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"If a bomb was planted in your temple, of fair lady, would it shatter like you shattered my heart…, or would it remain firmly on the wilting ground with four walls standing—like I was forced to be…, when you broke our promise, of fair lady?"

Hikaru didn't even bother skiving his glance upwards as he felt a sheer chill of nature rack through his body. He was running so fast, and in no direction—his eyes glistening dangerously as he held back the tears. However, they took their prominent presence in Hikaru's voice as he yelled for his brother, even when he steadied it. He doubled over, his back into a pained arch as he rested his palms against his knees and took steady breaths, attempting to calm himself down for the sake of his brother.

"But oh, lady why is it, that you must be so cruel? Hiding the light of the morning while you shadow me in your shed. Stand for me? Or shatter with me? You hit me so efficiently, punish me so well. I can't even escape when you know the weaknesses breached within my trapped spirit."

Just for a moment, he swore he saw a whisper of red and gasping a promising breath, he dashed off into the night. Swerving around the corner, the night played cool tricks in his ears, panting and whimpering and imitating the painful cries of his gone brother. With a threat sent to heaven, Hikaru dug ferociously into his pocket and heaved out his cell phone. Half-expecting Kaoru to answer the phone after thirteen times, he waited, and got nothing but the answering machine. He clenched it into his hand like a dying dove, spotted a city bench and slumped onto it.

"I can't escape; you're around me."

It's not a question of love
'Cause our love has never changed
But all the little things keep piling up
And life keeps getting in the way


The party had crashed into flames. Tamaki was panicking more than was meant to as Haruhi lay in his arms unconscious. Where was Hikaru? Where was he? Hastily, he picked up a damp cloth and placed it upon Haruhi's burning forehead as Kyouya instructed. The raven haired boy had assured Tamaki that he called up a herd of nurses shortly after the happening. Mori and Honey were instructed to be planted on a seat, not to come close to Haruhi, therefore there to panic less. The guests were in frenzy, the women exclaiming and the men shocked, as they had witnessed a faint and were ushered out of the apartment with apologies. When the room had cleared, Honey let out a sigh of relief.

Mori placed his comforting arm around his cousin and smiled weakly when the boy snuggled into his warmth. With a silent answer, he picked him up steadily and placed him onto his waiting lap—where the smaller boy clutched as his biceps and rested his tired head on Takashi's hard-yet wonderful chest.

"Where did Hikaru go?" Tamaki whispered to Kyouya. The room was empty with ripped up decorations save for three absent souls, a reassuring couple on the couch, a raven haired man standing behind a blonde man and a faint girl in his arms.

Tamaki hated it most when Kyouya made sure his eyes could not be seen under the glint his glasses were producing. "Hikaru had a choice whether to support Haruhi or stagger after Kaoru..," Kyouya pursed his fine lips and lowered his head to adjust his glasses. "He ran after Kaoru."

Kyouya missed it, when Tamaki's eyes ducked away from his gaze and narrowed, while throwing daggers into thin air. The blonde boy placed his daughter's head on a pillow and rose up angrily, his eyebrows cropped angrily to his eyes as he demanded; "Was this what you planned? WAS IT?!"

Honey and Mori shot up in surprise as the king's out roar shook through the silence and bounced off the now cold walls. They look suspiciously to the right, and caught with fear, found Kyouya narrowing his eyebrows just a little.

"It was his choice." He stated simply, eliciting a hysteric fit of laughter from the king. Honey felt the need to back away, instead clutching tightly onto his lover.
When the last gush of laughter got whipped away, Kyouya spoke calmly. "Are you quite finished?"

Tamaki staggered forward, stomping three echoing steps on the shiny floor. His hand was raised, and Kyouya only had the chance to widen his eyes before he was-


-slapped across the face with a shocking force.

"TAMA-CHAN!" Honey rose up in attempt, only to get held back by his cousin. With a silent exchange of look, Honey nodded sympathetically in return to those pleading eyes Mori gave him. "Takashi..," He murmured, as they stole once last glance at the scene, picked up Haruhi and left the room.


Kyouya still stood, faced in the direction that Tamaki forced him into, his slim fingers holding the region in which he was hit. His glasses prevented anything to get revealed, glinting superbly while his profile was all that Tamaki had.

