Chapter 2

Who wants to be important anyway?

"Damn it, little frog, keep your back straight!" Lǎnduò screamed at the pale frog girl as she shoved her tail into the back of her shirt.

The location was a trail leading to a random, unknown and uneventful town that wasn't even worth naming.

It was the middle of winter, and the air had a chill to it, the dirt was dusty and the fields that surrounded them were barren, though this was indeed lucky, as having to explain a webbed handed girl was hard enough, but having to explain her pathetically stubby tail would be near impossible.

"S-stop, Landuo, my tail doesn't work that way, it's bad enough you make me stand up straight, but this is just to much!" Qīngwā wined as her tail was pulled and pushed all around, usually having her tail played with would be an enjoyable experience, but this was quite the opposite.

"Shut it, you wanted to go on this stupid trip to go on a pointless journey, to give a letter to, I'm just here for the money." With one final shove, the dark skinned pond spirit successfully tucked Qingwa tail under her heavy shirt.

"Ow, ow, ow, don't be so rough!" The webbed girl yelled as Landuo scoffed.

"I would try to find you some gloves, but then you probably wouldn't even be able to move your fingers, I never realized how much you hate clothing before this Qingwa pointed out.

Truth be told, both Qingwa and Hebi were usually naked at the pond, there really wasn't any reason to wear clothes when humans barely even visit the place, though that was probably the best part of there job, doing absolutely nothing.

"Um, Landuo, do you know where we are going?" The brown haired frog girl asked as Landuo sighed.

"Nope, no idea, it's not like tracking a stationary target, this person is constantly on the move, we just need someone who can track him." Landuo replied to her pal froggy friend.

The two continued down the dirt road, not a single care in the world, why should day, if something came up, they could simply retreat into another world outside the reach of normal men, they were spirits after all, no matter how lowly, traveling to the spirit world without a medium, while troublesome could be done.

The two continued walking on the dry winters day, Qingwa taking in the sights seen never seen before as Landuo simply slumped her shoulders.

She really wanted to complain, she wanted to yell at the pale brown haired girl for dragging her into such a mess, but unfortunately Landuo was the one who volunteered them for the task, no matter how idiotic it was.

Alas, money is not only the root of all evil, but also the bringer of stupidity, and she fell so perfectly into a trap laid by the hawk, but she doubted he was smart enough to set it all up.

The pond spirit continued to think as she walked, thinking about something as unimportant as the past, does little good, right now she must focus on deliverance of this letter to the Avatar and getting her payment.

Speaking of such a letter, she had no idea what was in it, for all she knew it could simply be a piece of blank paper, or a note saying, "You're a dumbass" well that is what she would write to him, despite never meeting him or her.

Humans had an annoying tendency to talk about the latest trends, and when news that the Avatar had returned, the town where her pond was located was no different.

They were going to end the one-hundred year war...

Meh Was the word that entered Landuo head.

Spirits were not bothered by such things, she had no doubts that the Avatar would end the war, but there is a distinct lack of caring for this revelation, like when a pile of books fall from a table and you can't be bothered to pick them up.

In all honesty, Landuo herself wasn't very fond of the human world, she preferred the feel of the spiritual plane, but alas if she did go back to such a place, no doubt she would be forced to hold down some sort of activity or job, and that is no good.

"Hey, Landuo, we're at the entrance to town." Qingwa pointed out as Landuo snapped out of her eternal rant.

"I-I can see that!" Landuo face turned a bright red as she quickly entered the town.

To put it simply, the town sucked, it really didn't deserve to be named, just a random place out in the middle of nowhere, a place no one would care if it was completely wiped off the map, that may sound cruel, but it really isn't.

"Eh, this place looks like garbage." Landuo said bluntly.

It was barely better then the town near her pond, the only difference is that Landuo couldn't ignore the existence of this town.

"Maybe we should go and talk to someone!" Qingwa chirped as Landuo groaned.

Talking to humans was an endeavor the pond spirit would rather avoid, talking to other spirits was boring enough, and the only one with anything interesting to say would be Hebi, Qingwa is dumb as all out doors and humans had an annoying nack for talking about their uninteresting lives.

At the same time however, they would need a place to stay for the night, and hopefully somewhere cheap, as donations to the pond had been low lately and this trip wasn't a planned one.

"Wait..." At that moment, Landuo thought of something, a truly jerkish something, that only a cheap and inconsiderate person would think up, fortunately Landuo was both of those.

"Yes, let us talk to some victi- I mean people." Landu gained a sly smile as she rubbed her hands together.

She scanned the town, filled with wooden houses, people where out and about, but for what she was planning she needed someone who was older, more gullible.

The pond spirit eyes narrowed, as she located a old woman walking down the dusty road, surly she would be the perfect victim.

"Hey, why not that woman right there?" Landuo pointed towards the gray haired elder as Qingwa eyes lit up.

The frog spirit never really had much experience with talking to humans, though Landuo continually told her she wasn't missing much.

The small brown haired girl restrained herself from hopping towards the woman as Landuo quickly followed her.

"Hello m-"

Qingwa was quickly cut off by her more assertive friend.

"I am sorry Miss, it seems that my damaged sister has interrupted your stroll." The blue eyed pond spirit interrupted the frog girl.

"D-damaged?" The elderly woman was genuinely shocked as Landuo gave a sad nod.

"Yes, look at her pale skin, her rectangle eyes and her creepy webbed fingers, she was born with a birth defect, my family wants to get it treated, but alas, we have no money for such a thing." Landuo wove a perfect sob story as the old womans eyes teared up.

Qingwa vomited a little in her soul.

Not only was Landuo tricking this woman out of money, but she was basically calling her a freak of nature, she didn't mind it to much since she was a spirit after all, but still...

"Money, well I'm-"

The elderly woman was cut off as Landuo shook her head.

"No, I can't take your money, you shouldn't have to worry about such things, even if we have to put her down." Landuo wiped the crocodile tears from her eyes as the old womans frown increased.

"N-no dear, here a little something!" The woman smiled as Landuo eyes widened.

"May the spirits bless you!" Landuo smiled as the woman shook her head.

"No, may the spirits bless you and your sister." The woman then walked away, feeling like she accomplished something.

"Just as planned, hehehe." Landuo gave a low chuckle as Qingwa simply crossed her arms.

"Landuo, I'm disappoint."

The frog girl always looked funny when she was angry or scared, though that was probably a trait that she shared with all frog spirits, that and being a general waste of space.

"Oh, shut it, this is the only good that humans can bring, giving us money like the idiots they are, seriously, what other species do you know that actually help others for no reason, not frogators."

As one may noticed, Landuo didn't think very highly of humans, she didn't like them, there was no reason for her to not like them, she just didn't and she promised herself that her opinion of them would never change.

"...Landuo what are we going to do now?"

A stupid question from a stupid girl.

"To the inn of course, damn why did I have to say yes to this, it's so hard doing things." Landuo sighed as Qingwa smiled.

"Because it's nice to get out of the pond." The frog girl pointed out not realzing how odd a frog saying such a thing is.

"Yeah, but we're still a sack of garbage out of the bond, I'd rather be a sack of garbage in the pond, at least that way I can be lazy and not do anything in comfort.

"But, don't you want to discover yourself?" Qingwa stated as the two girls started to walk along the dirt road, heading towards a rundown in.

"Nope, I don't care for dumb stuff like that, I'm stuck in my ways, I will not change because of some stupid journey, where more likely or not, I'm going to meet a whole bunch of horrible people.

Author notes

I should add a little more to this chapter, but I doubt anyone will read it, just needed to write something.