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Haruhi lay on her back, the mattress cool under her sweat coated back and a damp cloth rested on her burning fore-head. Her mouth was opened slightly, and her eyes were dulled but encouraged to open from her father. Ryouji cooed and fussed as soon as he rested his gaze on her for the first time that day, but then, despite himself, he sat his worried bottom on the floor next to the resting girl's mattress.

Humming softly—not the frantic type—just maybe, maybe it would influence his daughter to speak up, the father raised his careful palm to stroke his fingers through a feather-like scalp of hair, and smoothened out the short strands. He thought to himself, that cutting her own hair was Haruhi's greatest mistake, yet he smiled as said strands of hair tickled his fingertips and glowed, and practically displayed a rare radiance.

Haruhi had always been so independent; never had Ranka seen her in such a vulnerable state as this moment—hadn't seen her spill a tear in over years and years. Her toughened, beautiful face remained strong and passive and intelligent just like her mother, despite all of the events she had gone through. And now here, his elegant girl lay with a cloth on her head and her body curled up, and his hands lazily but caringly stroking the strands of her head.

Ranka stopped stroking and blinked as he noticed a small cock of Haruhi's head and her gaze focused to a stuffed toy bear that lay in a dent on the wall. He smiled briefly. "I got it at the fair yesterday. It was a member's party, rules were strict but I would have taken the risk for you, Haruhi. You could have strung along. But that little blonde, illiterate bugger caught a hold on you again…" Ranka even clenched his fist in anger but was surprised when Haruhi didn't even contradict the statement, just deadly staring at the toy's eyes.

Sighing inwardly, Ryouji continued, a bright yet extremely obvious smile on his face.
"Cute, isn't it?"

No answer.

"I won it at the ground ride—you know, when you have to pick up a mallet and swing it and you either miss the bell or hit it and—"

Haruhi silenced her father with a look that could have been pleading. They held each other's gazes for a mid moment before Haruhi turned on her side, the cloth sliding down from her face and onto the pillow and her feminine back, the only access to her father.

"You're not going to tell me what happened, are you?" He sighed and rested his back on the cool wall, his hand reaching forward to cup his knee. It was silent again, and he found himself staring forwards, at nothing in particular. He was lost in his thoughts. To hell with dignity. If this happening was at one person's fault, he was going to mess him up. The fatherly figure moved beside Haruhi again, and placed a comforting hand on her back and rubbed soothingly.

"Your mother used to get all moody like this too, Haruhi." The man chuckled softly, and Haruhi picked up at the newly found sense of the past. "I thought you wouldn't inherit it after you remained passive all these years…" Fondling her hair in his fingers, he sighed. "But now I know…you're bottling up all your emotions. I can't explain it very accurately, Haruhi, but it will only to bad than it will do good.

"Squeezing everything into a small mass of mess and displaying it with an unstable poker face…it will only sting even more than what was meant to be."

Haruhi stirred subconsciously and inhaled sharply as his words ran through her mind. Hesitantly, her hand supported her wait on either side of the mattress and with her father's help, she was in a sitting position on her bed-sheet.

"I don't know what to do." Haruhi answered, and her voice—so small and submissive, it even surprised her. Reaching forward, her body arched in a small position with her arms clinging over her knees. Her father huddled closer instinctively and placed a fatherly arm around her small shoulders. A cicada sounded like it was screaming, probably outside of the room. Cicadas are so stupid, Haruhi thought. They're just screaming out so loudly that everyone would hear—and attempt to catch them…That was what she had always thought, even when she was a six-year old child.

"When was the last time…that we did this?" Ranka's melodic voice soothed her chest, but the question was out of the blue.

"What do you mean?" She blinked.

He simply responded with a content, quiet sigh as he closed his eyes. "Aaah. It was when your hair was up to your shoulder blades, and you were as cute as ever. Always asking me to hold you—do you remember? It was so long ago, it could be from another life-time."

Haruhi stared at the man she now didn't recognize. "Dad…" She said softly, a tear just a hair of flowing down her eyelids hid behind her fragile voice.

"We were so glad, of course, I'm still glad, that I—we…have such a beautiful daughter." Ranka eyed her preciously, as if she was a porcelain doll. He grinned, but not those mischievous, wolfish grins that had always annoyed Haruhi, it was actually…Haruhi found herself looking at a decent grin. "She is so independent, buying our groceries, filling her own forms, never asking help for homework, always getting the best results for school…" He closed his eyes and smiled.

