Gwenivere looks at her baby and marvels at how cute she is.

"Henry, our precious little bundle is getting more beautiful by the day."

"Yes Gwenivere our baby will be a looker." "Here comes Cassandra and Alexander with adorable Tommy."

"Good Afternoon Gwenivere and Henry, tis a fine day."

"Yes it is." "Is Tommy ready for his play date with Kimberly?"

"I still wonder why you two persisted on having those two have play dates at such a young age."

"You will see dear husband."

The men sit in the chairs while the women sit on blankets and watch their children play.

"Tommy you had not better climb that tree."

"Oh Kimberly, I will be fine, I am a very talented climber."

"You are going to be sorry."

"Ouch," Tommy yelled out in pain as he fall from the tree. Luckily he was only a branch up.

"Tommy are you okay?"

"Yea I just hurt my arm, I fell on it."

"Let me see." Kimberly kisses his arm and he smiles at her.

"Feel better?"

"Yes, very much, thank you." He rises and moves his arm up and down to show his friend that he is okay.

The mothers had notice and was about to run to the children when they saw the interaction.

"Kimberly is so sweet for doing that."

"Tommy is very tough to have taken a fall and get right back up."

"I think the two will marry one day."

"Oh I think so too."

"Alright Tommy we must be heading home now, your father has some important matters to attend to."

"But mom…"

"Aw do not fret Tommy, Kim has her lessons."

"Oh mom but I want to stay and play with Tommy."

"Tomorrow, now we have to leave so say bye to Tommy."

"Bye Tommy."

"Bye Kimberly."

Both children looked upset but said the words with a smile.

The families go in their separate directions. Kimberly's family carriage drives them to the East and Tommy's carriage drives in the West.

"Oh mother, why do I need some many lessons?"

"My precious daughter, you are the Princess of Quinoa and with that comes certain responsibilities."

"Well I just hate not having more time to play with Tommy."

"Soon once these lessons are completed than you will only have a few lessons to learn at a time and can play with Tommy all you want."

"Really well than let's get to it."

"That's my girl."

"Daddy was you listening the whole time?"

"Yes my little Princess I was and you always make the right decision."

"Thanks daddy."

Back at the other castle Tommy was playing with a ball.

"You know Tommy one day this kingdom will all be yours."

"Where will you and daddy be?"

"In the best place heaven or too old to where you have to rule."

"I thought Kim's castle was the best place."

"Why is that my son?"

"Her chef makes the best desserts and we are allowed to eat them as he makes them."

"Ha, well then we may just have to make the chef come to our castle."

"Can we do that?" "Wouldn't Kim be angry?"

"Maybe and no Kim could never be mad at you."

"Yes she can remember when I broke her doll's head off."

"It was by accident and she was only mad for a few minutes."

"Actually it was sort of on purpose I wanted to play ball but she wanted to play with that dumb doll."

"Thomas James Oliver."

Uh oh. Tommy knew he would be in trouble for admitting that little incident. "Yes mommy," he said looking up with puppy dog eyes.

"You will not break her toys or anything else to get your way."

"Okay mommy."

"I am serious, how would you like it if she did that to you."

Tommy was going to tell her that she could not because he did not own any dumb dolls but knew better. "I know mommy."

"Alright than now you go be a good boy and do your lessons like Kim is."

"Oh alright mommy."