Chapter one

Pond side alliance.

"Another perfectly pointless day." A blue eyed girl smiled as she floated in a large pond in the middle of an unknown forest, she was wearing a rather odd outfit that would be impossible to describe.

"Humans can go around fighting their wars, I'll be sitting here not having to work a day in her life."

The girl stretched as she continued to float lightly on top of the water, grass and moss surrounded the area as large lily pads floated around, pumping into one another, as a little girl laying on the water plants yawned.

Her pupils were that of rectangles, her hands and toes webbed perfectly as her brown haired almost reached her eyes, a short stubby tail stuck out from her back, she scanned the air for flying insects, before she stuck out her long tongue, snatching one in mid air.

"Eh, Lǎnduò, don't you ever get bored just staying around here all the time." The frog girl asked as the black haired girl called Landuo rolled her eyes.

"Nope, I have no problem with this, it's better then going around doing stupid things, really Qīngwā, you should be thankful for what you have, wanting more will only lead to ruin." The maiden told her friend as a slithering sound was heard.

A large splash of water was felt underneath, as a beautiful black haired womans upper body rose from the water, her eyes golden as a large fork like tongue escaped her lips.

"Now, now, Landuo, don't crush her dreams like that." The woman snickered as Landuo folded her arms.

"Meh, she can do what she wants, but people should know their role in this world, and I'm happy with mine, being a spirit of a back water pond in the middle of nowhere." Landuo closed her eyes as Qingwa pouted.

"What is wrong with wanting more then just being a nonexistent." Qingwa stated, Landuo then chuckled.

"Trust me, if you were important then you would have been born into a position where you were important, because, despite what those self help books tell you, hard work doesn't equal success, actually it's quite the opposite, it hardly works, some people are just born with more talent then others." Landuo coughed after her long winded explanation as the snake like woman hissed.

"Lazy people like you would say that." once again her fork like tongue stuck out.

"Well, Hebi I can be lazy because I have such a meaningless job, it's great!" Landuo nearly cheered as the pond bumped up in down in a wave like pattern.

"People from town donate to me, and I don't even need to lift a finger, who wants to be the moon spirit or the sky spirit when you have to govern all the shit that goes along with it, I'm happy just laying around and being selfish." The spirit girl smiled as she looked up at the sun.

Then, with no warning, with no hint, a small tornado appeared from the woods, it seemed like it was being controlled, by someone, unfortunately it had trouble stopping, before any of the three spirits could move, they were blown out of the water with great force, all three hitting the same three in sliding down.

"My, that was rather painful." Hebi said, rubbing her head with hey scaly tail.

"Who dare- oh screw it." It seemed like Landuo was about to gain a demanding voice, but got bored half way through.

Qingwa simply coughed as she shuttered a little bit and gave a small yelp.

"I-I'm sorry madams, I just was in a hurry to deliver this letter to you." A hawk with grand brown wings looked at the three girls as Landuo glared at the creature.

"Why is a spirit in the human world?" Landuo hissed, almost forgetting she was a spirit as well.

"Um, well you see, there is an urgent message we need someone to deliver and we wanted to ask a skilled water bender for help." The hawk stated, if it could smile then it would be doing so at that moment.

"Interesting tale, my friend, but I have no interest in delivering anything too anyone." Landuo stated as she got up from the dirt, brushing herself off of leaves and twigs.

"W-well if you don't then a lot of people might die!" The hawk voice sounded urgent as Qingwa eyes widened.

"Thats horrible." The frog girl stated as Landuo shrugged.

"Who cares, there millions of humans on this planet, why should I care if a couple hundred will die, they pop out some many brats that it might do us some good to shave some off." Landuo stated as Hebi smiled.

"She has a point Mister hawk." Hebi added as the Hawk eye twitched.

"W-well the letter is to the Avatar!" The Hawk screamed.

"I hate the Avatar." Landuo frowned as the Hawk tilted it's head.

As far as he knew, she never met the Avatar.

"Um, miss you never met the Avatar, so how can you not like him?" The hawk made a good point as the spirit girl shrugged.

"I know I won't like him, now please leave, you are getting annoying."

Landuo walked towards her pond as the hawk spirits eye twitched.

"Listen, you are getting this super important honor and you do not even care? You truly are lazy." The hawk frowned as Landuo laughed.

"Honor, if it were an honor then you wouldn't be giving it to us, face it the only reason you are doing this is, because there is something in that letter that is dangerous, that's why you didn't deliver it yourself, face it, we are disposable that's why you are giving us this, "Honor"." There was obviously a hint of bitterness in her voice as the hawk heart sank, his perfectly laid plan failed.

"H-how about I give you some money!"

The hawk was desperate at that point, he really couldn't go back and tell the other he had failed to trick such lesser spirits.

"How much money are we talking." Landuo interest peaked as the word money was stated.

"As much as you want, just promise to take it!" The hawk was almost pleading as Qingwa rubbed the back of her head with her webbed hands.

"Maybe we should do it, I mean this might be our chance to make an impact on the world." The frog girl nearly squealed at the thought as Hebi shrugged.

"I can't go anyway, me not being able to hide my features and stuff." The half snake woman pointed out as Landuo crossed her arms.

"Fine, it's just a shitty letter anyway, it won't take too long." At Landuo said those words a small scroll fell into her hands.

"Okay, I'll be off." And as quickly as he appeared the hawk vanished with a small breeze.

"You're coming along, right Qingwa?" Landuo asked the small frog girl as she shook her head.

"Yep, it will be fun." Qingwa cheered as Landuo looked at the snake woman.

"Hebi can you look after the pond in tell we get back?" Landuo asked as Hebi smiled.

"It's not like I can leave" Hebi hissed as Landuo rolled her eyes.

"This is going to be annoying"

Author notes.

I wanted to try something a little different, probably not the best idea.