"How long has it been…now you're in first year—escaping from middle school. The years have gone so quickly and still, my little Haruhi remains passive and stoic." He reopened his eyes, and Haruhi was surprised to hear them shining. "Even if she is still such a child, and a learning one at that, she managed to get into a school that's not even possible for people like us to get in.

"How long do you have until your break, Haruhi?" The man looked at her with compassion in his eyes so bright that Haruhi felt like she didn't have the right to regard it.

"Not long." She replied softly.

"Not long, she answers." Ranka acknowledges with a slight smile. "But there's already a crack in her dorm, and very soon, as the crack becomes larger and larger, the tear she's fighting will roll down her precious cheek."

Haruhi took in a shaky breath and blinked furiously as the tear strolled down as if it was summoned. The teen aged girl closed her eyes, then opened them as she felt Ryouji's thumb brushing away the tear. The man cautiously dismissed his arm and faced her, their faces almost aligned, only their height preventing it. He placed his palm on her daughter's cheek and tilted her chin up in one of those precious bonding moments.

"My little Haruhi, so calm and stoic and cute and elegant—about to break because she's been holding everything in." His voice was like silk that trapped Haruhi in her position. "She's been holding in her mother's death…her father's insolence…every house chore—every rule designed for the head of the house…and then the host club and her homework."

"Dad…" She whispered and closed her eyes, resting her cheek on his palm.

"You can't bottle up your emotions. That's one thing that a human can't accomplish, even for someone like you. That's the funny thing about human nature…no matter their words and their actions; they always seek out for comfort. For more of their own, for love and compassion. And even if they don't truly know it, they know that a small part of their brain knows it. That part on you, Haruhi…

"It's beginning to dominate you. How long can you hold the tears in?" Ranka eyed her extremely softly. He pulled her to his chest as an audible sob shook through her body.

"One day, you'll find a boy who truly has his heart beating for you." He said.

Haruhi gulped once and in between shaky sobs—"How did…you know?"

Her father's eyes saddened. "Kyouya, of course. You never tell me anything you do in the host club…and it's improved you a lot, you seem happier—but Haruhi, you still haven't opened up completely. Do you know that there are other people who want to be there for you?"

Haruhi waited for a moment. "I…no…" She exhaled and her body quivered with tears. Then sobs emitted from the back of her throat, and before she knew it, she was bawling her eyes out on the place she wanted to be with most—Ryouji's, her father's shoulder. Ryouji with little tears of her own, held her fragile body onto his, placing his hand comfortingly on Haruhi's head with the other rubbing down her back, trying to lessen each sob.

Because sometimes…

…when there are no more rocks to hold on…

…your body seeks for more…

…your heart needs the blood of someone else's'…

…your hand wants to escape and clasp another…

…and for once…

…a shoulder to cry on is all you ask…


Haruhi's mind was blank for a few moments, just feeding on anything to kill time. Classes were over, and she found herself heading to the host club. She took no faces into registration, and her eyes must have been blurred. But still…it felt…good. She had spilled every single thought that had crossed her mind to her father—that one person she was always blind to.

Haruhi did her best to keep her chin up high and finally realize how lucky, Ranka said, she was to have that host club. That maybe, it was fate's favor that chose that side of the end.

She smoothened down the wrinkles on her uniform and grimaced when she realized that stuffing that expensive attire in a bag wasn't at all a good idea. She sighed as she past her own customers, managing to share a brief smile and a polite greeting. The weather though, decided to mock her, taunting her with a cloudy surface and grey skies guaranteed for thunder and lightning. No birds were flying in the sky, and that seemed to be a large oddity for the Ouran High students. (A/N: did anyone notice that?)

She passed the open hallway and there were less students than ever before. When did she begin to notice? Despite the quantity, though, the chatter was more than audible. At least something's normal today, she thought with a weird sense oncoming her body. She slung her bag over her shoulder and tossed it down to rest on the ground once she arrived at the doors of the host club.

Her eyes widened in surprise to find a sign on the door—"host club closed for the day due to lack of members attending. Appointments will be moved to a later date. If this unfortunate happening provides a problem, please contact Kyouya Ootori."

Haruhi burst through the doors, two fingers barely clasping the lanky material of her bag. She found a blond head resting on the couch. Walking through the room, her footsteps padded through the clear flooring. It was so quiet; Haruhi had chills on her spine. A quiet host club is a less than happy host club.