"And what's with your plans, anyway?! Haruhi got hurt! Is that all you exist for!? Hurting people!?"

Kyouya widened his eyes as he heard the words string into the air. He lowered his head as his bangs covered his eyebrows and lower.

"Is this because of your own greed? Is it amusing, Kyouya?" Tamaki spat out. "YOU NEED TO QUIT IT! I've seen you under your shadow, and I love that person! You're not a cold, selfish robot, SHIT!"

It was so rare, when Tamaki swore.

"I'm so bloody sick of putting up with your shadow king act, like you're superior over everyone else! Do you even care about the host club? About Haruhi? About me? Mother's fucking intuition, my arse!"


Don't make it harder than it is
We both knew it'd come to this
Better now than in a year
More nights of tears and we both hate each other

Kaoru felt hurt all over. He felt like he was going to vomit—vomit out all of his feelings, all of his guts…, all of his love. Hatred was threatening to come out, but he pushed at it in fear. He felt whisper like fingers tracing his cheek as he shook and produced a line of tears, though when he opened his eyes, he was met with nothing but the sharp, cool dead of the night.

The abandoned brother shouted out in frustration, in anger. How could Hikaru? How could he? After everything! His limbs stretched out painfully, spazzing as he kicked the nearest rock into the water that the bridge shadowed over. Maybe it was just that. That Hikaru was the glorious water streaming from down below, while Kaoru was just a burden, a shady bridge shadowing a small region of his body, his heart?

After all that this happened. The world was crashing down onto his shoulders, and staying there. It wasn't even accounted for. Didn't have a background. Shutting his eyes, in horror of his existence, his vision produced a color he didn't even had the heart to take realization of.

For all of his teenaged life, he was nothing but a circle with Hikaru happy in the middle. He was trapping a beautiful bird that promised him would never attempt to break out. But he did. With Kaoru's fist unfurling into a tightening fist, he punched a brick wall and grimaced in pain.

He had shaky fingers, and pulled out his own cell-phone, he tear blurred eyes taking no recognition of the fourteen missed calls he had received from his twin brother that called so far from home. With his other hand, he took out another small item, a paper that was littered with messy hand writing.

What he got at C.L.O.S.E.T

He dialed in the number with fingers that were somewhat self-loathing. Did Hikaru take notice of his fingers? His hair, from the very tip of his shoes? The phone began to vibrate as he pressed the enter button.

With a hoarse voice, he spoke. "H-hello?"

The fuse is already lit, so how about a final kiss
And just let it go…

Hanizuka treaded through the harsh cut air and placed Haruhi into the mattress that the white robed people were fussing them into. The one in the suit, in charge knelt over the girl and placed a hand against her burning cheek and muttered something to his colleagues.

Knowing that their club member was in safe hands, the young blonde haired boy turned to his lover with his face convulsing and his shoulders beginning to shake violently. With no hesitation whatsoever, Takashi scooped the boy up into his masculine frame, and his masculine scent that always had Honey treated as if a patient under the men in white robes.

Honey held onto his shoulders. "Is she going to be okay?" He asked in a voice so small, his tiny body racking with shivers and shudders and sobs.

A small pause and then the nodding of the head. "Uhn…" Takashi reassured, and held the boy tighter if possible.
Honey took that as if on cue and wrapped his legs around the small of Mori's toned back.



"It's true, isn't it?"

Mori stood silent.

"You're planning on leaving me…I heard Tabo-chan.., you have plans on leaving the country. To move into France or somewhere big in Europe. You're going to quit the host club, or leave after graduation. Without me. Why?"

Once again, Honey was awarded silence. Bowing his head to hide in the tears, he broke free of Mori's grip, kicking the toned chest in the process. "Why!?"

The kick was hardly in-character. It didn't even make the taller man stumble, but he could see through his very eyes that the slightly younger and smaller boy was upset - on the edge.

When Mori noticed the agitated boy was still waiting for an answer, he rose his head unwillingly and hesitated before speaking: "It's for the best." He said in a low rumble, so melodic and very rare—like Honey was so special he had to save all his words for him.

