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If he was falling…

"It's so cold out Hikaru," Kaoru complained, the glint on his face that reveled him to be such a sweet, young child.
"But I really wanted to see that Christmas Tree in the centre square…I don't want to go without you," Hikaru whined, short from a pout forming on his mouth as he clenched his arms into a cross against his small chest. The nine year old's expression softened when he saw his younger brother staring down across the winter mat.
"Besides," He added, and Kaoru's head shot upwards to meet his. "We're going to be holding hands and Kaoru thinks it is cold, but I'm warm, and together, we'll both be holding hands so the cold won't bother us. Okay?"
The younger twin, still coated with heavy garments gave him a beaming smile so dazzling, the filth caused around him would wince away and shrink. "Okay, Hikaru!"

From the night sky…,
the clouds would part for him…

"You're such an idiot," Kyouya scoffed as he ushered the maids to sweep away the broken bits of glass that Tamaki had so carelessly dropped. His eyes were hardened as usual, however he sighed, adjusted his glasses and grabbed a dry cloth off the tray. He bent down and his face was aligned to the blonde's who was looking down miserably. The raven haired boy sat down with crossed legs and reached over to dab at Tamaki's moist spot on his trouser leg in which he spilt milk all over from dropping the glass. Tamaki had his bands covering his face.
"I'm sorry, Kyouya." There was an outburst, and suddenly Kyouya could see everything on Tamaki's teary face that was offered. A light grip on his wrist was prominent and he sighed as he realized the blonde was clutching at him in plead for forgiveness.
Instead of something witty like 'we have plenty more tableware' or 'It's nothing but a glass' he dropped the cloth on Tamaki's abdomen and his hand softly grazed the soft flesh of Tamaki's cheek.
"Are you okay?"

But would the angel accept my arms,

Takashi insisted on pushing a tray of sweets for the smaller male. In immediate response, the latter pushed them away with a huff, crossing his small arms and a stubborn pout dripping on the Lolita boy's face. The elder pushed them forward again with a stern look that would have stopped birds flying with no care in the world midair.
Mori pushed it forward—Honey pushed it back. With a frown, it slid forward once again. "I don't want it!" Honey whined.
He paused when there was swift movement; the bigger boy pushed his chair back to rise with Honey. There was no sound as he chopped up one cup cake into fourths and held Honey's face forcefully albeit gently with one hand. Beaming with happiness that Mori decided to feed him, Honey accepted the mint cake.

That I have offered for his downfall?

Hikaru was like a fox that was seeking its revenge for the prey he had soulfully captured yet set foot to escape. In reverse transition however, he could be the fearless hunter in fear that his baby crawled into the hinged of the fox's trap with so very little knowledge of the danger that might become of his heir. The teenager was a fox and a hunter, so very precise and complete with rapid movements—yet at the same time, he was Hikaru. And he was desperate to find his once again lost brother.

The trees he passed waved along with a gush of wind, as if the breeze was the puppet master and the ferny plants were its puppets. The puppets were legendary and performing in a caged arena filled with the blinding beauty of moonlight that shimmered underneath their thorny pores. Even as they waved with beautiful poise that reminded Hikaru of a sadness he had once encountered, the rain had no effect on them. It was so loud; too loud. The leaves that were so wonderfully grown from their youth were moistened from the amounts of liquid. And even then, when the tear drops from heaven were screaming, clashing as they pounded in contact with the Earthly foot-paths, the shadowed trees remained silent. Moving with the wind maybe, but silent.

His angelic brother was always there. He was the trees surrounding the vast, cruel surface. Silent and beautiful and adorned many unforgettable flowers but always there. Hikaru concluded, even though he sometimes could not take the silence, the said sound was what made life worth living. He wondered distantly if on another planet, silence was too noisy. Hikaru regretfully mourned at their loss as his feet padded heavily on the foot-paths alongside the heavy drops of rain. Large accounts of fain that piled up into a wall, and many other walls came crashing down.

Damnit, Hikaru was in such a hurry that he forgot to bring better, understandable coating clothing to wear. His hood shafted jumper was yet a clearly bad tasting piece of trash, scant to wipe your mouth with maybe—it couldn't survive the rain. Despite his soaked hood that covered his face with shelter and shadow, his body parts were drenched in the cries, and his hair felt like it was plastered to his scalp and forehead. He was a complete mess to a beauty so radiant and shining that was Kaoru Hitachiin. How can he have been so blind?