Eyeing the blond head that was shoved into a pillow, she sat down softly to his side and reaching her hand up, Haruhi gently prodded him on the shoulder. Tamaki stirred subconsciously and his shoulder nudged forward. "Leave me alone…" He mumbled.

"Tamaki." She worded firmly.

Tamaki rose up and eyed her with a warm, worn-out smile. "Oh, HARUHI!" He grinned at her. Or at least attempted to grin, Haruhi bit her lip with concern as she noticed the blotchiness of his skin and eye bags that protruded, his hair was in a mess and he was barely sustaining his composure. It was nothing at all like your usual Prince Charming all charming and Princy.

Gentle enveloping her into an embrace that Haruhi let him do, Tamaki patted her back softly. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm feeling fine." She answered truthfully. "Honestly, I think it's you that should be asked that question. Have you been sleeping well?" She knocked him across the head as she sensed him about to doze off on her shoulder, and he jolted upwards with an 'ouch.'

As the question finally registered in his mind, he nodded briefly. Then turned it into a shaking of his head. "What happened…?" She asked quietly, as if loud unnecessary noises would scare this child away.

Tamaki just ducked his chin so his bangs covered his eyes.

"Oh no you don't." Haruhi responded by shaking him by the shoulders. "Don't you dare get into one of those moods, YOU HEAR ME?"

Tamaki landed with his back onto the couch, and was chuckling softly at her reaction. And to Haruhi's displeasure, the sound stopped and she linked her gaze forward to see the king gazing at the ceiling with a look that suggested that he was far from his world. Debating on whether to shake him again, Haruhi looked surprised as the blonde boy began to speak.

"I did something very bad…" He murmured. "Father did something so bad, my daughter…so bad…"

"What?" Haruhi shot up, alarmed. "What is it? What did you do? And don't say you broke another princesses' heart because it's really annoying when you—"

"No." It was just a plain 'no' without any enthusiasm at all. But that's what made Haruhi surprised. Usually the king thought deeply or not so deeply before speaking a word. Plain wasn't in his vocabulary. "I broke mother…," His voice was shaky, and Haruhi was scared that he might be crying for real. Sure all those tears had been real when he was entertaining but, there was something that was always clicking at the back of Haruhi's mind that they weren't heartfelt at all.

"You…broke…Kyouya? Tamaki, what are you saying?" She sighed exasperatedly. She had a bulbous feeling in her stomach that informed her that they must have had a fight…or even worse…she shook of the despair. "Please don't tell me you…"

"No." He said plainly, once more. "I…Haruhi…" He addressed her and slid his arm off of his eyes to look directly into hers. "What do you do if you did something so bad to one person that you love more than anything or anyone…and you don't think they're ever going to forgive you?"

"Well…" The padded her thumb onto her lip in thought. "I think…that if they truly love you, and you truly love them…then they're bound to forgive you. But not without an apology, Tamaki…" Haruhi eyed Tamaki as he nodded.

"I get what you're saying, and I think that I knew that you were going to answer that before I even asked. The thing is, though…I'm just…scared…" He winced, as if he was the boy decided to cover up when others were playing. Haruhi, shocked even more than before (if possible) pressed her feminine lips into a thin line and gazed at him with concern in her orbs.

"Tamaki, what happened? Please, tell me." Haruhi looked at him directly in the eyes as he sat up once again to face her. The years of loving him had gone into rust, as both felt feelings for another. But still, hat feeling, when it occurred was…nice. Haruhi found his usually clear blue—but now stormy eyes and was delighted (even though she'd deny this in the future and never under any circumstances would she tell Tamaki) that that night, that one moment, she found his gaze fatherly. She found him as a father figure.

"He…we…" He swallowed—his dry throat already far from aching. "We were going to do it—we were going to escape our fathers and start our own business. Kyouya told me he'd take care of everything. His face looked so happy that moment; I didn't have the heart to tell him that I was so…so…"

"Scared?" Haruhi offered.

"Scared." Tamaki nodded, his heart pouring out of his mouth. "I was right there, by my father's office. He called me in, and I just couldn't bring myself to say anything. When I couldn't respond, my dad was annoyed and told me to come back when it was an emergency."

"And you didn't get to…" Haruhi trailed after him softly, quietly—almost whispering. "In the end…"

Tamaki said nothing in reply; instead he nodded solemnly, much like his face when Kyouya told him to get out. "I'm moving back home." He stated afterwards, biting his lip like the little prince he was.

