"Okay, let's see if you can walk." Six got to his feet shakily. Kyntak pulled Six a bit closer. At the touch, Six's arm blossomed in heat. It spread at the pace of honey, slowly reaching the rest of his body. Yep that was morphine. Apparently, pain killers had a side effect of sexual sensitivity. I should have remembered that from the time we handled a kidnapping. They found the girl tied up on a cot. The kidnappers had just tied her up and almost had their way with her. That girl was a receptionist at the Club/Spade head quarters. She wasn't a real agent but she was an employee. The Deck protected its own.

"Up you go." Kyntak pushed six up the steps and to the door. Hands moving like dripping tar, Six disarmed four locks and punched in the 9-digit code to disable the alarm system. He peered into the house cursing silently. Why didn't he check if anyone had intruded earlier? Just because the garden looked untouched and no electrocuted bodies lay on the floor didn't mean there was no one inside. Kyntak brought him through the house and to his little bedroom. But, it proved correct. There was no one inside. Falling onto his bed, he checked under the pillow glad to find his Sig Sauer was still concealed.

"Six," Kyntak warned, "I know you have a gun. I'm not leaving so give it over." Kyntak held out an open palm. Six debated whether to release the gun. He was in his, home but didn't two of five accidents occur in the home? Kyntak was a relatively safe person. He could crush a skull underfoot like crushing a soda can but he could be trusted. With my life. Six handed over the gun.

"Dude, really?" Kyntak checked the rounds. "A full gun. You have the best security system money can buy and superhuman capabilities, but you still sleep with a gun under the pillow? This job has messed you up." Kyntak's house had a basic security system and a normal set of locks. His house was like Six's, metal plated with a small patch of grass, but it had fallen into disrepair. Still now, the Hearts were looking for contractors willing to take on the job of fixing it up.

"Yes," Six muttered, turning onto his back. The morphine didn't wear off. If anything, it seemed to get stronger. Six groaned inwardly, masking his face. Kyntak was by his side in a second.

"Turn on your stomach." Six uncomplainingly flipped over. He felt air brush against his skin as the shirt lifted. "I don't see any bruising. You took a tumble there, but you're clear. On another note, your muscles are tense." Six sighed into his pillow; the thrumming grew stronger. "Have you ever heard of a masseuse? You have more money than half the city combined, but you won't go to a spa or a clinic." A cool hand rubbed his back, and he arched like a cat.

"What was that?" Kyntak resumed rubbing after receiving no answer. Soon, he pulled the shirt over Six's head and resumed rubbing. Six kept his face in the pillow. But, he didn't keep his thoughts from wandering. He concentrated on the thrumming inside his chest. It seemed to be spreading though every limb. A rumble sounded from his chest. A purr.

"Damn, you just purred. Don't deny it. I heard you." Kyntak, to Six's surprise, wasn't at the other end of the room when he flipped over. He was leaning in curiously. Six stared into the eyes he knew so well. The ones he saw in the mirror. The thrumming grew too intense to contain.

"You're turned on." Six froze. What? Kyntak's eyes widened and his breath hitched. "You're turned on by me." Six promptly tried to turn and burry his face into the pillow. Kyntak pinned him down. He could feel the blood rushing to his ears and knew his pale skin would turn a flaming red. Six wasn't going anywhere.

"You're so cute." Six felt the breath brush against his ear as he winced. Kyntak's voice was rough and low. He could feel pressure on his chest as he looked away.

"You're scared. You're scared aren't you?" Six felt a hot breath on his neck. A soft suction pulled at his neck. "Your hearts racing. Don't be scared. It's normal." A hand found its way down his abdomen. "Mm. It's normal." Arms were over his head; Kyntak was on top of him.

"I have some experience with men. I'll make it as painless as I can." He leaned in and what he said next made Six's face burn furiously. "Unless, you want it to hurt." Six didn't know what to say.

Soft lips that were only slightly chapped graced over his. They touched his forehead with a little more pressure, ran down his nose, and met at his mouth. This is wrong. He opened his mouth and pressed against the blonde. But it feels so right.

Six collapsed in a full sweat. Whatever this was, it was better than any work out. The thrumming faded into a residual hum. He felt Kyntak in him thrusting at a constant rhythm. Then, he hit what Six just learned was called a "sweet spot". It was a cluster of nerves that he didn't know existed. All he knew was that it made him make the most annoying sounds. He bit back moans normally, but every time Kyntak hit that sweet spot.

"Mew." He could hear Kyntak chuckle from above.

"You're my little kitten." And the thrusts came with a renewed force. Six clutched at the remainder of the sheets until his knuckles turned white. He ripped them to shreds a few moments before. Kyntak dropped with almost a shudder and Six felt a heat spread through his body. The drug long since wore off, but he didn't have to tell his partner that.

"You're the best I've had." Kyntak collapsed beside him on the narrow cot. There was barely enough room. Six only looked at him dreamily.

"You're my first." The words were quiet and made his face burn. Kyntak's surprised expression was enough. You just deflowered a virgin. The endorphins rushing though his system got him high better than any drug. But, his body was exhausted. He could barely keep his eyes open as Kyntak propped himself up on an elbow. A warm hand drifted over his forehead, and Six closed his eyes, soaking in the touch. A light kiss graced his battered lips. He barely heard the words Kyntak said next.

"If you're this good without drugs, I won't drug you next time."

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