Trapped alongside my body is the air that I release. Surrounding us; me and Hikaru, were the thin yet deadly wired webs padlocked with chains the thickness of an adult snake's abdomen. When we proceeded to walk in sync, the chains nattered, something about a maiden trapped in a mountain. We were caught in a battle of love-hate, Hikaru, the chain and I. It prevented anyone from coming in. However, it had a rough point—that being that nothing could ever come out. We breathed on the air that we let out for the whole of our childhood. Sometimes, I wonder dearly of back then…that maybe, that air was suffocating my beautiful twin brother, who might have been tortured inside to keep the truth between his lips. And then I look now, and I see the truth; my brother breaking the chains, laughing as he breathed fresh air, and rushed off to that maiden on a mountain, leaving me, a battle-scarred mass on the rough terrain where people didn't dare think twice.

Tamaki quickly ended that repulsive period of time, much to both him and Kyouya's relief. However, it left quite a large, prominent mark that overlapped the scar that developed before time.

It was awkward now, and the house was always silent. Every now and then you could find Tamaki roaming through the hallways and Kyouya doodling in the study. When they passed each other, they only shared brief eye contact, barely grazed skin with contact and barely exchanged a word. It was at an unstable time for now, Tamaki thought sadly. But on the plus side, he thought as he stared at the room Kyouya locked himself inside, it was a passing moment. Hopefully something both of them can laugh about in the mere future.

He wanted Kyouya in his future. At least now, it was more than likely.

Kyouya came out of his room, his passive expression plastered on his face and cold, stormy grey eyes hidden under glinting glasses shimmered. And even then, when he shared a look to Tamaki's way, not saying anything or looking like he acknowledged the blonde's presence, the teen smiled knowing that he loved Kyouya more than ever.

It was a weird assumption, in fact. He was at his full max of happiness when the shadow king was giving him the cold shoulder.

But like he said, it was a passing moment. Hopefully, Kyouya will start to unwrap just like he did when they finally started warming up to each other in past stages of their relationship. For now though…

The blonde stared at the neatly stacked set of keyboards dominated the couch that he normally spent time on.

As Kyouya ignored him for this time, he decided to give the king space. This was just what the raven head needed, Tamaki thought. He knew that Kyouya felt grateful albeit sad himself. But on those rare occasions, he heard a few steps, maybe four, five or around that region and then a pause. He felt Kyouya's gaze intensify at it, and he knew more not to flip his head back and stare at his boyfriend for it will anger him for reasons unknown. Sometimes, for the most of the hour, Kyouya would leave a note on the clipboard.

There was the first one, which said: I'm having lunch out.

Kyouya was only meters away from him, in his room probably getting changed into his casual clothes to enter a fancy restaurant.

There was a pen and a place on the paper supplied, Tamaki mused. And he somehow felt his presence at the restaurant not invited; this was not a time to be stupid around Kyouya's instability. He marked down the pen in scratchy scrawl.
u needed some time alone?

After poking down his pen to plant the final dot under the question mark, he felt hesitant to leave, and after a minute or so, he rose up, opened the door to his room and closed it. His back was to the wall, listening profoundly. The door was shut loud enough just to inform the other boy. He listened with practiced ease and smiled fondly as he heard Kyouya quietly enter the room he just left.

Tamaki waited for a short minute before opening the door uncertainly. When he found the raven head gone, he peered down at the reply he got.
Tamaki, you're not some thirteen year old idiot. Use the correct spelling.
Secondly, I do not find it amusing when you quote your cheesy 'chick flick" lines.
Thirdly…thank you.

Tamaki placed a hand over his mouth to keep the snickers from tumbling out into volume. He shook his head at the expected reply that Kyouya left him. But his smile was doubled as he examined the last line. He took the pen again.
be safe, Mother.

After writing it down in scratchy scrawl, Tamaki was quick to stand up and sit on the chair which was facing opposite to the couch that carried the clipboard with a slip of paper on it. They both know this was quite immature and somewhat resembled the actions of children slipping notes from under the teacher's nose. But this way, they could cope. Maybe it might even heal them.

Kyouya opened the door, dressed smartly. Or maybe it was just his passive, business-like yet beautiful face that made him look sophisticated while the clothes were just an intrusion from the real picture.

His eyes briefly scanned the reply before pursing his lips in a stifled smile and walked out of the rented house.

Maybe. That was the word.

It was a thin chord to say at least. Yet it reminded Daisuke of rattling chains that the twins came up with. His relationship with Hiroshi was now based on threats and tears and fast mood-switches and different beds. It was a rough time, a rocky road. Before Hiroshi started the relationship, both of them knew that there were going to be consequences. Harder ones, than when you were with a girl.

