jessie emma and luke chapter 2

hey everyone i had great reviews . one of the best reveiws was a suggestion

about a gay one luke and ravi and its on its way. btw i had another suggestion wich was Jessie And Emma Whitch would be really hard to do anyways lets start the story

JESSIE Fanfic story one emma and luke chapter 2 night of curiosity in the night

it was night everyone asleep exept emma she was thinking about what she

saw earlier that day while thinking she realised that she felt a wet spot in

her underwear she got up and rushed to her bathroom while saying "oh god i

can't beleve i just wet myself " she entered the bathroom and quickly

grabbed some tissue when she whi[ed she moned as it felt good she got rid

of the tissue and went to her bed and started masturbating then realised

that luke still owed her so she went to his room while naked opened the

door then closed it quietly then woke up luke . "woah this is the best Dream yet"

luke said not trying to be quiet as he thought it was a dream

"this is not a dream dummy i came up with what you owe me"

if this isn't a dream it sure as hell will be the best night of my life

emma jumped onto luke and pulled out his already hard dick she quickly shoved

his dick into her vagina and moaned in pain and pleasure as luke broke her

hymen as luke let out a huge moan now realiseing it was nnot a dream they

they had sex until they both orgasmed but not what he didn't pull out but

they didn't think about that luckily they arent blood related unluckily

she was pregnant

just dropped that bomb on you quoting bad boys shit just got real nex ch soon