The man once known as Hanzo Hasashi peered between two gnarled tree trunks at his intended target. If he had pupils they would have been pinpricked like a hawk, but as it were the only indication of concentration were his dark eyebrows knit together in a line on his forehead. He sighed for the umpthteenth time that day, running a calloused hand over his face. When was Lord Raiden going to show himself? The former leader of the Shirai Ryu, now known in fear by his enemies as Scorpion was not a patient man.

As if on cue Scorpion felt the hair on his arms rise and the air came to life with the crackle of static. The air suddenly smelled of ozone, like the scent left behind after lighting struck the earth. If Raiden knew his entrance was marked with such obvious signs, he might have been afraid to teleport. But Scorpion knew that these signs were not normally detected by the average person. Being a ninja sometimes had its benefits. Scorpion frowned, and sometimes it didn't, he thought.

Before his thoughts could take him down a dark path Lord Raiden stepped up behind him.

"Have you been waiting long Hanzo?" Raiden asked, crouching beside the other man.

"My name is Scor-"

"Scorpion then. You see the brunette there? The one with the green cloak? That's the one"

"Her?" Scorpion all but yelled, an expression of disgust on the lower half of his face that was never seen. "I thought it might have been the other one...the...fat one"

Raiden chuckled "Why does it matter old friend? None of these woman know any martial arts. They are all potential prey for any of Shao Khan's peons" Now that he thought about it, they were not but sitting ducks out here in the woods, with only two guards to escort them to Kish. The thought made him cringe. But as a God, his priorities sometimes outweighed his conscience. Perhaps he would shadow them to the next town, just to make sure they arrived safely.

"But why her? She looks ordinary enough...maybe even a little ugly. In this light anyway. What's so special about this one?" Scorpion asked, though he was usually not one to question the will of the God's. This task seemed moot from the beginning, and it was in his nature to avoid pointless endeavors whenever possible.

"They can't all be busty beauties like Sonya and Kitana friend. Besides, the gods have seen something special in her. She is to train with Lui Kang, and the other winners of previous Mortal Kombats. They have seen in her future a great destiny, perhaps even larger than my own. And she must be kept safe"

Scorpion shrugged, wishing he'd never asked. He'd do the job asked of him and he'd do it well. Failure was not an option. "And your side of the deal? Do you really have the means to hold up your end of the bargain?" he asked.

"I have spoken with the God's and they have assured me that while your request is not usually granted, they will do the best they can to fulfil it, should you succeed in delivering the girl safely to Lui Kang's hideout"

"It will be done" Scorpion growled, not liking the should in Raiden's sentence.

"Good!" Raiden stood and bowed low to the other man "Good luck, and until we meet again" And with a crackle and a puff of sickly smelling smoke Raiden was gone.

Scorpion groaned...he forgot to ask her name.