But that was exactly why he wanted to be with Hiroshi. The boy, in Daisuke's eyes, was amazing in so many ways. As he recalled the feelings that were prominent whenever Hiroshi was centimeters away from him, he thought about Ai and shook his head. He vowed the day after, that if he ever hurt his kitty again, Daisuke will leave him in the hands of a better person.

Now was not the time to think about that. He rose up unexpectedly as a door slammed shut and Hiroshi stepped into the kitchen, not sparing a single glance to the man who sat on the chair decked underneath the kitchen table.

"…are you okay?" It was the first words Hiroshi had heard him say after their banter earlier on.

The tomato he had hastily picked up almost slipped from his slim fingers. "Why shouldn't I be?" He snapped, before dunking the tomato in water and taking a bite out of it.

Daisuke of course found it odd from his eating habits which included an excessive amount of chocolate and sugar, and right now, he mused, eating tomato like an apple. He had learned to love these little things. But the harshness that came out of those words made his chest ache.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you." He said, hastened to reply softly.
Kitty's eyes narrowed.

"You disgust me. You make me sick." The door slammed, and Daisuke sighed as it was yet another time that Hiroshi decided to take a long walk after only a few seconds with Daisuke. After times, the wound may heal.

Maybe there might be a faint scar. Maybe.

There's a time, you know…
When you've run a hundred meters from the journey of love…

After waiting the hours he expected Hiroshi to come home, yet still didn't, a disgruntled and somewhat disappointed Daisuke dragged himself out of the depressed chair that he currently sat on, and sagged his way out of the house to order take out. When he came home, he found a coffee mug with a scoop of chocolate mix put aside in a clean, small bowl. It didn't need a note for Daisuke to find out that Hiroshi made him this. He smiled.

Where you have to wait and wait only…
To make things okay again…

It felt like long years where they never had the chance to talk. Tamaki for the past days were the silent-est he'd been all his life. But for Kyouya, he'd do anything.

In the early morning however, around three or four am, he'd find his boyfriend silent on the chair planted in the living-room kitchen, two hands wrapped around his mug. Tonight was the same, and it was the fifth time he did this.

And sometimes, then, he sits down at the kitchen table with Kyouya; they don't look at one another in the dim light, and they don't speak, but if Tamaki stretches a hand across the worn table top he knows that strong fingers, warmed from Kyouya's ever-present coffee cup, will wrap around his and hold tight.

To patch the empty holes up…


Hikaru's inner voice scratched up while in the car; he found himself in the familiar surroundings of his cab once again, giving direct orders to passenger drive to Heartfelt Hospital. So this, Hikaru concluded, was what Kaoru must have felt like when it was his turn at the hospital. He let out a surreptitious giggle of saddened amusement, as truth applied to that statement; Renge had said earlier that wherever Hikaru went, Kaoru was trailing shortly after—even when the elder thought himself alone. And now…he's in hospital.

The weather was already darkened by the shades of the puffy clouds in the sky, and now it was on the verge, if not, so close to raining. It seemed to mock him. Like it was destined to be stormy and cloudy on that very day that Kaoru gets injured. Was he even injured? Hikaru didn't even collect the intelligence of what had happened to his little brother. However, text him and type "Kaoru" and "Hospital" in the same sentence, and he's there in a flash.

He needed to be strong for Kaoru, and that's why his face remained violently stoic, as if he didn't feel like his chest was going to be ripped apart of concern. Kaoru was the one reason he had from shutting himself off completely. He swallowed dryly, proceeding to fondle nervously with his fingers.

The drive to the hospital felt like ages of full torment and unknowing as Hikaru slouched into the backseat of the limo. The driver had informed him that he was at their destination, yet he waited a least a minute before clearing out of the limo, not even having the heart to thank his servant before stepping into the hospital doors. Immediately, he sensed a wave of unease settle against his nerves as he took in the familiar state of white walls and white curtains.

Without much explanatory, the nurse at the desktop took one look at him, excused herself and led him to a set of doors. He took a wild guess; that was where his brother was staying tonight.

"Nurse—" His voice cracked as he addressed her.
"Do not worry," The unnamed smiled comfortingly at him. "I was handed in your report before he came, so I assigned the same nurse who had treated you. However, it is a different case, so nurse Ai will just be a nurse for now."
"A-a different case?" Hikaru sounded somewhat relieved but unsure at the same time being.
"Ah, I'm sorry—nurse Ai will explain everything and then you can see your twin brother."

