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For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul."
-Judy Garland

Ren was pushed into the dusty factory wall by Willard. Their lips attacked and slowly their bodies started to mold together. "Ah...ha Willard." Ren gasped as he was fondled through his pants. "Now you listen good Ren if we do this your my boy and I'm yours from now on, no one elses, not even Ariel's you here?" Willard asked the lust making his accent thicker. Ren nodded in agrement and love, blushing.

Willard was Ren's now and that made him feel special and loved that Willard would put it so forward and straight to the point. And he would be Willard's.

Willard leaned closer to the other giving him a kiss and than slipping away and pulling Ren along. Willard pulled him up the factory and brought him to a self made room. The factory was abandoned and old, it echoed every sound and noise, bring the cries of pleasure back to them.

The room had mats on the floor with thick blankets and all kinds of pillows and lanterns all around. It was simple and home crafted and really thoughtful and beautiful. This was something that Willard had made and it was something that Ren would never forget. "Willard this is so..."

"Im sorry this is so...I didnt have a lot of him and didnt want something so special be known byy everyone smhm" Willard was cut off by a kiss. "This is perfect." Ren finished pulled Willard along, Ren pulled Willard's hat off and slid in on to his head. They continued to kiss and laid on their sides caressing, and fondling. Willard started to strip Ren until he was in nothing but socks. Ren blushed, no one had ever seen him so open and vanurable. Willlard laid between those long tan legs kiss up them until he reached the hip then jumping to the pink candies called nipples.

Willard started to stroke Ren. "No...ah..ngmanha Willard your clothes," Ren cried trying to tug at Willard shirt, but the lust was wrapping itself around him. He was arching his back and his toes started to curl.

Willard pulled his shirt off and captured Ren's lips in a kiss. "Better?" Willard asked loving to hear Ren's accent. "Ah...Willard more..ppleas-e" Ren begged tears filling his eyes. The cowboy go off the bed and stripped the rest of his clothes and got the condom and lube. His eyes dragged over every inch of his boy's body. Ren's body was lean with narrow hips and long legs. His skin taunt and stretched over scuplted muscle.

Willard slowly prepared Ren wanted him to feel only pleasrue. His touch and voice was the only thing important. Slowly Willard tweaked Ren's nipples until his hips would thrust up than started to kiss and mark lower, until he engulfed Ren and fingered him. The fill of such an intrusion felt different but right, and slowly it became pleasureable. Once the pain of Willard him reseeded it was pure ecstacy that ran through their viens. Each stroke brought them closer until they came together. Willard pulled out and they came down from their high, the intoxicating pleasure still running through them, but Willard pulled Ren close tangling their legs..

That niight they laid together holding one another and whisper afraid that if they spoke to loud they would brake the perfect would they created with one another. Ren felt whole and safe. "I love you." Ren mouthed into Willards neck, kissing the skin softly. He went to sleep with Willard's voice.

"Love you too, Ren," Willard replied pulling Ren tight up agaisnt him cuddling into the other and giving him kisses.

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