As I walked to the police station at the night, I remembered the time when I received an invitation to join an investigation to Kaitou Jeanne, a thief living in this city. From what I can tell, she isn't an ordinary thief because I could tell that she wears white clothing and looks like an angel. Anyway, this girl making my New World a total mess so I gotta find out her name and kill her.

I approached the chief in the briefing room as he looks at me with a smile on his face. He said, "Ah, Light Yagami, just in time."

I grab my hand to the chief's to shake hands. I was so looking forward to catch Jeanne. Whoever she is, I'm going to kill her.

The chief added as she shows me a teenage girl who has dark purple hair and has a ribbon on the back of her head, "This is your partner, Miyako Toudaiji. She's gonna show you the ropes in catching Jeanne. Trust her, she's a special girl who could make this exciting."

I walked up to Miyako as I sit on a chair next to her. "Hi, Miyako, my name is Light Yagami."

"Nice to meet you, Light," she said. "You and I are going to get along just fine."


I thought, So you were in charge of catching Jeanne, huh? Impressive. You must have a talent to do so, despite all the failures you have suffered. I'm hoping you don't go after Kira because if you do, I'll kill you. This is because I am Kira.

The chief shouted in a firm voice for order. "Pay attention! I just got a note from Jeanne saying that she is going to get some painting at the museum."

The museum? So that's a kind of place she's going to commit a crime, huh? If I'm serious about catching her so that I can kill her, I have to know about her M.O. aka modus operandi.

The chief then turned to my attention. "Light, you and Miyako are going to investigate the place. If Jeanne is in there, catch her."

"Got it," Miyako and I said in unison. That's when we get up from the desk and leave the briefing room. As we walked out of the building, I thought about how she could be a perfect candidate in ruling the New World with me. If she's against me, then I'll just have to kill her. Now that we're out of the building, it's time for me to have a talk with her. She noticed that I wanted to talk to her about apprehending Jeanne.

She said, "Now, Light, it's time for me to show you some basics on how to catch Jeanne. First, you need to set a trap to where she's going to rob. Second, you got to have a running speed because you'll need it to be faster than Jeanne."

"Okay, I got it. Anything else?"

The reply coming out of Miyako's mouth is, "Oh, and third, you need to have strategies in getting her because she can do gymnastic skills."

"Is that why she can cling into walls?"


I guess that means Jeanne isn't a normal thief after all. She's a supernatural thief. As we run towards the museum, I knew I'm going to have a good partnership with her.