Hey everyone :D! This is something I started thinking of today. This going to be a ton of short stories, one for each holiday. I'm just writting this because I'm bored and I want to improve my writting skills. So, anyway, Here's the first one I wrote!

St. Patrick's Day

Phineas walked into the bedroom, looking for Ferb. It was St. Patrick's Day, and Phineas was excited to see what his brother was wearing. Phineas was wearing a green short sleeved shirt to show his holiday spirit. Ferb usually went all out on the holidays. For instance, last year Ferb wore the most convincing Frankenstein costume, and he did it all himself.

Phineas had gotten up early that morning, because he had to go through his whole closet just to find this one shirt. Most clothes that he had were part of his trademark look, which was a white, short sleeved shirt with orange stripes, and dark blue shorts. It was easy to find the shorts, since he could just use his usual shorts, but the shirt was much more difficult than he had anticipated.

He almost laughed when he saw his brother. He was completely normal! He wore his normal outfit and everything. Phineas was frozen with surprise. He had expected his brother to do something more than just his usual look today. There was so much he could do today, yet he looked completely normal.

"Wow Ferb, I thought you'd dress up a little today! Don't you realize what day it is today?" Phineas asked. He guessed that Ferb had just forgotten what day it was today. They had been pretty busy, because of school and inventions.

Ferb nodded, pointing to Phineas's shirt. He had an amused smile for some reason, but Phineas didn't notice.

"Why aren't you dressed then, Ferb? You know what happens to people who don't dress up, right?" Phineas asked, smiling. He had never had the chance to pinch any of his friends, because they all went crazy. So being able to pinch someone was pretty amazing.

He walked over and sat on Ferb's bed. They talked about what they thought their friends may wear before Phineas got too impatient. He pitched Ferb on the arm, his smile growing.

"HA! I get to pinch you ten times now!" Ferb screamed, as if he expected Phineas to pinch him. Or was waiting for him too. Phineas looked surprised and confused at the same time.

"What? Why?" Phineas asked.

"Green hair." Ferb murmured cleverly. Phineas looked shocked as Ferb tackled his brother to pinch him.

Later on the bus, on their way to school, Isabella noticed Phineas was a little grumpy. He glared playfully over at Ferb. Isabella was confused, because the two brothers never fight.

"Hey Phineas, hi Ferb, whatcha doin?" She asked, using her normal catchphrase.

"Hi Isabella, just a warning, don't, and I mean DON'T pinch Ferb." He said, making Ferb laugh.

So, what do you think? I had fun writing this. I guess I got my sort of happy story after all! I thought it was cute. I'll update this next time a huge holiday comes around. Easter I think XD