Takashi was suddenly flipped over, and grunted when small body weight was placed on his lower abdomen, pinning him to the ground. Honey was sitting on him with his full weight, his eyes wringing from standing tears. If Takashi had wanted, he could have easily tossed him to the side but alas, he stayed.

"Best…?" Honey concluded, his bubbly eyes as if pleading. "Are you saying-!" He paused for a minute, and shook the body underneath him. "Takashi…," He lowered his head onto the hard chest and broad shoulders below him, and shook. His voice came out small and soft, like a frightened deer. "Are you saying…that your future would be better without me…?"

Takashi's eyes widened, and as if on instinct, he snapped forwards, bending in the waist and held the boy onto his lap. "Mitsukuni!" He warned, his expression violent as if Honey had spent a dozen hours cursing his own name. His own name, Takashi thought. Because his name deserved to be spoken ill of.

Audible sobs came out now, and in under a second, Honey broke free, jerking his arm back and pushing forcefully on his cousin's chest. "Let go!" He yelled with a waver that spoke of frustration.

And stop the madness!
Before it explodes!

Hiroshi sighed in relief as the hallway came up to an abrupt end. The alcove was dimly lit, and the walls had some sort of design that urged you to tap your fingers on it, just to hear if it can come into actual contact. Sighing softly, as he continued his search for his lover, he stepped forward and came to a sudden stop when he heard stifled voices.

On instinct, he climbed further, until the light of a slightly opened room shined on his flesh.

Before it's out of our control
Let's stop the madness before it explodes
We gotta let it go
Before it all explodes


Kaoru had arrived on the beach, drunk and mind-disorientated as Blondie and eyelashes cooed over him. As both men patted his back somewhat disturbingly, they muttered words into his ear that they didn't expect Kaoru to comprehend. With a faint mutter of how great it was for Kaoru to come join their beach party when he was oh so lonely due to his brother ditching him, they toed off their shoes and rushed to the campsite at the expanse of sand.

Kaoru closed his eyes wearily, before reopening them to gaze at the stars. The faint breeze of night racked through his body and acknowledged with a raspy breath. Shivering slightly, Kaoru wrapped his arms around himself, half-expecting a cooler breeze to come rushing forward as he quickly untied his own dress shoes and walked bare-foot into the sand and further.

Almost sudden, the empty black sky turned into a purple sunset. Kaoru quickly stood up and his bare feet sunk into a pit of white sand. A blast of salt-laden air stung the boy's face. A beach stood before him. A broad expanse of the whitest sand he'd ever seen. The beach extended on either side as far as he could see, empty apart from a few wind-blown seagulls set out to shore. It sounded cliché, but he swore the sand was glowing despite the lack of sunlight as it was nearing midnight. It seemed to be mocking his misery.

From his sight, Eyelashes and Blondie and a group of people ancient compared to him sat across a bonfire, calling out to him. He loved the feel of sand between his toes, a soft welcomed intruder. He fingered his list inside his pocket, that damned, damned list. Whipping it out to take one last glance at the object, it was torn apart to pieces and buried in the white sand.

Kaoru headed to the group.

In the future, he would have described it all as one big blur. Though he thoroughly remembered a game of "never had I ever". Nobody was there to stop him from drinking. And at that time, it felt good—pushing every problem away, knowing it would sting just as much later on. The food were produced on cliff rocks with flat surfaces and weren't of any taste to Kaoru, and not so high scoring with the remembering either.

Enough of the future.

The younger twin, slightly tipsy and wobbling in his position had a huge grin on his face as he was almost pulled into the arm-pit of the body builder with no shirt on. He vaguely remembered trying to remember their names. Body Builda, the left strippa—Eye lashes with the crimson sashes, and so on.

Carina the no vagina spun the bottle, Kaoru only missing that it was her turn. With a rather loud applaud and cheer, the tip of the bottle had landed on no, yes, Kaoru, the youngest Hitachiin and not to mention, the youngest in the whole group. Kaoru had laughed it off as it was spun again, this time to land on Mira Chikita. She was a fairly nice woman with fair skin and straight hair and a decent looking attire of clothing. She had a kind face but her lips were too plump for Kaoru's liking.