The world was nothing but a stage with actors. A frame with characters. A mouse trap with cheese. A painting with dim white and black men and women with discreet expressions painted on their gloomy faces. The walls would be illuminating which in turn was an insult to the living personnel that allow glowing only on their backs. Hikaru and Kaoru were the actors, the characters, the cheese and the centric. The figures lurked under the doors with shadows so scarce yet demanding and Kaoru was the flicker of light. The burly hostages cracked their knuckles under the pressure and adorn the only heart to wince as their faces dement under the acid drop and Kaoru was the pillow. The mice were ten times stronger and menacing as they got up onto their hind legs and protruded their glowing crimson eyes, and Kaoru was the rat poison in the back of Hikaru's pocket. Around him, the boy had noticed no weight on his shoulders, a clearer mind and a singing tune in his chest—with him, the world seemed lighter; more exotic and exciting. With him, everything around him was so solid instead of flaccid. The trees seemed to be partying, rocking their leaves and swaying their hard hips to the fine blows of wind. Leaves that are piled up are sufficiently happy to be knocked over and trampled over.

Kaoru was that little something that plugged the mound of hell to prevent it from coming over. No, Kaoru was the actual heaven that watched down over him. Kaoru was a large mix of things. Things that consisted a little bit of Hikaru's dirty hands after weeding, the freedom of the fish that Tamaki attempts to trap…a sprinkle of the Autumn leaves that were more than a delight to splash around in—he was full of the captures of the moment when playing in the snow which produced snowmen and snowflakes and the warmest shiver…there was a small amount of the warships they used to watch when they were allowed to and maybe a whole lot of the warm chocolate their own Masao made for them on special occasions-and maybe even a small part consisted of…that perk of the lips their Mother saved for them and them only.

In his mind, he was always second to his brother. Why because; Kaoru was perfection, and everyone is second in comparison to their imperfections. Everyone was second to him, because his baby brother was a winner. In average mind's eye (like those commoners surround) Kaoru was a healthy boy—normal, a good looking beautiful boy. but there is something about him that only Hikaru can see right now, and it has a lot to do with the color that leeches around him, like the auras people sometimes captured, a fast flash halo in a cozy low light.

From ahead, Hikaru can see dozens of couples shaded under the likes of an umbrella which both Hikaru and Kaoru were too unobservant to consider one at the time. Shady, lanky teenagers with their girlfriends obsessed with their own beauty and even an old couple, waiting for the rain to dim on a bench that was domed by a shop latch centric. Frantic, Hikaru keeps moving forward, about ready to leap onto the next person and clutch onto those winter-clothing into his clasp, hoping that it might be his brother.

Panting and doubling over, Hikaru takes a thirty second rest before spreading his sight on the expanse of a very familiar outdoor lying bench. He shut his eyes as he remembered that splinter he got on his finger from leaning onto it—the stiffness of his back when he woke up and the pain that was synchronized with what seemed like his heartbeat as he still carried the burden of not knowing what had happened to his brother.

Toppling over the bench yet a firm grasp over the top post, he stopped for a moment, his eyes wide and exhausted. "I can't lose you again!" He shouted at nothing in particular.

He began running forward once again, at what seemed like an endless trail full of everything but Kaoru. The cold was finally getting to him and the hood was practically glued on to his soaked scalp. On, the urge had been to stream an endless string of curse words as he finally skidded to stop his footsteps and threw the damned hoodie off of himself. It landed on the muddy grass like some cheap, filthy laundry. Hikaru didn't care; in fact, if he wasn't desperately searching for his brother (who could have collapsed under the rain) the boy would have turned around and stomped on it twice for good measure.

Hikaru's pants were now getting shaky and erratic with a plea poised inside every pained sound. There was nothing but a white shirt underneath that was sticking to his flesh like a baby koala would stick onto its mother.

The coldness was clutching onto Hikaru's porcelain flesh as hard as an eagle would shrink its claws into the prey. Dampness to his head was an understatement, and he started to feel dizzy, a pain shooting through the back of his skull as he wobbled and supported himself onto a rock wall. He found himself next to a stream in which the said rock wall was to prevent anyone from falling. Subconsciously and unwilling, Hikaru followed the direction the water was heading, to the left of him and as he squinted his eyes, he could nearly see the distant background. A few steps closer, his eyes widened as he found a shady figure blackened by his hood and legs dangling over the ledge as he sat on the opposite brick wall, a few paces away, the river separating them.