Hikaru blinked for a moment before smiling the best he can knowing that his brother was ill and at hospital. "Thank you." He told her soundly.

"I ahm-ah!" The nurse cupped her own cheeks as she felt them heating up. She chuckled nervously in reply to the boy who, bemused, accepted it as one. The nurse tripped on a sanitary basket on her way back, the handsome boy beaming still at the most maximum of focus in the back of her flustered mind.

Hikaru, still bemused by the nurses' behavior found himself in one of the typical silent hallways of the hospital which contained a number of doors, all imprinted with an assigned number or letter. With shock, he found that he still did not know where he should go to find his brother, but when a comforting hand landed briefly on his shoulder, he jumped, and whipped his head at the intruder, clearly startled.

When he was greeted by a sad smile, he sighed in relief, and attempted to smile back.

"Hey Ai."
"Hello, Hikaru." She replied fondly. "Are you feeling alright?"

Despite her face driven in total kindness and slightly, Hikaru still felt a wince coming on as she smiled a little too brightly at him; Hiroshi had told the red-haired teenager that Ai was nothing to be accused of. From the beginning, the nurse had never known that Daisuke had a partner despite all their doings together. She was just as shocked and horrified as Hiroshi and a blooming pity and guilt welded up inside her, but Hikaru felt as if he still couldn't get over what she had done. Even if it was just a tiny amount.

"Fine," He said nonetheless.
There were tremors engaging throughout all parts of his body that made him stand, Ai noted as he spoke back. Uncertainly, she placed a tiny feminine-like hand on his broad shoulder which happened to relax him quite a bit.

Hikaru found himself walking with Ai down the hallway in which he presumed was the way to his brother.

"How's the leg?" Ai questioned him further.

Hikaru was in a bit of a hurry to find out and register what had happened to his brother to be thinking of things like that. He sensed a pang of annoyance coming deep into his agitated bones. How dare Ai think that? His brother was at stake here.
"What happened to Kaoru?" Hikaru pointed out somewhat accusingly.

Ai backed off a few paces, seeming to get his rough edge that seemed to be participating in their mutual discussion. "Nothing serious." She replied in a freaky monotone voice that seemed so odd coming out of her.

Hikaru was about to protest angrily when a firm hand on his chest stopped him from all movements. Ai stopped him in front of a door that read out '12A'. He took into realization that instead of a hospital room with a lot of patients within like he had slumbered in when Hikaru was the one in hospital, this room was just fit for one person for special reasons. Hikaru shook visibly as he tasted dread on the tip of his tongue.

"Kaoru's condition is not as prominent as those of yours before," Ai spoke to him directly, a big of that narrowing of eyes as if asking him to challenge her. "But I still expect you and every friend here to respect the rules of this hospital; no sneaking in unnecessary foods, no getting him out of bed without the doctors' permission, and absolutely no screaming."

"I promise, Ai." He ushered quickly, which didn't seem to fit his frantic eyes. "But please, about Kaoru-"

Ai breathed out a sigh of relief, stopping him before smiling comfortingly at the boy. "It'll be alright, as to say. While yours was traumatizing, Kaoru can go home tomorrow." She stopped abruptly just to hear the first bit of Hikaru's agonizingly slow relieved breath take place. She continued.

"Someone, a man around his twenties was walking his dog along the beach up North and said that he 'found' and I quote, 'Kaoru unconscious and drenched in a puddle of vomit.'"

"What!?" Hikaru exclaimed, his worst of fears beginning to pursue.

Ai waved him off. "We will question everything later, when he wakes up. But for now, I can tell you—"

"You mean he hasn't woken up yet?" Hikaru said rather loudly, which Ai sprang forward and shushed him with her teeth gritted.

The woman sighed, pressing her clipboard to her abdomen. "No, he hasn't." She concluded. "Now let me finish before we go in to see your brother." She nodded at him pointedly to have his word on behaving quietly.

"He ate a various amount of foods last night and the neighbors confirmed a pack of people laughing and carrying drinks and whatnot. So we believe he attended a beach party or something like that."

"What does that have to do with this?" Hikaru interrupted, getting mildly pissed.

"Don't interrupt." She said with a firm glare that would make a grown man cower behind his mother. She cleared her throat to make a point, as she waggled a finger in front of Hikaru. "Please don't. The quicker I tell you everything the quicker we get to see your brother."

The look he gave her was almost pleading, and every so often he would glance at the door. He reminded Ai of a puppy that was at the point of dying to get his food. Except it was a bit more depressing than that.
"Kaoru got food poisoned from the meal he had." Hikaru's eyes widened. "It is not the worst that could happen from that matter. In fact, you should be grateful that's it's only that."

