Hey guys so this is the IMPROVED version of my original story "A Snake's Love" so same plot and story line, a couple of things that I think needed to be changed but I promise you I will actually attempt to make it one of the best stories ever! I love you all and I hope you guys don't hate me for it!


She finally had enough, tired of the abuse from her mom, tired of the shit she dealt with at school, and most of all tired of the life she lived. Annastasia lived in a broken home, her dad ran away when she was 5, her mom was an alcoholic and very an abusive person, her older brother Tyler had gotten into a car crash on her 12th birthday, on his way from the store to pick up her present. A driver cut him off in traffic which caused him to spiral in a ditch. That was easily the worst day of her life. 3 years ago to the day.

She waited until her mom had passed out again, then she started her plan. Pack, run and leave Citysville to a town she had visited before, the City of Townsville. Sure there was a lot of crime, sure there was a monster attacking the city every day but Annastasia didn't care, she just wanted to get away from the living hell she was in now. She took an old bag that had been packed with clothes earlier that day. She reached into her dresser and took $600 in cash out of it; she had been saving that money since she turned 13, knowing she would need it one day. She took the money and stuff it into a small compartment in the bag, leaving $40 in her pocket. She took her iPod that had been charging that day, her black and green head phones and put them around her neck, an old black beanie and put it on her head.

She took a photo of her brother and her that had been sitting on her nightstand. The last photo of her and her brother, he looked a lot like her, black hair, broad shoulders, his eyes were a deep blue while hers was a emerald green that seemed to change to black when she was mad. Annastasia put the photo in her pocket, grabbed a black hoodie, put in on, and threw her black leather jacket over top. She took a pair of sun glasses that she wore every day whenever she could. She looked in the mirror one final time to see what her life had done to her, the scars on her wrist as visible as the pain in her eyes. She grabbed a red lighter, a pack of smokes, and a pocket knife of the table. The tortured girl was about to walk out the door, she looked back at the horrible human being she called her mother.

"Are you happy now? I'm out of your life, forever…" she said to her unconscious mom before walking out that door and never looking back. Annastasia ran as fast as she could to the bus station. Purchased a one way ticket to Townsville, and never looked back to life she had left.

2 months later….

The green 18 year old walked down the street from the dump in the cold weather, listening to his playlist of depressing songs he usually did. Mumbling the words to a song.

"Pain, without lovess, pain, can't getsss enough…. Pain like it rough, I'd rather feel pain than nothing at allsss….."

He walked down the street, not knowing where he was heading, focusing on the moment that had just happened only a few minutes ago.

"And dis time boys, we'll destroy those annoying Powerpuff Girls!" their leader had shouted. The rest of the gang had cheered as the serpent like one just thought about the leaders plain.

"Do wesss really have to killsss them Ace? They're only kidsss." He regretted those words as soon as he said them. The leader took one look at him then threw a punch at him while the others had laughed.

"YOU IDOIT! WITHOUT THEM OUT OF OUR WAY WE'LL NEVER TAKE OVER DIS TOWN!" his thick New York-Italian accent came through loudly.

"I'm sssssorrys!" he cried out, trying to defend himself from the abusive leader. Ace had stopped punching him when he saw blood coming from his large nose. The leader walked to the fridge and grabbed a beer while everyone else kept laughing and talking. The abused had snuck outside with his sweater and headed down the road.

Thinking about being abused by his leader just like he was abused by his father before running off put him in a mood where he question his existence on the planet. After taking a few random turns he ended up leaning against the brick wall of an apartment building. He rolled up his sweater left sleeve revealing his lower arm with a black and orange wrist band, he rolled it up closer to his elbow showing deep scars that he had left there for years, the more recent ones being worse than the rest. He started thinking about his life and what would happen if he died, why am I still living? Would anyone care if I died? Would anyone notice the second hand man in the Gangreen Gang is dead? Would the guys just laugh about it like when we thought Billy got hit by that train? He kept thinking these thoughts as he pulled out a pocket knife he had always kept with him, he placed the cold steel against his wrist and pulled it across the green skin, letting the blood escape and hit the ground. He sighed in relief, as he did it again he closed his eyes, with a smile growing on his face as if he enjoyed it. He was about to do it the third time as a figure ran past him, and then another followed yelling at the first.

"GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE BITCH!" a man in his mid-20s screamed, they ran into the next ally as Snake rolled his sleeve and wrist band down cover his arms. He snuck to the next ally as he heard a girl scream. Snake had hid behind a dumpster to see what was going on. The man had a teenager girl pushed against the wall. Her shirt was almost ripped completely off, showing her ribs and chest.