A tiny fragment of auburn came into view and Hikaru found himself running across the damp mud.

Stumbling a bit, Hikaru tripped over a darkened latch of a tree root. It was so dark, he can barely keep from squinting to find just one source of light to find that figure again. Plummeting into the darkness, Hikaru made a silent shout of alarm as his phone flew out of his pocket to make a small, understanding kaput into the stream of water. After disentangling himself with the tree root, he barely had enough time to check if his phone was alright. It was a stupid piece of technology, nothing but an autumn leaf that had fallen off the big deal; the mother tree.

He edged closer and closer, and his breathing became heavier. "Kaoru!"
I wish I could fly, Kaoru…like you.

The hooded boy's head shot upwards, his eyes brimming with surprise and a loud, voluntary gasp tumbled through his lips. Hikaru had his chest heaving but his eyes were smiling in relief as his mouth gaped open in order to regain his trembling composure. His hands were planted on top of the small rock wall, and there they were—twins staring across at each other, separated by a thick sheet of running water. The younger was sitting on his edge of the wall while the elder was leaning against it, body perched a little bit forward over the surface.

"Kaoru!" He yelled again, his soft flesh almost tearing at how hard he clenched the rocky top of suggested safety. The boy could see Kaoru's hunched over form, seemed unaffected by the rock hard rain that poured down them, and despite the hood large, surprised, beautiful blinking orbs were in Hikaru's view, and additional strands of the shade of hair they shared.

"Hikaru," Kaoru's voice was thick with realization and shock. "What are you doing here?"

"Never mind that!" Hikaru said through gritted teeth as he fought hard against the starving nature of the downing rain. "The rain's pounding through hell! You need to get back here!" The tone of his voice was heavy with desperation and determination, and he cared for nothing now but his brother. The younger boy's mouth trembled, an action that didn't go unnoticed even with the darkness. The both of them had to shout with the intruding sound of the river between them and the rain that was pounding against the concrete.

"Go back to the mansion, Hikaru!" Kaoru helplessly shouted and prayed that he would be heard, prayed that there wouldn't be any shaky quality in his voice that could alert Hikaru of his earlier crying. He thanked God that it was raining. "You'll catch a cold, or even worse, a fever!"

"NO KAORU!" Hikaru replied at the top of his lungs, the muscles in his arms tightening. "I'm not going without you! I can see you shivering, godamnit! And get down from there; you might get hurt!"

"No!" Kaoru said through shaky feel, his tone squelching with suppressed venom. "Leave me alone for once! Just go away!"

Hikaru's eyes widened with hurt at that, but nevertheless he was never one to give up. Especially with his brother at stake. "Kaoru, damnit! Stop being stubborn! Just please, I need you here; you're going to get hurt!"

"GO AWAY!" Kaoru screamed. "Like you'd care if I get hurt anyway! You hurt me every time and it hurts even more to know that you don't even realize you're hurting me!"

"What the hell are you talking about!?" Hikaru screamed back in retaliation, he could feel tears burning at the back of his eyes and his head aloof and dizzy with oncoming sickness he was none at all prepared for.

"Go away, go away!" He pressed forwards, the end of his words transforming into the likes of a dry sob. The ground underneath them was damp and moist and laced with mud and filth that was sloshing onto their clothes. It was the least of their worries now.

"I CARE ABOUT YOU!" Hikaru battled it out, his voice now at the point of screeching and his throat almost in pain. "I CARE ABOUT YOU SO MUCH! WHO THE HELL TOLD YOU I WOULDN'T CARE!?"

Kaoru was almost crying, and the next words were so broken, he felt his own heart getting ripped apart. "YOU DID!" Once again, the end was dipped with uncontrollable sobs.

Hikaru's mouth opened and shook with bemusement and verging onto frustration and at the same time, exasperating depression. Further at the back of his head, it unknowingly scratched up a past conversation between him and Hiroshi, which was a dooming moment to pass it on with.

"Do you love him?"
"Of course."
"But do you
really love him?"
"What do you mean?"

He stared into the breaking face that was his brother, his eyes puffed out and his cheeks rosy if not colorish with a hint of fever coming along. He found the color in Kaoru's eyes that his own had yearned for every single of the day, not coming to a rest until Kaoru was right next to him.


"YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!" Kaoru ventured which Hikaru strayed; attempting to miserably decipher the broken tone that was pelted through the younger's soft lips. "And since when did you care about my wants!?"

There it was again. Hikaru was shocked and somewhat hurt—no stuff it, hurt so much that his brother would think like that. The younger was explaining outside the zone, the outside world—breaking through the chains that bound them together. And while he was screening, the shackles became unstable. It was about to rock back and forth and plunge them to slumber forever and he knew it. Hikaru held back a cry of frustration and inhaled as if sobbing.
"I never stopped caring about you!"

"Yeah!? Well write it on a damned pink paper set and pin it on the bloody confession board!" Kaoru roared. Hikaru's mouth shook open slightly, and his eyes were quivering, as if having revealed something that was inside him. Something that he was so scared about yet now that it was in the open, there seemed like there wasn't any danger. Because with Kaoru, nothing else matters.

" I WOULD!" He yelled back, the volume of the words that rang scorching his throat. And suddenly, he got it. He got everything. That shallow place inside his chest that had been gradually building up was finally brightened. He was never so sure in his life.

Kaoru tightened his grip on the brick separation, his fingers grazing slightly from the sharpness of the rafts. Then his eyes narrowed. "HIKARU, I'M NOT A CHARITY CASE! IF MOCKING MAKES YOUR DAY THEN—"

"BECAUSE YOU'RE THE CAUSE THAT MAKES LIFE WORTH IT!" He continued, and sucked in a deep breath. He managed to keep the same volume throughout his words even though his voice was cackling and his newly risen tears presented themselves and threatened to keep him quivering with his composure. "I don't want to ever be without you, Kaoru…," He said, and focused on a dry sob that was obligating to come out. "I can't even imagine being separated from you! And the thought of it is hideous, truly hideous because you are so beautiful, and you're mine! You're so perfect—you're like a fucking angel!" He didn't even know what he was spouting now, but he needed it. He needed to say it all out loud…he wanted his place to be lost in the strands of Kaoru's hair, just like Hiroshi was lost in Daisuke's.

"I don't want you to be sad, Kaoru…because angels don't have to be. But I want you by my side! Always! We've been together for so long and behind a line, but I don't care about the rules!" He lowered his head and shut his eyes before shooting back up again and reopening them with reclaimed fierceness. "Haruhi said that you're always under my wing, wanting to be free despite the warmth. But she's wrong! You are my wings! You're the one carrying me! I don't care if people think this is ridiculous…because…because-!"

Kaoru's eyes were watering. And at the mention of Haruhi he looked up at him with pleading eyes and a grip of anger. "Hikaru, please! Stop, you don't know how unfair-"

"BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" Hikaru shouted, and Kaoru froze, his eyes widening. He meant it, he meant it with his heart, his mind, everything. This was what he was yearning for every second of the day, like a container of air in an oxygen depraved planet. He was definitely crying now, the tears getting mixed up with the sweat and cold and rain and, "I love you so much that I could die! You fill my world; you are my world! You take my breath away, even when you're gone. Because my chest hurts at the thought of you with someone else. I love you more than a twin should ever love the other-!"

Kaoru gasped through a choked sob, and it wasn't the rain that was dominating the soft flesh of his face anymore. He hastily rose up a shivering arm to wipe at his face where he freely sobbed, and yet stared right into the gaze of the boy that completed his vein work. He was shivering so much, his cheeks failed to accomplish the biggest smile he had ever created. "H-Hikaru…" Another hand made its way up to his face. "I-" Kaoru was so happy, so abused, so overfilled with joy…and he was…falling?

Whatever he was going to say, Hikaru didn't get to hear it. The pricking sensation of the start of illness crept up to his face, and he barely managed to see the moment Kaoru started swaying. Hikaru had barely any time to think when his Kaoru heaved forward and fell into the water. His brother's scream barely registered and due to the thumping that beats in Hikaru's chest, he'd never been so scared in his life.

"Hikaru!" Kaoru was fidgeting in the water and the material of his clothing could only make it more difficult. Hikaru was at a loss of what to do, it was all happening now and it was pouring and Kaoru was falling, and the water was harsh and—

"Kaoru!" Hikaru screamed back, leaning over the wall in attempt to touch Kaoru. "Kaoru, what were you thinking!? Grab my hand!" He scooted forward frantically, his eyes as wide as frying pans and his arm outstretched to offer to Kaoru who was flailing in the water.