"He. Is at. A hospital!" Hikaru said through gritted teeth, his eyes squinting to the point of desperateness. His fingers were clenching into a fist ball. He needed to see his brother.

Ai placed two steady hands on his rough shoulders to steady him. "Careful, please. He has already been cross-examined and fed the right amount of carbohydrates to stop anything else to seep in while he's already at this vulnerable state. He has to rest here for the night just in case something of the least expected happens. Otherwise, he can go home tomorrow. Though when he does, and this is what I wanted to discuss with you, he needs to take medication twice a day—if you want now, I can go print out the prescription-"

"Send it to my mother," Hikaru held out quickly, his eyes already weakened and so shattered like a glass project starting to crumble from the heat. As Ai sent him a bemused look, he clenched his fists. "Please." He said desperately. "Hitachiin Yuzuha…under Hitachiin residence…"

Ai stayed silent.

"I need to see him…please…can I see him?" Hikaru's breaths were short and on the opposite end of steady. Ai gave him one nod with one solemn look that made her own heart throb in pity for the twins. Her hands vouched into her pocket and fondled at the key ring, pulling it out and unlocking the door to 12A.

The duo paused for quite a bit, until the silence was digging into both of their backs. Hikaru's eyes travelled into the dimly lit room with white bed posts rooted into the tiled flooring, a mini convenience table resting beside the poles and an unused monitor by his side. The curtains were drawn, and Hikaru knew that when the night was to be revealed, it would drape over the both of them like a cruel ghost seeking for revenge.

He rushed to the bed-dipped figure resting underneath the lilac covers. "Kaoru!" Hikaru shouted between his steps. He fell onto his knees right beside the hospital bed, where Kaoru's dangling hand that seemed to be the only body part that escaped the fluffy dungeon became clasped with Hikaru's relieved one. Hikaru overlapped that blessed hand with both of his and gave it a reassuring squeeze even though his brother was in a dream-like state.

That was how it always was with Kaoru sleeping; he never looked like he was sleeping. His eyes were shut like the curtains that commanded the room, which succeeded in creating a heaven-like glow that surfaced around his body. His long, dark eye lashes a beauty as ever and his mouth slightly open as his chest rose to the silence of quiet snores. His expression would be passive, as he was sleeping yet it was as if he was smiling through his dreams, breaking through the barrier just to give a certain comfort to anyone who asks.

Gently whispering praises into his amazing brother's sleeping ear, he leant forward and brushed a strand of auburn hair from Kaoru's peaceful face. He cupped his cheek, slowly bringing his knuckles down that ultra soft flesh that was his cheek.

"You idiot…" Hikaru whispered amusedly and came out softening a little due to the large dollop of relief that made him shaky. He paid the nurse outside the door no mind. "What were you thinking…?" But he was smiling gently, as if Kaoru was awake and conscious and could absorb every stimulus around him.

"Would you like to stay here for the night?" Ai asked him with a soothing voice, her hand steadied on the clipboard that seemed to balance her uniform.

Hikaru perked up, his eyes suddenly alight with altered happiness. "Will you let me; I mean…am I even allowed to?"

"Well, it's not possible to provide a room for you, but…," Ai pondered at the clock that revealed the time planted on top of the monitor device. "It's almost getting late, and I'm sure you'd prefer sleeping alongside your brother."

As Hikaru opened his mouth, Ai cut him off sharply. "Sorry, not alongside, but you can sleep on the visitor couch. I can bring down a quilt, if you like."

"I…thank you, Ai," Hikaru finished lamely, his eyes grateful and softened.

"Don't mention it," Ai smiled. Then her face turned solemn again, with a peek of cheekiness. "But if anyone asks, you're on duty. Actually, that's quite a good idea. If by any chance Kaoru awakens before morning, inform the doctor, kay?" She said, tilting her head.

Hikaru smiled, and nodded once, thanking her again before the nurse fled from the room, closing the door shut behind her. After the enhancing urge to send a group text to the host club, Hikaru vouched and lost. He rose up and adjusted a chair to be well planted next to Kaoru's bed, near his head and sat there, subconsciously massaging Kaoru's hand as he flipped out his phone.

He quickly texted his message with one hand, barely staring at it, in his case. He forwarded it to Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyouya, Mori, and Honey and then as an afterthought, to Hiroshi who would well share it with Daisuke. Maybe.