Haruhi stood up, appalled. "What!?" Her eyes frantically searched for Tamaki's, and what she found was turned into disappointment because there was no trace of deception. "Why—Kyouya kicked you out, didn't he?" She didn't even wait for Tamaki's answering nod, she just continued with her oncoming point. "That's simply no reason to kick you out!" Her voice echoed through the empty room, and a whisper of déjà vu came to an abrupt end. "It's just a ramble, Tamaki. You got into one fight, so what? It's-"

"Haruhi, please!" Tamaki had risen up after her, and anger and hurt seeped into his eyes. Haruhi quieted down immediately after viewing the display of emotions the king expressed. And for this very time it happened, Haruhi knew when to stop. He barely even raised his voice in anger, because Tamaki and anger just wasn't the done thing. Even now, Haruhi had her eyes softened in pity as she saw Tamaki's bubbling with tears.

Tamaki had flumped back down onto the seat with his hands over his face yet again and while the room stood quiet and still like Haruhi, Tamaki attempted to stifle his puppy-like sobs that would have made any maiden's heart break at such a pitiful sound. Haruhi followed shortly after, sitting across him in what she hoped was a soothing gesture.

Gently, with her hands, she pried her king's big but slender ones apart so she could see Tamaki's tear jittered face. There wasn't even any resistance, there was just defeat of a regretful person.

Biting her lip in concern, she stared forward ahead, which made Tamaki duck down his head depressingly. "You act so much like it's a big, bad deal, when really…," She took in a deep breath. "When really, it's not anything compared to what's already there. You love him, don't you sempai?"

Tamaki proceeded to duck his head; affirming her question with silence and irregular breathing; the sort of rapid breaths you gained after crying so tearlessly.


"DID YOU NOT HEAR ME?!" The words spoke with so much ferocity and venom Tamaki didn't seem to store inside him that Haruhi had to flinch. "I BROKE KYOUYA! I MADE HIM CRY, HARUHI. HE HATES ME!" He was panting by the end of it, his eyes hardened like the rocky road that Kyouya took himself. Haruhi's face took a whole new level of concerned, and eventually, Tamaki's began to soften. "I'm sorry, I-" He didn't get to finish his sentence, as he sat back down, and started crying. Really crying.

A teenage boy like Tamaki crying was a rarity the world has yet to see, and here was Haruhi witnessing it all to herself. She made a move forward and proceeded to keep moving forward until both of their shoulders were aligned and her feet were slung on the end of the couch. She pulled up a hesitant arm and draped it across Tamaki's shoulders in a comforting action. It went on for a few minutes, the room filled with nothing but the blond boy's broken hearted sobbing and the bickering and laughing that danced from outside the room.

"I've never seen Kyouya cry…," Haruhi remarked her words carefully and softly. "Yet…," Her voice was wobbly. "I've never seen you cry either, Tamaki. For real. Maybe Kyouya does hate you. And I know it's a bit rich for me to say this, but it won't be forever. If you're really spilling out these tears that I'm seeing…," She swiped her fingers over one eye that automatically closed and shut her eyes for a while as she felt the pelts of moisture. "If you're really leaking with tears so true, then…why would he leave you?"

Tamaki hesitantly tilted his chin upwards to look at his daughter who he loved so very much. As a daughter. He cocked his head sideways, and his vision was blurred by the liquid intruders that seemed to be retreating. The sides of his mouth trembled as he opened it as if to say something, but shut it again when he failed to.

"Sempai, if he knew that you love him so much that you cry for him, then why would he even think to? I know nothing about love, I know that." Haruhi ignored Tamaki's sound of disagreement. "But what I do know is that, while being as hurt as he is, Kyouya is being stubborn. And even that happens to him, because…because it's love!" She finished desperately. Tamaki's eyes widened visibly as her words tumbled to the edge, and was now speaking so fast. "And no one should ever shut away from their feelings, because it's wrong! He's being stupid! You're being stupid, love makes every human stupid. And—and he loves you and you love him so much so for god's sake, please stop crying!" Her voice broke at 'crying' and before she knew it, she was sobbing so much for the second time today.

Haruhi brought her two fists to her face and was breathing onto her knuckles, refusing to meet the other's gaze as beads of tears poured down her cheeks, and she was pulled into Tamaki's boyish arms so caringly. "Haruhi…" He breathed into her hair as his embrace stilled her body.