"C-cant!" Kaoru gurgled a wad amount of water before spitting it out, his head bobbing upwards and downslide again as he moved for his life in the depths of the river. "Too deep—Hikaru!" Hikaru watched in helpless horror as the soaked red head was pulled underneath the water but in quick succession was pulled up. He knew Kaoru can't keep that up for long enough. Then suddenly, his body started to move with the current.

"Damnit Kaoru!" There wasn't any time for any I-told-you-so's as Hikaru ran downstream, following Kaoru as he was dragged by the water. The younger was gasping out and spitting out liquid and was drenched and pulled down and tossed around, almost abused. Hikaru shut his eyes and cursed to himself as his legs started to burn. It was a crazy idea, but he jumped atop the brick intrusion, and dived within four meters to meet with his brother. Kaoru was true, the depth took more place than his and Kaoru's height altogether and the water that filled his ears prevented him from hearing Kaoru's screams of alarm.

"Hikaru! Hikaru, are you insane!?" Kaoru took a hold of his brother's broad shoulders, gripping them tightly before shaking him in the water, both sets of legs kicking as hard as they can to stay afloat.

"Am I insane?!" Hikaru screamed in disbelief, his arms going protectively around his brother. "Are you insane!?" He shouted back in rebuttal in an unheard of tone but Kaoru only clenched around him tighter. Hikaru felt his clothes getting drenched and the maybe-contaminated water splash onto his face. The rain was pouring as hard as ever and was almost the down beat of their eligible, damn close separation. But those weren't any of the concern at the moment, his brother was gasping for air, but he was safe in his own arms.

They were both gasping for air, but the new position was more efficient for staying alive as they both held onto each other for support. It was too much irony blocked up in a globe; the water dragging them down but it couldn't. Not for now, because their arms were hooked and they were together. And when they were together, no one can pull them apart. No one, not Haruhi, not girls with the confessions, no one. It was more beautiful than irony.

They were dragged downtown just attempting to stay upwards. There was a strong period in which the only sound was the thumping of the rain until Kaoru interrupted.

"You didn't have to jump after me! You could have been hurt!" He raised his volume amongst the rain.

"The only way to prevent me from doing stupid things like jumping after you is that you'll be quite smart enough not to do a stupid thing in the first place!" There was the back attack.

"It wasn't intentional! It was an accident!"
"Yeah, well, I was telling you to back off before you got hurt and look were you dragged us down!"
"So now you're satisfying yourself with 'I told you so'!?"
"Oh my god, you are so stubborn!"

"Damnit Hikaru, you're the stubborn one!" Kaoru pelted right back, the vile water rising in his throat, making him choke. "Sometimes, I really hate you!"

"I hate you too!"

There was a brief silence in which after that, they both instinctively tightened their arms around each other before bursting into laughter. Luckily, there were no onlookers. Only a bunch of sensitized commoners would clutch onto each other, dive down from the river and laugh themselves silly after having quite the banter. Unfortunately, their laughing interrupted their breathing which made it all the more difficult. They stopped after a while, the smiles bright on their face despite the position they were in.

Gradually, the current slowed and Hikaru set his eyes upon a water entrance in which there were stairs and a surface that led to the town. "There!" Hikaru informed before dragging his twin along the surface of the water, kicking towards the opposite way until their thighs and calves burned. Hikaru gripped the firm grounding of the river entrance and hauled himself upwards, his now heavy clothes dragging himself down. All through doing this, his hand was connected with Kaoru's and as he stood on the finalized floor, he pulled Kaoru right up after him. Kaoru coughed and spluttered and both of them could have looked much better than at the situation at time.

When they both sets of feet settled on thankfully solid ground, their physical connection tightened as Hikaru drew Kaoru forward until breaths mingled together. The downpour gave them a prominent reminder of water but they seemed to have not minded anything yet—but themselves and who was right there next to them.

"Kaoru, I…" Hikaru started before swallowing with a burning throat. "I…did you really…mean what you said before?"

"I-I could never hate you, Hikaru." Kaoru spluttered instantly. Before looking up sheepishly: "Did you mean what you said…before?"

Hikaru shook his head. "No. Of course not, I wouldn't-"

"No," Kaoru gave a one worded reply which was most powerful in a string of lyrics. "I…I meant what you said even before...that,"

"Oh," Hikaru blushed, before his free hand started trailing upwards to rub at his head. "I g-guess, I mean if you—mmph!"