Kaoru's in hospital. It's nothing bad, he's comin home tmr.
Don't visit until morning unless u really need to.
Same hospital room 12A

He pressed send and ignored every vibration he got in reply, until he was ready to face the entire host club plus the extra two. Afterly, he faced his angel of a brother. The exact copy of him. The room was too quiet you could hear a butterfly's wing beat, save for the soft breathing of Kaoru's lips.

He watched the steady rise and fall of Kaoru's blanket coated chest and placed a steady hand on his thin arm, squeezing affectionately. His brother was coming home tomorrow. He could not have asked for a better gift. He decided that once he woke up, the boy better not be bombarded with questions although Hikaru was still quite curious. The first thing Hikaru ought to do was hug him until he can't breathe.

A few days wondering about his whereabouts and his safety and now he was here, injured a little, but in Hikaru's sight.

And in Hikaru's sight, he was. Pun most likely intended. The lower half of his body was covered in the thin quilt of the hospital. Although it covered, Hikaru knew what was there; the slim physique lacking in buff and strength but not too fragile either. He carried a feminine kind of display that was part of his unyielding charm.

That sort of thing he adorned always made Hikaru want to throw his arms around the boy and cuddle him into his chest. His face had a tender expression, almost always it was there. It reminded him of all those sighs he produced whenever they had snuggled together in bed. That wonderful sigh always happened whenever they got under the blanket and shut their eyes to sleep. Hikaru didn't even know if Kaoru was aware that that happened.

The red headed boy always smiled after, squeezing a little tighter maybe. It was such a beautiful sound, always followed by soft, child-like snoring that informed him of his slumber, of course, on those rare occasions when Kaoru would fall to sleep first, his warm arms over Hikaru's abdomen.

Kaoru's eyelids covered his irises but Hikaru could always image that color in the back of his mind. A bit stormy despite the golden color whenever he was feeling down and needed a splint of comfort. Bright and resembled the factors of a priceless gem whenever happy or laughing. That neutral yet so prominent color, the kind of color that was so deep but so light that you could get lost in them, trapped within until you start seeing things his own way. Hikaru absently wondered if his own eyes were alike his but shook it off with a small smile. Of course not, it was always Kaoru's that were magical. He wasn't jealous, in all meanings of the word, of course not. He didn't know why though, those eyes would drive anyone into insanity. The boy valued them, one of those little things he loved about his brother.

The teenager blinked once, and his gaze travelled slowly down wards to rest on those soft, slightly plump lips that had a natural pout fixated onto it. They were slightly parted to release soft tufts of breath. They looked so irresistible, soft mounds of touchable flesh that were even softer than you had expected when you trail your fingers over it. Hikaru leaned closer, and their breaths mingled as one. Maybe if he could…


It was a dream. It had to be.

Kaoru was facing his eight year old brother, both of them wearing the same attire which consisted of beanie hats that dominated the most of their crowns and gloves that were puffy once you set them. They were holding each other's hand, walking down the pathway as if they hadn't got a care in the world. Except for themselves, of course.

It wasn't extremely cold, and was finely lacking the heat section too. But they were happy like that, and onlookers can just screw themselves. Many approached, many were rejected until their barrier was destroyed with Haruhi's smiling face.

Kaoru clutched onto his brother's hand, a plea losing its faith. Hikaru squeezed back, but his sense of direction took him elsewhere, into the land of playfulness and affection. Their chains and door was broken, yet they were still holding hands, and their clothes stayed the same, and their faces stayed the same.

"Hikaru?" He whispered.

"I'm here,"

Kaoru clenched his hands in the sheet like fists of his. That statement sounded so surprisingly real that it was a hard time trying to believe it was all a dream. Kaoru's left wrist was burning and his stomach was swollen in sick that he needed to heave out soon. But he found he couldn't move.


"I'm here, Kaoru."

And Kaoru found himself on his feet, leaning into somebody's supportive stance for leverage and arms around his waist and shoulders.

With sudden relief, a toilet was located nearby and he dropped onto his knees, arms rested on the seat as he emptied his stomach, the remains of vomit he hadn't emptied out since the beach incident. And he kept on going and going, tears beginning to bloom from the corner of his eyes.

It only took him to realize then, that there were soft fingers rubbing his back as he leant against the bowl. He rested his forehead against his arms, clenching his fists as a sense of pain overcame his head. Another hand came, and they were massaging his shoulder blades as he heaved one more lot.

The hands stopped in a graceful movement, to pull back the strands of hair that were threatening to move affront his mouth. They were hands of somebody's big, but slim and caring.

"I'm here," The voice said.

There was a slight buzz of vibration.
Hikaru had three new messages.

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