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The scorching sun was burning everything without mercy. The sea could be so boring sometimes and even the enthusiastic captain wasn't doing anything, in fact he was only lying on his usual spot, letting the sun burn his skin. The mugiwara pirates were on those days when not even a sea king bothered them, a boring and slow day, and it will be days, as the navigator said. And like always they tried to maintain themselves busy but it was useless to keep their spirits up beneath the bright and deathly sun.

So the crew was, how sometimes people say, doing things on automatic mode. For example, Zoro were like always, doing his exercises carrying his enormous weights, panting heavily while Ussop was trying to make some new weapon or toy. Chopper was more intelligent, he was in his dorm reading some book, running away from the sun. Sanji had left his kitchen and was trying to fish something with Franky, as Brook played some slow song to "calm down the fishes" that only dozed them. And for last, Robin and Nami were on their beach chairs under a lovely sunshade. But even if they were under shadows, the heat was unbearable.

Nami couldn't take it anymore. The sweat, the sun, the boredom, she was getting angry and desperate for some fun or at least some cold drink. She looked around and without everyone notice, she sneaked her humanity into the kitchen, in search for some cold drink or ice, thing that was against the rules they…well…she had put to everyone because they didn't had much stock.

"It´s all for the mistress in distress…me!" she said to herself when she opened the refrigerator, but for her surprise there was nothing to drink, not even cold sake, only food, not so much food either. She cursed opening the freezer, she was so thirsty but there was no ice "What the…where is the damn ice!"

She looked around the little kitchen and there he was quietly sitting on the table, drinking some juice he had found in the fridge, cooling it with the ice…her ice. She was angry and looked at him with fire in her eyes. But he didn't move, he didn't bother in talk to her, he was busy with his cold drink and happy at the same time, like a child when you give him some candy.

"Luffy…you…YOU BROKE THE RULES!" shouted Nami at him, but not so loud so the others didn't heard her.

"Mmm…so what…I was thirsty!" said Luffy at her still drinking and without looking her, concentrated on tasting all the cold juice and not even inviting her, the worst for her. "But you wanted to do the same thing, don't you?"

Nami clenched her teeth and fisted her hands. She was lady, he was in front of a thirsty and hot lady, who wanted some ice and he didn't bother in giving her some. She approached him "Luffy, give me some ice" said, well more like ordered the orange girl to her captain,

In an instant he took his glass away from her hand and stood up "No! It's my ice!"

"I don't care if it's your ice…GIVE ME SOME!" Nami tried to took his glass again but it was useless, the captain was faster than her, taller and was drinking his glass so she can´t have his juice.




Their struggle, the movements of Luffy to evade Nami and the constant but useless intents of Nami to take away his glass, were giving them more heat to their bodies and soon both of them were tired and stooped their little game.

Nami looked at him tired, "come on, give me some!" said the girl looking at the black haired boy who was drinking his juice. He finished it in an instant and the only thing that remained was the ice, but he put it all together inside his mouth.

"Come and take it!" said the captain grinning and showing the last three ice cubes in his mouth, after he swallowed all of it.

Nami didn't think it twice, she walked towards her captain, took his face between her hands and kissed him. Luffy widened his eyes when he felt her lips against his lips, her tongue sliding into his mouth and smoothly taking the ice that was inside. She broke the kiss, and for Luffy surprise and frustration she had the ice cubes inside her mouth.

Nami grinned. "Thanks for the ice captain"

And Luffy didn't think too much. He took her arm, pulled her and kissed her again. Nami widened her eyes but soon she gave in the kiss, feeling her body weird. He was a fast learner and did the same as Nami, taking the ice again.

And they started to struggle for the ice.

And soon the ice melted disappearing, leaving only traces of cold water on their mouths.

But they didn't stop their game. They kissed madly, playing with each other tongues, making their bodies react to a different heat. The navigator crossed her arms around her captain neck as his hands surrounded her waist, pulling her more tightly crushing her body against his. She moaned and he took the opportunity to bit Nami bottom lip as she moaned again and kissed him one more time. Soon his hands left his embrace and started to touch her body and for his delight she was wearing only a short skirt and her bikini top. Every touch was an instant kill to her and for his pleasure, her smooth skin was delicious.

Luffy pushed her against the table, and lifted her to she can sit down on it. She crossed her legs against his waist and continued the kiss, both of them full of lust. Nami knew the guy was moving according his instincts and only his instincts but damn! What a good kisser he was! And damn how hard he was! That was the only thing she could think for the brief second her mind let her.

Her arms crossed around his neck again as her nails massaged his scalp as the straw hat landed on the floor. A groan escaped from his mouth. He started to attack her neck, kissing it, nibbling it and tasting it, earning moans of pleasure from her, not only for that but also for her captain unconscious rubbing in her inner part.

The black haired man found himself enjoying those moans, wanting to hear more of her. A smirk appeared on his face as he felt his hardness increase as the rubbing increased, and of course he didn't know what was causing all of it...but he knew he liked it.

His tongue went from her collar bone to the edge between her breasts and then he blew delicately on her skin, cooling her. She moaned once again "Luffy…" as his hand slowly went to her back, ready to rip off her bikini top.

But all went to hell when Zoro entered in search for some sake he had hid before. Like Luffy had sensed him he had stooped and had taken few steps away before the swordsman could found an erotic scene. Panting and breathing heavily he saw Nami all flushed. Her skin was slightly pink and her lips a bit swollen for all the kissing. He looked her again and again, forgetting the fact that Zoro was looking at them dumbfounded and shocked (open mouthed, wide eyes and stiff like a rock), she was beautiful and…he wanted to see more of her.

Nami was also trying to regain her breath and control her arouse. She was looking at him. She saw her captain different, handsome and…and…sexy? Her eyes were locked with his onyx eyes. Neither of them spoke only looked into each other. They wanted to continue what they were doing, they wanted to finish it, but why now? It was like the kiss had opened all the feelings they had for each other…or only their lust?

*cough* Zoro coughed, they didn't move.

*cough cough* he coughed again, but they didn't answered.

"Oh come on, you want to continue what you were doing, big deal!" said the swordsman tired of the atmosphere and bringing them back to reality, he stepped into the kitchen looking for his sake. They were lucky Zoro was the one who interrupted them, it would have been a disaster if Sanji or anyone else apart from Robin…especially Sanji…would have entered at the kitchen in that moment.

Slowly Nami got down from the table, with the help of Luffy hand of course. She smiled at him, he returned her smile with his. He was really handsome when he smiled like that, all manly and mature. She blushed a little "well…I will see how´s the course…"

"Ahh, let me know if something's wrong" said the captain in a calm tone, while the best friend and first mate was behind him, sitting in the table and drinking his sake.

A soon as the orange girl left the kitchen Luffy threw himself on the bench of the kitchen table, bumping his head on it. Zoro who was still assimilating what he had seen, couldn't help but smirk sarcastically "so…how´s the heat Luffy?" teased the swordsman knowing Luffy was horny.

"Shut up" said the captain aroused and wanting more…so much more "What the hell I was doing?"

Zoro laughed again, remembering how innocent and dumb the captain was, so he decided to enlight him a little…only a little "Trying to have sex..." he said leaving the captain alone.

Luffy only widened his eyes.