If Hikaru's eyes were wide before, they could never compete to the ones he adorned right now. He found a pair of beautiful, brotherly lips covering his own. His shock was barely even coping before he jumped when sensing a swipe of the tongue against his lips and started to melt against his brother. The elder's eyes gradually drooped before shutting closed tightly. Words were unspoken yet spoken as loudly as the elder's hands made its way to cup the back of Kaoru's skull and rest on his hip while the younger's contently held upon Hikaru's shoulders. And Hikaru started to really kiss back.

And Kaoru was so complete. It was the only lips that fit against other lips; it was two puzzle pieces that filled up the entire board. The rain was tapping against their shoulders and scalp as Hikaru hastily pried those soft lips apart in an almost ravenous manner. Their tongues danced together in sync, playing two parts at the most. The duo broke into the greatest of smiles that protruded inside the initiated kiss. The chains were turning to a shade of the most beautiful of platinum, yet seemed to collapse around them, and didn't even make contact with the tiniest bit of flesh. The world was at its max, the trees were singing softly and the autumn leaves were picked up by the soft breeze of nature. Above them in a slumber era, owls were hooting, united together once again.
Hikaru tastes so good.

And Hikaru thinks to himself, the boy is blinding. He seems to positively glow. The moonlight fingers his hair just right, the darkness pooling in shadows under his cheekbones and by extension drawing quicksilver highlight to his cheeks and the bow of his lovely lips. His eyes are bordered evenly, by long, elegant lashes that murmur ghostly promises of tickling against skin, and the gold of them shines even at night. He can see no edges to the numinous aura which glows around him, and it feels so good, it looks so good. He can't even describe how wonderful it is, and in that instant he knows. He will never forget this. He will never forget Kaoru. He will see him forever, every time he closes his eyes, and he doesn't need to photograph it to preserve it forever because it's there, a part of the chemical frame of his body forever and ever.
Kaoru tastes so good.

Their chests were fully against each other, and there was a small tunnel of entrance to both of the empty hollows of their heart. They gripped against one another and Kaoru filled the emptiness of one, Hikaru filled the emptiness of the other.

Because even in the end, where extreme matters with dealing with people you're too scared to face turns you down, the feeling will always be there in your heart.

"Packed all your things?" Takashi nudged the younger, smaller boy playfully, a hint of a small smile forming on his usually stoic face. The blonde male beamed up at him, in one of the most innocent names or forms in actual.

"Mmhm!" Honey ventured out. On each, delicate little hand was two big bags almost the same size as Mitsukuni's whole waist and upwards. Boarding on an airport was the easy bit, but Mori mused that the little boy would have quite the hard time keeping still on the plane which they were decked on towards now. He pushed both of his luggages and his newly found lover's on the air compartment above them and sat contently next to the younger male, his large hand placed carefully on top of Honey's.

They both buckled their seatbelts and held their breath as they awaited the lady for inspection, and finally, Honey beamed as the captain's voice boomed in the body of the plane, informing the boarders to prepare for lift-off. Takashi always laughed silently to himself at that line. Prepare for lift off. No one was there to give him that warning when the little boy took charge of his life. Yet, he stared down at the boy jumping on his seat; he wouldn't have it any other way.

In the luggage high above them, a brochure awaits, advertising a new dojo that had opened up.
"There's a vomit bag in the front seat," Mori grunted out in attempt to tease his lover. But his eyes shot open as he felt a weight on his shoulders.

Staring down, he smiled in amusement to find Honey already asleep. The plane wasn't even floating mid-air yet. Looks like he won the bet.

It may fade and become broken…

Hiroshi, once again and fairly typically, found himself coming home late from a night shift. Meira had been in all honesty, unfair to him and his colleagues but as always, none of them wanted to protest. There was just something about her sickly sweet face and her sickly sweet voice that lulls them into a false sense of security that was just so…intimidating. Hiroshi sighed, shaking his head-all thoughts about his biased woman boss aside. The rain had held up just as nicely as his homemade cheese cake, meaning it didn't hold up at all. He was dripping wet by the time he entered the living room and closed the door, taking in all the comfy furniture that he relied on in order to relax most of his leisure time.