The thin eyelids that Tamaki adorned had closed, and the moisture reddened his skin. "Thank you…,"


Hikaru's hair was a big mass of matted red strands. He grimaced as he combed his fingers through it, and sat up groggily. The wind was chilly on his skin, and he wondered how he survived the night. He vented of a hysteric laugh as he noticed the goose bumps that covered the majority of his un-clothed arms. Half-expecting a pillow to comfort his head, he knocked his head back and swore rather loudly when it came into contact with something most certainly hard. Unlike his pillow at all.

The boy lifted himself up into a sitting position again, blinked several times and finally recalled what had happened. His back ached from the shape of the city bench and he swore he felt splinters all over his numb hands. He donned for his phone and sighed in satisfactory as he felt it safely hidden his pocket. The sun was up and was shining, and seemed to foolishly trick the humans down below as it sent down cool blasts of air to win over the heat rays.

Again, the young Hitachiin sighed and placed his head in his palm so his elbows were resting on his knees and his head was resting on his hands. He felt an oncoming emotion about to hit him hard as he remembered what had happened last night…LAST NIGHT!

Hikaru cursed. WHERE THE BLOODY HELL IS KAORU? He stood up frantically and finally cupped his phone in one hand. Wait—he let out a groan of frustration as it slipped out of his cold caked hands and crackled onto the floor. Cursing all the demons in hell, he picked it up again and swore one more time again, at the very loudest when he noticed it was out of battery. Did some poop headed twilight-eared hedgehog curse him last night? Damn it.

People were looking forward, hunching their shoulders to catch a glimpse at him. People were staring at him with a weird look on their faces, wondering how a handsome, obviously rich teenager caught himself out here. When a young girl took the courage to approach the boy who was clenching his phone and gritting his teeth, he took off, running as fast as he can to get his damned phone charged.

"Hika-RU?!" He literally bumped into another human body, and a bony one at that.

"Ow! That's my—get off Hikaru!"
"Sorry! I didn't see where I was—"

Hikaru stared down at the girl beneath him. "Haruhi?" They stared in each other's eyes for a brief moment before Hikaru shook it off, standing up and offering her a somewhat frantic hand like a gentleman. "Are you okay?" His eyes were somewhere from another world and Haruhi nodded slowly.

"I think I am. Are you?" She asked uncertainly.

"Yes, I-err…" Hikaru let go, and rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. "I-ah-I'm sorry. I need to find Kaoru." He almost ran past her, in search for his brother, but got stopped by a small but firm hand on his bicep.

"Please, Haruhi!" He said desperately. "I need to find him!" She shook her off and ran a few meters ahead, not even listening to her shouted pleas.

The crowd that pulled around them questioned if it was a lover's quarrel, but it wasn't. Both of them knew.

Hikaru ran across the same building for the fifth time, and only then did he realize that he didn't know where the heck he was, at all. His phone was discharged, his money was left at home…he shut his eyes and practically stomped in anger, like somehow, his wandering feet would take him to his brother.


Hikaru froze.

Haruhi came running forward, her arm outstretched as if she had been trying to reach him for the whole time. Her hand came into contact with his hard back which jolted him forward. She was panting as if she had just run a marathon. On her arms. It took a few moments to finally regain her breath in which she took her time to dispatch the cloth from her hand, stood up straight to face Hikaru and swat him over the head.

"IDIOT!" She exclaimed. "I've been trying to catch up after you when you left!" She took a few more huffs and sighed when he saw Hikaru rubbing at his head in silence.

"I'm sorry." He said quietly. "I need to find Kaoru. I need to find him. He's probably out there, Haruhi, what if he's lost? Or injured? Or-"

"Shut up." Haruhi said exasperatedly. "Stop worrying, Kaoru can look after himself. Stop underestimating him, you seem to be doing a lot of that now."

Haruhi took a hold of her two wrists and held them firmly as she winced at the forceful grip. "I'm worried, damn it! Have you seen him!?"

"Ouch, no!" Haruhi jerked her wrists out of his grip and made a face as she watched him stomping out from her again. Hastily propping forward, she wrapped her arms around his abdomen and held him there to still his actions.

"Haruhi?" Hikaru froze at the feel of her embrace, and a sensation of guilt racked his conscious. "What are you doing?" He asked her softly.

"Sorry." She quickly apologized. "Please. Stop. Stop trying to get away from me. Kaoru is going to be okay; someone will find him—now please. It hurt when you brushed me off."

