o*e" Cleo said holding the melted remains of her phone as Chase gave her a look that could kill as he picked her up by the shirt with one hand and thru her as she hit the chalkboard as she covered her bleeding nose as Chase slowly fallowed her

"Chase, leave her alone!" Freddie yelled as Chase released his grip

"Cleo, I'm so sorry, Chase is just very protective of us" Freddie said as she walked out of the classroom avoiding any trouble

"What the hell you hockey-masked f*g*o*" Clawd yelled as he swung a punch as Chase grabbed it with his fist squeezing it as Clawd screamed in pain

"Chase! Stop it!" Freddie yelled as Chase released his grip as Clawd hugged his sore fist

(After school) – Clawdeen and Draulaura were talking as Clawd entered the house clenching his fist as he grabbed some ice

"That M*t*e*f*c*e* is gonna pay" Clawd said as they looked at his fist

"What happened Ula asked

"Those two slasher kids" Clawd said

"Freddie did that?" Clawdeen asked shocked

"No his huge brain-dead lunk Chase" Clawd said

"In that case you probably did something to deserve it, what happened" Clawdeen asked bandaging her brother's wound as he told them about the event

"Clawdeen, I'm gonna go" Draculaura said as she left as Clawd fallowed after her

"Lala, what is it" Clawd said concerning for his girlfriend

"It's just this, Clawdeen is my best friend and i want her to be happy, but you're not, this whole situation , I'm just so confused" Draculaura said tearing

"Just help me get her away from Krueger, please, I can't do this without you" Clawd said as she reluctantly agreed as Draculaura left she saw Freddie, Chase, and another kid with them as she walked to them as Chase thru a Frisbee the girl caught it

"Here Bro" The girl said handing it to chase

"Ah, Draculaura, meet Crystal, she's Chase's younger sister" Freddie said as she waved at her

"Uh Freddie, can I talk to you" Ula asked

"Sure what" Freddie responded

"I hate to say this but you should stay away from Clawdeen, I don't want anymore trouble" she spit out