Sure enough, there was a handsome man all decked out on his favorite couch. Sighing at how tired he was and how much nicer it would be to just collapse and sleep on the floor right there, he set his bags on the dinner table and stared silently at the younger lover in mute impotence. Daisuke just managed to get his whole body fit inside the comfort of the cushions with a peaceful look on his face. Hiroshi never said this to him before, but as Daisuke mocked him about purring in his sleep, there was a small amusement inside his brain that whenever Daisuke was the one that slept, the dignified innocence filtered his cheeky face and surreptitiously, he'd be teasing him of resembling an angel. Whenever he slept of course. Whenever his eyes were peeled wide open, he resembled the exact opposite, but in quite a good way. A devil of all sorts, cheeky but good natured.

It had been a while after the incident, and in all specs of the angel name truth, they weren't going as steady as before it took place. It was worth it though, to see Daisuke attempting to choose his words carefully in order to satisfy kitty. There would be an often intense glare that situated across the both of them, each despising the way the other sat on the bench or drank some milk at the kitchen. Sometimes, they hated each other. But even then…

The man smiled gently to himself as he took in the handsome features of Daisuke's carefully chiseled, pampered face. Unable to resist, shivering hands made its way to creep up the fold of the sofa and the male bent down at the waist to present a small kiss to the sleeping Daisuke's soft forehead.

Yet, he almost squealed as he felt two tight grips on each of his wrists and his body tumbled down by a great tug, his smaller frame landing on the hard body of Daisuke's who was now resembling a half angel, half demon. Daisuke's body heat on his shivering physique comforted him to the point of blacking out right then, but the feeble raindrops that still drenched his clothing protested. Enough of this, he needed to shower.

Slowly rising, Hiroshi took the opportunity to untangle himself from Daisuke, performing the dullest of all scowls. "Daisuke, I need to shower. Look how I wet I am,"

The elder gasped as he was pulled down again as if he was just a rag doll. "Daisu-'

"Just sleep." Came the soft, grunted out reply, and Hiroshi shivered in a warm kind of way as those strong arms held him gently and was firmly pressed against his lover's warm body. Not that he minded at all, in fact.

And somehow, looking at his partner's face which seemed to be speaking of slumber while holding him, Hiroshi managed to embrace the bigger man right back, like answering a question. For some unknown, peculiar reason, the peaceful, aloof emotion that drew his attention back spoke in different ways, yet all seeming one thing. He wasn't only a rag doll.

And everything was going to be okay.

But it can never die.

"Ah! Sorry, young miss!"

The young man was so eager and looked so energetic by first glance that it reminded Ai so much of a helpless dog barking at people that would come close to him but in joy, not in alarm.

Said dark-skinned man had almost toppled her over during his jogging period which kind of struck Ai necessary considering the sweat pants and ear plugs that blasted audible music removed and hung from his loose jacket pocket. She eyed him in a generous case, a soft smile coming to her lips after hearing quite the apology.

"It's nothing, really," She assured him with a wave of her hand, in slight awe for some individual to be running out in this cold weather in London. Especially with no supervision or accompaniment. Maybe it was just different in Japan.

The male swallowed and took in the site of this young beauty, before apprehending himself to speak. "Are you lost, miss?" He said, obviously taking in the heavy bags she adorned and the inappropriate weather clothes that hung limply on her form.

"Actually, I just got directions." Ai nodded at him grateful of the offer.

"Oh," He said somewhat disappointedly.

Ai seemed to pick this up because she grinned. "But if I'm not taking any of your time, I would like some company. Besides, I get lost too easily," She laughed softly after that, a favor enlightening the young man's face. He nodded surely, his iPod now snatched away and clambered up in his back pocket.

"Where did you come from?" He asked, walking alongside her.

"Japan," Ai replied gently. "Nothing big,"
The man raised an amused eyebrow. "Japan is considered quite the big deal,"
In reply she shook her head. "I already prefer it here. My name is Ai, by the way."

"John," He replied smartly. His voice had that carefree feeling towards it but at the same time, it didn't sound unsophisticated like a really fun businessman.

She was staring so intently in mild fascination that she didn't seem to notice a heavy bag slowly falling off her shoulders. John did, however.

"Ah, let me get that!"
"Ow—watch out, John—"

Somehow they had toppled over each other and Ai was close to straddling the poor, confused man. "Ah…" She said somewhat nervously. But the man, easing her discomfort took it upon himself to smile a little. It was indeed a funny situation.

