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Bella's POV

I sat down on the couch in the common room of my new dorm room and booted up my lap top. I checked my email account and then I logged into Facebook, one new friend request stared back at me I clicked on it curious to see who could be trying to friend me. I couldn't remember meeting anyone new since I'd friended Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale my new Roommates.

Edward Cullen Edward Cullen did I even know an Edward Cullen. I clicked on his profile and flitted down the page. I couldn't really see much until I accepted the friend request so I decided to go on Alice's page; they had the same last name it wasn't a giant leap to think they may be related in some way. We hadn't really gotten to siblings sure the girls had shared all about their boyfriends, ok I guess that's a lie I knew Alice had an older Brother Emmett who was a fitness trainer but that's only because Rose Never stopped talking about him, and I knew Rose had an older brother that was a History teacher again only because this time Alice wouldn't stop talking about him. Alice hadn't mentioned another brother though had she I tried to rack my brain. Too bad the bouncing Pixie wasn't around at the moment to ask, her and Rose had left to get their book I'd already pre planned and ordered all of mine on Amazon before the term even started, hopefully I would actually use them all. Alice was a fun loving pixie and I really enjoyed having her and Rose as roommates especially after I'd been sure I'd be stuck with Roommates from hell when I finally made my way to Harvard for my freshman year. Some of the horror stories I'd heard about roommates still makes me shudder.

Rose was almost the exact opposite of Alice, she was tall she was leggy she was blond to Alice's short bouncy and short spiky black hair, I guess I was somewhere in the middle about medium height with long brown hair.

I'd entered Harvard on a full scholarship much to my dad's mixture of happiness and despair, he was happy I'd gotten into a good school he just wasn't all that excited that it was on the opposite coast as him, not going to lie I was a bit home sick, but I'd worked my Ass off to get here and I wasn't going to ruin it by getting sulky from missing my dad. Now back to the question at hand. Who was Edward Cullen?

I clicked Alice's profile and smiled at the picture of her and her boyfriend Jasper Hale, he looked a lot like his little sister which caused me to smile and the fact that he had his arms wrapped so lovingly around Alice also caused a smile to grace my face. That was the one thing that was a bit odd about rooming with Alice and Rose they had known each other for years, grown up down the street from each other in Brookline one of the more swanky community's in Boston, and I'd grown up in a tiny town in Washington called Forks with a single father and no mother. I'd randomly gotten paired as their third roommate in this three bedroom suit that the school called a dorm it was quite nice if I do say so myself, but once again I'm off topic. I scrolled down Alice's page and came to family. Mother, father, Emmett ,and there he was Edward Cullen just like his profile picture on his own page ,though the thing was he looked nothing like Alice or Emmett and everything like his father if Carlisle Cullen's picture was anything to go by. It seemed Alice and Emmett had inherited their mothers looks well the middle child inherited the fathers. Ok so I've now established that it is in fact Alice's brother, so as he's not a crazy stalker I go back to my friends request and click confirm. His page comes up on my screen and I decide to do a bit of detective work, while wondering why in the world he actually friend requested me, he doesn't even known me, does he just randomly go around friend requesting his sisters friends? If so that's a bit creepy.

His relationship status said single though why should I care I didn't know the guy. His occupation said doctor didn't Alice say something about her dad also being a doctor, it said he graduated from Harvard 6 years ago no surprise there, and Medical school two years ago, so what that made him ten years older than Alice which would make him twenty 8 or twenty nine? Who that must make Emmett at least 30 why was Rose with a guy so much older than her? I filed the question away to ask her later when she got back. I decided to just let it go and update my status. So I clicked the update status button and wrote.

Can't wait for classes to begin!

I then hit post and logged off just as Alice and Rose came through the door. "Hey did you guys get all your books?" I pushed away from the desk and stood up.

"Yup," Alice was laden down with bags baring the school book store label. "I'm just going to put these in my room," and before I could blink she was in her room.

"Well I think I'm going to put mine away to be back in a second," and then Rose was gone to. Five minutes later both girls found their way back to the common room.

"So what did you do well we were gone?" Alice sat down on the couch clicking a quick message into her phone before looking back up at me waiting for an answer.

"Interesting you should ask I got an interesting friend request from someone." My eyes I'm sure were laughing at her, I saw the way her eyes opened with curiosity.

"Who?" She bounced as I heard Rose chuckle from the other end of the couch.

"it seems your brother decided to randomly friend request me."

She wrinkled her nose, "Emmett, why would he do that?"

"No not Emmett did you forget to mention you had another brother someone that goes by the name Edward?" I noticed her eyes widened.

"Edward friend requested you on Facebook? He never friends anyone, other than family, and few school friends."

I shrugged, "don't ask me I didn't even realize who he was I had to go to your page to confirm he was your brother." I turned to Rose, "Which brings me to this question how old is Emmett anyway? Because I was doing the math and it seems Edward is at least twenty eight and I'm guessing Emmett's older so he must be thirty."

A rosy tint covered her cheeks. "Well he's thirty yes but in our defense we never actually went out until I was leageally 18 I just turned nineteen before the term started, I was one of those late born babies." I nodded my head.

"That makes sense I guess since you've known each other your whole lives,"

"How olds Jasper?" I turned to Alice.

"Oh he's only twenty four, I was a late in life surprise to my parents, or as my brothers like to say the present they never wanted." Alice chuckled.

"Ah but if you weren't born Emmett never would have met me," Rose joked.

"To true Rose my dear," Alice shot back I loved the playful banter between those two.

"What about a movie I suggested."

"Sure I brought the new Robert Pattison movie how about that?' Rose suggested me and Alice nodded and Rose popped it into the DVD player. We spent a few great hours watching the new movie before we all decided to call it a night. I went into my room carrying my lap top with me and decided to check Facebook one last time before going to bed after logging on I noticed I had a new message I clicked on it and was floored to see it was from Edward.

Edward Cullen

Hi Bella, my name is Edward Cullen if you couldn't already tell, well of course you can, I'm also guessing that you figured out I'm Alice's older brother, I don't know what possessed me to do it but I just felt I had to friend you, sorry if that sounds creepy, I swear I'm not no matter what Emmett may tell you to the contrary hopefully you'll feel up to talking to me.

I stared at the message for a moment and reread it yes it was a bit creepy I mean yes I knew Alice and I assumed Edward was harmless but this was just random, but what was the harm really I'm sure if there was something really wrong with the guy Alice would had said something, so I decided to go with the flow.

I clicked reply and typed in the message box.

Hello Edward, its Bella yes I have figured out you are Alice's brother though it took a bit of detective work, does your sister not like you she never mentioned you but In all fairness she never mentioned Emmett either that would be Rose's job, Creepy not really a bit random yes, but one can always use new friends. Hope to hear from you again soon.

I hit send and then stared at the screen for what felt like forever but couldn't have been longer than five minutes. I wonder how he'll take the message, I also wonder what in the world possessed me to converse with an almost complete stranger, I 'd think about that in the morning I logged off and changed into my pj's slipping into bed and wondering what tomorrow would bring me.

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