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If the summary of redness was not satisfaction, well, screw you. I'm joking, here was the old one: Hikaru and Haruhi are away for four weeks due to their one year anniversary. Kaoru is currently at war whether he should confront and confess his love for his brother and is struggling through it. Dedicated to SohmaRoolz!

A small warning before you read on, too. A different one - I've been informed that the story lags on for the next nine chapters...I'm sorry about that. You can see the plot clearly later on. Don't fall asleep, I love you.

"I'm going away, Kao. Just for five weeks, can you handle it?"

"Hikaru, it's a one year anniversary! Do you honestly have to go for that long?"

"But this will mean a lot to me and Haruhi. Please I just need to know if you're okay alone."

You of all people should know I'm not okay alone.

"Please Kaoru! It's been one year since Haruhi and I confessed our love to each other! Look, we're second years now, so stop being so immature!"

How dare you say I'm the immature one?

Kaoru muttered something unintelligible.

"Sorry, what did you say?" Hikaru asked.

"I said." Kaoru muttered louder, yet not bothering to look him in the eyes. He didn't think he'd have the guts to anyway. "I said that I'm old enough to look after myself."

Despite the earlier series, Hikaru grinned. "You're cute."

"Don't. What if Haruhi overhears our love." Kaoru said annoyed a little. His voice was dripping with sarcasm.

"You're absolutely sure?" Hikaru asked, ignoring the little taunt.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru rose up, quite annoyed as his fingers balled up into fists. "I'm alright! Go to your stupid hotel with your stupid girlfriend so you can stop your stupid questions that annoy the hell out of me! Oh and go away for five stupid weeks while you're at it!"

Kaoru stormed up to their room they shared, slamming the door and placing his head in his hands. "Crying is for saps." He reminded himself.

Don't cry don't cry don't cry.

Though Kaoru knew from experience that when the first tear drops, you can't stop.

He loved Hikaru so much it hurt. Pained him to see that he chose Haruhi as his lover. But he could not be angry, he could never. Hikaru loved him back. As a brother. And it hurts. It hurts because he wants more.

When the crying finally stopped, he washed his face, vanishing all the evidence of emotion and curled up into the sheets, facing the plain white wall.

"Kao...?" Came a soft voice. Kaoru covered his ears with his duvet. "Kaoru..." The voice was as soft as melted butter.

Speak of the devil.

His twin entered the room and sat on the far end of his brother's bed.

"Go away. You caused this." Kaoru said hoarsely.

"No. Get up." He swatted Kaoru's arse through the blanket. Koaru flinched but made no action to get up. "Kaoru." Hikaru groaned in frustration.

Heaving him by his wrists, he pulled his twin up and sat him on his lap where he embraced him tightly. Kaoru stopped squirming and melted into the embrace. He could've stayed like that forever; with his brother's warm arms around him, encircling his waist and the older twin's chin on his shoulder.

Though Kaoru forgot his place and blushed madly.

"You're adorable." Hikaru repeated, affectionate of his little brother. Though he smirked as he saw him blush.

"Stop saying that!" Kaoru growled, squirming out of his lap but Hikaru held on.

"If you want, I can convince Haruhi into four weeks. Please Kaoru." Hikaru pleaded, hating to see his brother so hurt.

"I'm not a baby! Take as long as you want!" Kaoru's temper got the best of him.

Hikaru actually laughed. That snarky nerve-hitting laugh that he always did when ickle Kaoru got embarrassed. "Even if we're twins, you'll still be my baby brother. Stop squirming and tell me what you want 'kay?"

Kaoru eventually relaxed and lied still, enjoying the shared heat produced between their bodies.

"I-I'd like four weeks." He said somewhat sheepishly. Hikaru smiled gently at his words. "Then four weeks it is."

He lays them both on Kaoru's bed, his nose buried into his hair, arms around his waist and knees buckled tightly into place. He cradled the slightly younger boy. Kaoru did not react, Hikaru did everything. Because he was bloody brilliant.

"I will be gone tomorrow, Kao. I want our last day to be special." He whispered.