Hikaru's eyes softened and he turned around in her arms, and gently prodded hers off. "No, I'm sorry. I'm just…" He ended his sentence with a sigh.

"I know." Haruhi nodded thinly.

The two were like silhouettes with the sun behind them, their figures capturing the entire moment. Yet no one felt the right to make a move.

"You just slept, on a bench?" Haruhi exclaimed, bewildered. They were now at Burgers Deluxe, chomping on commoner food that Hikaru didn't even bother to point out. This was certainly a good difference, the girl thought.

"I was exhausted, from what I remember." Hikaru replied, his face stoic. He placed his burger on his napkin and stared out the window, the cool trees beckoning for him to come forward and taste the salt-laden air that blasted from the skewers.

Haruhi bit her burger and chewed slowly before replying. "He'll be fine. I know it."

The two figured just stared at each other for a short moment, before both of their sets of eyes drew away from each other.


Two names were spoken in perfect unison and said people looked up in surprise, then stared back down awkwardly.

"You go first." She whispered.

"Haruhi, I-" He swallowed down the clumps of feeling Haruhi had lead onto him earlier on, a universe ago. "Haruhi…I don't think….I can't…It's about me and you. I just don't think it can…I mean, with Kaoru and all that…Even if you think so, it just…doesn't…feel right?" He finished lamely, his head ducked shamelessly. "Even when I first asked you out…I…um…"

"Hikaru—it's okay."
"It just didn't feel right whenever we kissed and-"
"Hikaru—it's okay."
"And there were all these blank spaces whenever we tried to talk-"

"Hikaru." She pointed out firmly, and his face lifted up as she spoke his name. The brunette female took his hands in his comfortingly. "It's okay."

Hikaru opened his mouth again—"I'm really sorry, Haruhi-"

"Shh." Haruhi shushed him. "Do me one favor, alright, Hikaru? Don't look for him. Who knows where he is? It's illogical searching for him—you'll only find yourself lost. He'll turn up when he wants to. Or someone will come find him for sure. He'll be back before you know it."

Then she wrapped up her burger, gave him one final nod and Hikaru heard the dull clinging of the bell in the store that indicated she left.

Hikaru didn't even notice the outfit she attired, and how it would attract many boys, or how her hair was a bit longer now. What he did notice though, was her words. They were so lovely, and despite his brother, his heart stung. Though somehow he knew that their relationship as lovers would end exactly like this— this moment, this time, this place.


Tamaki was impatiently bobbing his leg up and down as his cab took him through the streets of Kyouya's residence. He longed to push the driver out of his place and stomp on the accelerator.

What did Haruhi say that he should do? Apologize. Yes, that was it. He knew he should have from the very beginning. It just haunted him so much. This was the time of his life where he knew it was at a crisis. More fear than he had felt any other time in his years—even with his mother's incident. And with his grandmother too. Sorrow and grief were two alike but very different to the situation, but somehow he felt more…burnt.

The cab stopped, and he pushed the cab door with a force that hurt. He ran through the building, practically hovering over the steps until he reached the door of his ex-apartment. Furiously, he knocked on the door several times until a bearded, bulbous man around his fifties opened the door with a pissed off expression.

"Whadd'ya want?" He answered which made Tamaki curious how he could talk through that facial hair. He was about to ask the very thing until he shook it off when he found the real reasoning.

"Where's Kyouya Ootori? Have I got the wrong room?" Tamaki was slowly tearing up inside. How could mother feel satisfied by the stare of perversity this old creep was giving off? His mind theatre showed Kyouya stuck inside the bedroom waiting for this pedophile to kiss him soundly.

He shouted out in disgust.

"Woah woah! Take it easy, Jesus Christ!" The man took his hands up to gesture that he was of no harm. "I think that was the recipient that was living here before I came. He moved to…ah yes, now I remember! It's-"

His words got muffled as Tamaki shoved a pen and a paper into his face.


Tamaki pushed himself into the brick letter box and bent slightly over, breathing heavily. His huffs were formed in pants and came in rapid sensations—he waited until it died down. Only then did he realize the surroundings that his feet had pulled him into. His cab had been called off after he had gone to Kyouya's apartment only to find another person living there. He seldom walked to his ideal locations and cursed himself for not exercising as much the earlier month.