With a shrug, he complied when the crowd was pushing them against each other. Mira placed her pale hand on Kaoru's soft cheek and slowly slid it down to his chin. She smiled. "You don't have to if you don't want to." Her voice was silk. But to high for Kaoru's liking.

Kaoru didn't remember what he had replied, but he ended up with a tongue stuck down his throat.

Some things we won't understand
And we're both so tired of being misunderstood


Hiroshi half-expected it to be some joke, or some prank. Half was slightly fearing. He backed himself onto the wall just a patch near the opened door and slid down so his bottom hit the cold ground. The coffee-haired man shut his eyes and let out a breathy laugh. Of course it wasn't…he wouldn't…


Hiroshi gasped in horror and rose up instinctively, placing his hands over his mouth. That voice….

So let's just turn around and walk away
And hold on to what was good

The shouting echoed dimly around the room and could be compared to a nasty lash of a whip held from diamond coated hands. The atmosphere was silent save for Tamaki's panting after the outrage. Tamaki lifted his head to find Kyouya with his head lowered down and his glasses almost sliding off his nose—yet steel colored eyes were yet to be seen.

"No more of this…," Tamaki added quietly though with no less venom. "No more running away…, in fact…now I'm glad…, that I didn't tell father-"

Kyouya's head shot up, his mouth agape but suddenly sealed shut and any trace of horror was gone. Save for his watering eyes. His voice was blank, painful with the same volume he had received. "I considered that you wouldn't tell him…but I didn't expect to…," He cut his own sentence off and Tamaki widened his eyes when the shadow king's shoulders began to shake.

It was then when Tamaki really started looking. Even when he was crying, and this was only the second time he had seen Kyouya cry, he looked like perfection. He needed Kyouya, and Kyouya needed him. The blonde king shut his eyes as the tears started bubbling up—as he realized the weakened spot where he had hit Kyouya. As he realized his composure which was usually so calm, so stoic but now wobbly and wonky and heart-breaking because of his words. Because of him.

And he realized his stance and his eyes and weary face. He had broken Kyouya. Only because of his own foolishness, greed and cowardly of not being able to stand up to his own father. Somewhere, five miles away from the couple, an owl hooted, and its partner gave up on flight.


The raven haired figure shrank away unexpectedly; dodging the king's approaching touch. "Don't touch me." He said softly.

The atmosphere was so cold, freezing both boys in their positions. Tamaki's voice wavered when he replied at last. "Please…" It was enough to break Kyouya's heart even further, and he angered quickly just because of that.

"Get out of this room." Kyouya ordered quietly.

"Kyouya—" Tamaki attempted.

"Get out."

The silence kissed their flesh and Tamaki found himself obeying the simple command with his head lowered. Just as he was about the exit the room and his lover—


The blonde clutched onto the door frame in already fading hope. He stared back at Kyouya's covered eyes questioningly.

"Pack your bags too." Kyouya said so softly and lowly that it was almost a whisper. "I'm kicking you out." Regardless of the volume, the order was harsh yet Tamaki only convulsed his face painfully as if about to cry, nodded solemnly and closed the door.

When Kyouya heard a 'shut' to inform him of Tamaki's retreat to his own room, he slid down with his back to the wall. When he came into contact with the ground, he stared once again at the trapped light between the blinds. With a shaky hand, he reached up and adjusted his glasses.

He was surprised even himself when he heard a small sob rack from his thin frame and his shoulders shaking. Kyouya took of his glasses and folded them before placing them on the ground. Two hands covering your face was an act of helplessness. And while many would disagree, Kyouya's rare helplessness was a sight to behold. For the man, with slumped defeated shoulders surrendered his glasses, placed two palms over his eyes and cried for the first time in years.

Don't make it harder than it is
We both knew it'd come to this
Better now than in a year
More nights of tears and we both hate each other

Kaoru clutched his stomach in agony, the words and figured blurring all around him, like he was a reject decided by the universe. He crawled to the edge of a slope and his sick erupted from his mouth—he couldn't hold it in.

"I told you not to eat that lobster last night, Kao." The young Hikaru was sliding his hand comfortably up Kaoru's back as the latter spewed into the toilet bowl.