"Now, I'm goina do this, and you're goina like it, you hear me?" he pushed his pelvis against her waist. She struggled to loosen his grip on her arm and her hips.

"Please… stop… I'm sorry… Please Jake… I'm sorry " she cried as she gasped for air, tears pouring down from her face.

"Too late babe, you ran off, and now you're goina pay for it." He pushed his mouth against hers, she tried pushing him away but she was too weak. She struggled to keep conscious as he pushed his whole body against hers. Snake witnessed this scene and felt he had to do something, she could get killed. He looked around for a weapon of some sorts, knowing fighting off a guy like that with a pocket knife was pointless. He looked inside the dumpster to find an old rusty pipe, he gripped it in his green hands, snuck behind the man, who was about to undo the defenseless girls jeans. Snake raised the pipe and struck it against the man's head, causing him to let go of the girl, letting her fall to the ground unconsciously, Snake took another swing at the man's side, making him fall to the ground and coughed up some blood. Snake looked at him with disgust, he then stomped his face when the man attempted to get up, causing him to black out.

The girl was still unconscious as Snake turned around to look at her. She was really skinny, like a tooth pick, her cotton tank top had been ripped, showing her chest and stomach, which had bruises and cuts all over; her arms had cuts as well, but not the ones that someone would give to you, self-inflicted ones, as if she had done them. Her face had little color in it, her eyes fluttered open to see Snake kneeling down in front of her.

"Tyler..?" she had whispered in a rough voice, she then passed out again. Something in Snake felt bad for this girl, almost being raped in an alleyway, possibly be killed. He took of his sweater and wrapped the poor girl in it. He found a way to pick her up and carry her out of the alleyway. Her face dug into his shirt as rain started dripping on them. He had no idea what he was going to do with this girl, should he leave her a t the hospital for help? No, it was too far and chances are she would die before she would get any medical attention. He ended up carrying her to the dump. He didn't care at the moment about what would Ace or any of the others would say about bringing a girl to the hang out.

He walked into the dump, heading for the hideout. They had improved the hide out by building attachments to it, so far the newest being a small shack on the back of the original being Snake's room. By this time rain had been pouring down heavily on Snake as thunder and lightning crashed around him. He kicked the door open and walked into the main room, it being a living room/ dining room/ kitchen combo. Ace was up watching something on TV while Arturo was in the kitchen making something to eat. Grubber and Billy were in the corner sleeping. Snake brought the girl in and shut the door with his foot. Ace got up and walked over to Snake.

"Jesus Christ man, what the hell happened?" He asked as he looked at the girl, he lifter her chin to get a better look at the girl, "Whatcha do? Knock her out and brought her here for a fun time?" Ace chuckled.

"Ssssshut the hellsss up and help messs," Snake walked over to the couch and set the girl down as gently as he could without disturbing her, "ssshe wasssss about to be raped in an alleyway and I sssaved her. Sssshe needs help."

Ace kneeled down in front of the couch, he took the girls arm and looked at the cuts, "Ey, Arturo, get over 'ere."

"What is it senor Ace?" Arturo came into the room with a bag of chips in his hand.

"Take a look at this girl; see if you can do anything about these cuts or anything." Ace said as he got up and walked over to where Snake stood. Arturo being the doctor of the group knew how to handle things like broken arms and this kind of stuff. After examining the girl for a couple of minutes Arturo spoke up.

"She's got deep cuts, bruised rips, and possibly a sprained wrist. She looks like she's been starved or something, this señorita has been through a lot of shit. She's out cold, my guess is she won't wake up till tomorrow." Arturo said in his Mexican accent.

"Issss there anything we can do for hersss?" Snake asked with a sense of compassion in his voice, Ace looked over at him, examining his facial expression.

"I can do a few things right now, but she's going to need a place to sleep, we can't send her out in a storm like this. And this couch isn't the best bed."

"She can stay for the night I guess, then we'll see, but let's focus on at least fixing this chick up a little." Ace looked at her with a feeling that she wouldn't survive another night if they didn't help her.

"Okay, I need some bandages, a wet cloth and possibly a new shirt for the girl, maybe some meds, for her when she wakes up." Arturo demanded, Snake quickly walked into the room they had called a bathroom, ran some decently clean water. He reached for a shelf they had installed for some bandages and a cloth, he ran the cloth underneath the water like he did every night when the Powerpuff Girls beat the shit out of them. Snake walked back into the living room with everything Arturo requested. Arturo cleaned the girl's wounds on her stomach, upper chest and arms. As Arturo bandaged her torso as he spoke up "I think she'll be fine… But she needs a proper place to sleep, this shitty couch isn't going to help her heal."