The trees shadowed the rough pavement that Tamaki's high class sneakers rested on. They were the type of trees that were so colorful and expected to have tiny birds chirping cheerily atop of them, yet there was none. It was nothing but cold blasts of wind that filled the blonde boy's ears. He made a step forward, but collision was all he got.

"Oh for the love of-! Dammit!" He pushed against the black-clad gate that gave no resistance even with Tamaki desperately clanging against it. When it finally got the most of him, Tamaki let out a growl of frustration and sank down to lean against the damned gate. The sun was in its region as it glinted down, blanching Tamaki's already fair hair.

Inside the gate from what Tamaki could see, was a commoner sized house that looked as if it was being rented. Even Tamaki knew that renting commoner houses were a pain in the arse and less-efficient.

The only window that the boy could make out had an annoying cloth that the Suou heir assumed you can look out, but not look in. He gripped tufts of his hair in one hand. In a mid time crisis like this, Kyouya had told him to stay calm unless it was a zombie apocalypse and one had to cremate oneself. But what the hell should he do now?

He clawed furiously at the gate but it wouldn't budge, as he expected. Dusting off his pants while narrowing his eyes the furthest it could go, he rose up and was about to turn around and pronounce the gate prepare to feel the wrath of an awesome Tamaki kick but—

"Tamaki?" A strangely familiar but wearied out voice spoke aloud. "…it doesn't unlock until I press a certain button."

Tamaki's heart sank. His love's voice was so scratchy, and he would have gathered all the heart left to walk away in order to prevent more hurting, but he was more curious of where had he come from. Puzzled, the boy did a 360 degrees turn but found absolutely no Kyouya. What in the name of commoner's coffee?

"…you're so stupid." Kyouya said once again.

Tamaki eyed a strange looking box at the side of the gate and all but jumped down underneath it, pressing himself against the wall desperately. "KYOUYA?! IS SOMEONE HOLDING YOU CAPTIVE? WHY THE HELL ARE YOU LOCKED U-"

"Idiot. I can see your mouth moving but I can't hear anything. Press the button that has "press" in it and talk into the speaker."

Tamaki blinked once, twice, and complied. "…Hello?"

No reply.

"…why are you here?"
"Come out, please!"
"It's rude to answer a question with a command."
"I…I want to see you again…"

A few meters away, a raven haired boy was curled up on the floor, his finger lazily pressing the button, yet his composure was firm and his eyes were droopy as he spoke into the megaphone. He developed a great elegance that appealed so greatly to the king's preferences. Tamaki knew, it was something about his eyes…his hair…his opinions…everything.

Oh lord, Tamaki swallowed pitifully. He can't give Kyouya up now. He loved him so much.

Through the hearing kit, Tamaki heard some shuffles and he took a wild guess; Kyouya was making a move to stand up and ignoring him.


The shuffling stopped.

"Kyouya, please don't go. Please don't run away from me—from your heart. It was one stupid mistake, I know, and if I'd ever get the chance to go back to the past, I'd—I'd—I'd curse at my father! I'd stomp in holding your hand…I miss you already. I know that you miss me too, I can tell. Your voice is scratchy and there's wavers at the end of your sentences. I bet your shoulders are hunched again…Kyouya…"

Somehow, he knew the raven haired boy had instinctively straightened up but hunched back down, and slid down the wall to listen to what he had to say.

"Listen…please…" His voice was sincere. "You're my best friend. You always were. I love you so much and when I'm with you…it's…it's like there's no one else there. I love all your cute remarks and your sometimes menacing mood, and all those "faults" you say you have that I found so adorable." Tamaki hunched his head forward.

"I don't want to lose you." He said very quietly. "I'm selfish because of that, because I'm selfish with you around! I want to be with you again, us holding hands in front of the television, your taunts about the skinny as girls that walk on by…how you help me do my homework with your hand in mine…I want your lips again, your touch. I love you. Everything about you. It would kill me if you had to change anything at all. Because otherwise…

"While I need you so very much, who would be there to massage to crooks in your tired shoulders? Who would be there to stop you from drinking tea before bed, so you can sleep well? I want you around, Kyouya; I need you around. And even if you like it or not…you need me…,"

"So please." He was on his knees now. "Please open up. If you want to continue running away from me then let me see you one last time, while you're like this…,"

There was an eerie silence, that would have gone on for much longer had there not been a click in which Kyouya rose up silently and pressed down a button that informed the gates to open.

Tamaki took in a shaky breath, shoved his hands in his pockets and pushed past the opened gates.

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