Jessie fanfic. first i just wanna say that i'm doing many different stories 2 for every genre by that i mean say i do a zuri and rafi one i'll prob will do one thats for most ages but if i say include sex to any storie s i'll have an alt one that has no sex. Warning explict sexual content

jessie romance stories genre preteen romance ( straight incest ) emma & luke

it was a monday jessie was doing the usual wake up and the children all just waking up exept rafi he was up and happy that its monday he was feeding mr. kipling his odd lizard pet a rather large lizard at that "eat all of your food mr. kipling" rafi said in his east indian accent . Zuri woke up with a stretch of her arms and a hello to milly the mermaid her imaginary friend allthough she's very real to Zuri.
Emma was waking up and went straight for the bathroom that was in her room to do all her make up after her shower luke always apeered to be the last one awake howevr what no-one knew that he was really masturbating to the thaught of his year older sister he was having a good time before his sister emma opended the door and screamed "ahhhhhhhhhhhhh what are you doing !
"What are you doing in here" luke yelled suprised "jessie told me to to come wake you up" Emma said as she coverd her eyes with one eye looking as luke covered him self up . "please don't tell jessie" luke said .
"i won't but u have to do something for me" emma said ."what ?" luke said "i don't know yet i'll tell u when i find out" luke had no problem with this all tho he was worried he knew that until she told him he just found himself a new fantasy .

there you go chapter 1 chapter 2 gets better but i'll be writing alot so somedays there will be 2 - 3 chapters a day