Kaoru turned around, adjusting his weight and curled his arms around his brother's neck.

And together they slept.

I love you Hikaru...


True to his word, Kaoru woke up with a cold sensation, his back missing the heat. He felt back and felt no flesh, just cold bits of the high class mattress. Funny because it didn't even feel like perfection; not with Hikaru there. But then again, with Hikaru's arms wrapped around him, it was perfection. It was always perfection, even in the middle of the desert. And he longed for those arms, that welcoming warmth again.

He sighed as he got up; maids were already fixing his attire.
This is going to be a long day…

:::Host Club:::

Kaoru dipped his head back and sighed. He still didn't understand his twin.

After the end of their first year, said twin confessed his love for Haruhi. And even though the other members of the club were happy for him and her when they finally agreed on a relationship, Kaoru was too for a little while. Then the thought struck him. What will happen to me?

He tried to blend in with the shadows. It would still work anyway, the way Hikaru smiles at Haruhi. The way she greets Hikaru and doesn't notice the other. It was all too depressing to think about. Yet that was on his mind. That was always in his mind.

A while ago, the couple stated that they were leaving for four weeks. Four. Fucking. Weeks.

I mean, that's not even appropriate! What were they going to do for four weeks? They haven't even mentioned where they were going. They just went…

Kaoru already suffered enough days with the other side of the bed cold and un-touched. Tonight, he planned on sleeping on Hika's bed. Just to inhale the scent. Oh yes, his days without Hikaru were sad and depressing and just…lonely. And working at the host-club he was always absent-minded, bothering to listen for a few words before off to his day-dreaming again. Kyouya supported that of course; said that it was perfect for their forbidden love theme. They think it's all an act. NO! He wanted to scream at them. NO NO NO!

"Kaoru, are you listening? Kaoru!"

"Huh-what?" He shook his head to see three of his customers across him, fascinated by his spacing out.

"Poor poor Kaoru." One shook her head in pity. "You must be jealous of Haruhi right?" The others sighed in pity though they were hiding their attempt to go crazy.

Koaru tried his best to warmly smile at them. "Of course not." He said softly. "Hikaru's happiness is mine." He stated then drifted off to day-dream again, not noticing the girls squealing and sobbing.

Kaoru soon went back to his dream land as soon as the girls were distracted.

After a while the girls became a little irritated. Then they left to get up. Kaoru didn't even notice them.

Shifts ended. Day nearing to an end.

"Kaoru are you okay?" Honey asked, his eyes bubbling with concern.

"Perfect." He gritted through his teeth. His head was bubbling through rage and annoyance and judging by his colleagues, it was about to and if not, burst through his skull.

Mori had scooted closer and collected Honey, grunting something Kaoru couldn't bother to overhear before turning away to leave the room with Honey.

"Keep this up Kaoru." Kyouya said, writing on his note-takes. His voice was flat and not rewarding at all, but somehow they could tell he was in a happy mood. Or at least those moods when he just gained some influence. "Current zoning-out acts is doing well for our forbidden love theme of the host club." He said before walking a path out of the room and motioning for Tamaki to follow him.

Tamaki jerked his head to Kaoru who had zoned out again. He simply shook his head before following Kyouya.

The lights switched off. Kaoru, sitting on the red ottoman barely noticed as a spitting image of his twin came before him. Imaginary Hikaru. He was beginning to go insane.

"What?" He asked, irritatingly.

"Jeez, calm down hot-head. I'm not the real Hikaru!" He practically glowered. Ah, so imaginary Hika was hot-tempered as well.

"Then what the hell are you doing here?" Kaoru snapped.

"To tell you, you are being ridiculous!"

"I'm not ridiculous!"

"Kaoru," He stated firmly. "Right now you're talking to a segment of your imagination that is the spitting image of your twin brother who you are utterly in love with and is in fact crazy in love with a 'girl'. Do you have bounds for saying that?" Imaginary Hikaru asked, the amusement glinting in his eyes.

Kaoru growled. Then sighed. "I thought you were supposed to be the immature one."