"I'll take herss to my room." Snake volunteered, as Snake picked the girl up and brought her to his room Ace and Arturo looked at each other with grins on their faces. Snake brought the unconscious girl to his room. It was a small room but it was his, he placed the girl on the mattress on the floor. He realized that the young girl was still in her ripped shirt, he looked in a dresser he had found in the dump for a shirt she could wear. He looked around until he found a black shirt that would easily fit her. Snake positioned the girl against a wall and looked at her.

How could someone do this to a poor girl, she's too beautiful to hurt. He thought to himself as he pushed her midnight black hair out of her face, revealing a small silver ring in her nose. He looked down and remembered her shirt. He took off the ripped tank off of her body, slowly and gently so he wouldn't disturb her. As soon as he shirt was off he threw it to the ground, he marveled at her body, her skin was very pale, her bandages covered most of her stomach but Arturo didn't seem to cover her chest, Snake had the urge to feel her up. But he pulled his hands away from the young girl's breasts. "She wouldn't find out, she's knocked out cold" he thought to himself "But it doesn't make you any better than that asshole that nearly killed her, sure you're a villain, but are you really that much of a bad guy?"

Snake shook the feeling off and resisted the urge to touch the girl any more than he needed to. He picked up the black shirt and slid it over her head. He reached through the sleeves in attempt to find her arm, once he had found it, her gently pulled her slender arms through the sleeve and then continued with the other arm. He gently laid her down on the mattress and she fidgeted in her sleep, mumbling some words. Snake looked around for the shitty blanket that he used for warmth, the ratty old blanket covered her fragile little body. Snake stood there for a moment gazing at the girl as flashes of lightning brought light to the room from the small window.

Snake walked out of his room, closing the door as quietly as possible, when he returned to the living room he saw Ace and Arturo on the couch talking, Snake sat down beside them and sank into his spot.

"So where'd ya find this chick?" Ace took a sip of a soda he grabbed from the busted up fridge.

"Insss an alleyway, ssssshe wassss about to be raped by sssssome guy named Jake, ssssshe wassss passssed out, sssso I took her here." Snake explained.

"Well she's lucky you did serpiente." Arturo spoke up, " if it weren't for you, she could have died tonight, you're a hero."

"And doncha dare think about going all goody-two-shoes on us alright?" Ace took another sip of his soda as Snake just gave off his hissy chuckle.

"Ssssso what are we goina do about herssss?" Snake asked looking at his leader.

His leader seemed confused by the question, "What are you talking about Snake?"

"I meansss, do we keep her here until sssshe'sssss betters or what?"

Ace took another sip of his soda and rub his chin thinking of an answer, "She can stay until she feels betta, then we'll see, hell if she's cool she can hang out with us."

Knowing his leader approved of this girl staying here as she recovered pleased Snake, putting a small smile on his face as he fixed his hat.

"And besides," Ace continued, "you have to admit, she is pretty hot." He gave off a little chuckle.

Si, Como un ángel…" Arturo said, "Like an angel señor."

"Sssshe issss…" Snake sighed as the thought of the girls pale face crossed his mind, Ace looked at Snake with a little grin reliving his small fangs, Snake looked over and saw his leader looking at him, "Whatssss?"

"It seems that you've taken a liking to this girl," he slid his sunglasses off his face reviling his pink eyes, he examined Snake's face as his cheeks turned a slightly darker shade of green, which happened every time Snake was blushing, "Yup you've got it, the hero-syndrome."

"Huh?" Snake looked at his leader in confusion.

"It's when someone does something heroic or nice I guess, for someone else and they feel something between them, and you little Sanford, have got it bad. Hehe…" Ace finished his soda and crushed it in his hands then threw it to the ground.

"Go to hellssss …" Snake replied as he repositioned himself on the couch.

"Hey, I'm just telling ya the truth, now get some sleep, we gotta rob that store down the street in the morning, we're running low on food and booze." Ace got up and walked into his room, shutting the door behind him.

"Hehe, Snake es en el amor…" Arturo said before sitting down in an old bean bag and falling asleep. Snake laid down on the couch, His thoughts drifted off as he felt his eyes close as he placed his hat over his face and fell asleep, thinking about the girl, about her cuts, her past, and those dark green eyes, but most of all, how she would react to waking up in the bed of a green monster….