The sick continued to pile up, and Kaoru believed that there was more that needed to come out.

He clutched the sand in his fingers, and the group behind him were unconcerned, neither sparing him one glance. They left for home as Kaoru passed out, on the beach, his hands covered in sick.

The fuse is already lit, so how about a final kiss
And just let it go…
And stop the madness before it explodes
Before it's out of our control
Let's stop the madness before it explodes
We gotta let it go
Before it all explodes

Never one to hold back, Honey grasped free of his cousin's hold and kicked the poor boy square in his chest. Yet the man stood absolutely still, his face angrily passive which pissed the younger boy even more. Big fat tears were sliding down Lolita cheeks and Honey attempted to lunge at his lover.

Mori's reflexes were quick, and twisted the younger boy's arms into a trap, holding the smaller frame against his chest, he made a breathy sound of pain when Honey kneed him in the stomach. "…stop." He ordered quietly, trying to still the blonde beauty in his arms.

Honey was sobbing so freely, the tears soaked up in Takashi's dress shirt. "I don't like it…" He breathed out between child-like sobs. "Get off of me…"

Takashi craned his head down to press his lips to the latter's but horrifyingly found himself shoved away. "GET OFF!" Honey bellowed and elbowed the male in the face.

He was so vulnerable when he was sobbing. Completely ignoring the demand, the taller male crouched down so the boy was cradled in his arms and had his bottom planted on Mori's lap yet he was still struggling.


Mitsukuni tossed his arm to the side to rake his fingernails across his cousin's face. He widened his eyes when Takashi immediately let him go and place a fight-callused hand above the three welts newly produced.

Their eyes were locked, one blurred with tears and the other's as cold as stone. Seconds passed and finally, Mitsukuni sensed a waver in those orbs of the elder's. He ran away.

There ain't nothing that can save us
But you're close to the edge


Haruhi briefly managed to flutter her eye-lids open just in time to hear a faint murmuring. "Take her home…she just needs rest…," Her eyes shut again.

And what's the use of going on, If we're lying to each other
Every word that is said
Its too late for us now
Cause we can hear the count down Its getting close, its gonna blow

Daisuke shivered as elegantly manicured hands travelled along his bare abdomen, his shirt rising high onto his shoulder blades. He spoke softly into feminine ears.

He wasn't expecting it when the door was slammed open.

The two figures on the bed jumped, Ai desperately clinging to the one piece of clothing she adorned and Daisuke…

"Daisuke…," said the coffee-color-haired man softly.

"Hiroshi…," Daisuke felt the whole world about to stop, as if he and Ai and Hiroshi were the only ones of existence. His chest began to rise painfully, and as he examined, so was Hiroshi's…

Hiroshi with his eyes closed in hope of preventing tears dashed out of the room.

The dark haired man stood up in attempt. "HIROSHI! WAIT!" He climbed out of the bed so quickly that he tumbled onto the floor. Realization compressed into his nerve that Hiroshi was too far gone to stop and wait and listen to him. He clenched his hand into a fist and slammed it onto the floor, his teeth gritted and his eyes shining. Far from a good way.

The woman on the bed curled her legs up from underneath her and wrapped her arms around her abdomen in a vulnerable stance.

"You never did tell me you had a partner…" Her voice was silent and she was answered with nothing but sobs. She ducked her head.

"'Suke…, you can't do multiple things at once." Her voice was silk yet scratchy. "If we could…we'd all be—"

"Aliens that had the ability of super speed or had six other hands…" Daisuke replied, his voice stifled and tear-jerked.

Ai couldn't stop the tears blooming in her eyes. "Or an idiot."

And stop the madness before it explodes
Before it's out of our control
Let's stop the madness before it explodes
We gotta let it go Before it all explodes
We gotta stop the madness


The commoners only bared one glance at the sleeping figure that fell asleep on the bench. Hikaru had a frown on his face as he slept. His phone clutched tightly in one hand.


And Hiroshi tripped in his steps, landing on the mud like he was bound from his legs. But he was sure it wasn't at all crimson ribbons. Because he looked down, and noticed that they were blood-red instead.

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