"Right." Hika beamed. "But things change don't they?"

Kaoru made a sound of realization before lifting his gaze to meet his fake brother's smiling eyes. And for a moment, he wanted the real one more than ever.

"Think about it." Hikaru smiled, a smile resembling the true features of an angel. He started to drift away and left Kaoru to all his thoughts.

He needed Hikaru. Hikaru needed him. He was just blind to see that Koaru could love him more than Haruhi. Because he was like that, and Kaoru couldn't change it. He can't.

Kaoru sighed.

"Until you come back…brother…" Kaoru whispers.

:::Time Pass:::


"I'm over here, Tama." Kyouya called back as he whirled through a series or paperwork.

Kyouya smiled a smile so rare but so delicious as a certain blonde walked through the room, a plain grey T-shirt hung loosely over his broad shoulders and his perfected blonde hair all mussed up.

"What's all this for?" Tamaki gestured to the rough stacks of mean paper sheets.

"Fan-mail." Kyouya stated, pushing his glasses up causing them to glint dangerously. "There has been a large amount of protests of Haruhi and Hikaru's absence. Adding to the fact that Hikaru is 'meant' to be with Kaoru."

"Oh." Tamaki took a while to get it in. "Kaoru and Hikaru. You don't think...they?"

"Hikaru seems happy with Haruhi. But who am I to question Koaru's and Hikaru's love for each other? I for one though would like to see them together in actual." Kyouya spilled his opinion. From the beginning of their fourth year, Kyouya decided it wouldn't hurt to be a little bit open. His team mates supported him all the way.

"I was actually thinking more about Haruhi." Tamaki voiced aloud.

"Oh?" Kyouya cocked his head, the shine of his glasses disappearing and could make out the shape of his eyes, though the amusement came clear in his voice. "Is it possible that you have feelings for Haruhi again?"

"Kyou-ya!" Tamaki bellowed irritatingly. "I will not ever have feelings for her 'ever' again!" he huffed.

"And by this could you mean you have feelings for another?"

"Yes." Tamaki beamed.

"Should I be jealous?"

"Obviously. My boyfriend is amazing."

"And who is this boyfriend?" Kyouya played along, shifting his glasses again and lifting up his chin to smirk at the blonde.

Tamaki grinned and wrapped his arms around the raven-haired boy from behind.

"Kyouya. My boyfriend is Kyouya."

And then he kissed his hair lovingly.

:::Time pass:::

Honey had just finished cleaning his dessert plate which was once used on for chocolate mud cake. As soon as Mori caught his eye, he pretended the latter didn't exist as he sucked on his spoon seductively.

He smiled as he heard a sharp intake of breath. His tongue travelled downwards to lap up the last pieces of chocolate and got lost into it, practically sucking up every inch of his spoon.

"Mitsukuni." Mori grunted. It was barely heard but Honey giggled as he sensed an emotion of annoyed coming from the call-out.

"Yes Takashi?" He asked innocently. Mori grunted, annoyed as he knew that Honey was far from innocent. And he had sore red marks on his neck to prove it. (A/N: If you don't get it, don't worry!)

Honey sighed contently, dropping his contaminated spoon coated with his saliva before making his way to Mori, swaying his hips a little. Mori grunted, delighted in Honey's decision as he scooped him up like he was the spoon and Honey his cake. He liked that saying. Honey was his cake.

Honey rested his blonde head on Mori's strong chest, breathing in sighs of content and happiness just to be with his boyfriend.

"…Takashi?" Honey suggested.

Mori merely grunted, sniffing though the smaller boy's strands of ever so soft blonde hair.

"Haruhi and Hika went to their summer place to spend time together right?" Honey's sweet voice asked. Another grunt from Mori.

"Don't you think that Hikaru shouldn't leave Kaoru like that?"

Another grunt of agreement.

"Hmmm…" Honey wondered but then shrugged it off, squirming on his boyfriend's lap. "Do you think we should go away for a while too?" Honey registered.

Mori happily grunted in agreement.

"It's settled then." Honey beamed.

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