Ai found herself smiling right back.

It stays by your side always and you are infinitely there to choose whether you want to act on its decision or the devil's.

Haruhi breathed in a sheer dollop of bliss. Groceries shopping on the weekends were not suitable to be called leisure's past time, yet it seemed like that way to her. It didn't even balance of the wording of a chore as her father so simply put it and offered for once to do it one time in order to allow her peace and rest. The brunette girl had shaken her head and smiled in amusement, and politely replied that shopping was her peace and rest.

The girl did not forget that look of utter disbelief and bemusement. She also never ceases to forget that Ranka always got his way, no matter how high the stakes and consequences. Carefully placing the bag of nectarines on a weighing device, clicking to herself in satisfaction as the sufficient weight nearly tipped the scale. She hurriedly placed it under her arm to stay on the crimson plated basket that was slung over her shoulder. When she closed her eyes inside this fresh smelling, local supermarket, she would hear the laughs of little children wanting to ride on the trolleys that their parents eagerly pushed with a grin.

If she could just adjust the clearing of her head quite clearly she could hear the pitter patters of the receptionists tapping lightly at the buttons on the counter, and the soft lolling of the refrigerators humming and maybe even the thump-thump of fruits falling by accident, and the callings of her name—wait, what?

"Haruhiiii-!" Ranka was over at the fruits department, waving his hand cheerfully at her, and the bumpy coils of his reddish hair bouncing against his shoulders and feminine attire. "Haruhiii!"

She sighed softly. "What is it?" She said as she picked up a box of strawberries, examining it from the bottom transparent flap.

"Look at this," He pouted so prominently, his upper lip tapped the bottom of his nose base. The cross dresser carelessly scooped up a prickly, well defined fruit the size of the palm that held onto it. "Isn't it fascinating? It looks like something newly shipped from the bounds of America, maybe~" He prodded it one too many times before Haruhi spluttered out, laughing, clutching her sides.

"That's a jackfruit, you weirdo!"

His tone hit him softly and he was slightly pleased at himself for making his little girl laugh once more like she used to. He slowly placed the jackfruit down and accompanied his daughter, an arm securely over her shoulders.

"What's this fruit called? Oooh, it's all pointy-"

As her father rambled on, Haruhi knew she should have been somewhat pissed that one had intruded on her daily basis. Yet she was quite glad that dad went out of his way to walk alongside her, just this once.

Much like life.

It was now or never. How cliché, that line—overly used yet so intimidating to the reader. But for now, Tamaki thought, it was more of an appropriate time to choose it. The Ootori residence smelled of Kyouya, which was more welcoming then it should have been. What he was staring at now was the border line and the prominent designs of an old yet specialized door. A maid informed him that it was equipped with the finest technology and paperwork to get all out of hand. It was a scary thought, absolutely terrifying that he would be here right now, arms rested limply by his sides in front of the entrance to Kyouya's father's office where he himself would be working in right now.

It was time to patch up his relationship with Kyouya. And as much as telling Mr. Ootori would have fried his brain in sheer terror, he would still being doing it even if the sky decided to labor itself across the ground, falling from the terrific height it had set itself upon for millions of years. It was all worth it. This was merely but a spec to his prize.

Kyouya was so perfect, so amazing. Too beautiful to be called a human. If this is what it must be like to treat and ensure the young Ootori as his own, then so be it.

Regardless, it was still pretty scary, for lack of a better description.

But there was a gentle squeeze of his hands, and he turned his head sideways to find Kyouya smiling back at him, side to side and alongside himself. All there, his picture perfect partner with a small smile resembling the melancholy days of an angel himself.

He squeezed Kyouya's hand back. And together they held their breath as Kyouya's father from among the doors addressed the intruders.


Much like a baby brother.

Together, they walked home, entranced in their repeated love confessions that felt like it needed to be said every five seconds while Hikaru's hand was still gripping Kaoru's hand. They walked home, tears in their eyes, and the rain reduced itself to a slight drizzling.

"You realize we performed one of the most scoffed at acts of the century?" Kaoru murmured against his neck.

"What?" Hikaru said gently, a grin tugging at his face as he walked the two of them, managing to head the possible way back to the Hitachiin residence. "Another guy loving a guy, a relation link or a twin loving another twin?"

"No baka," Kaoru said quietly, stifling a yawn. From the events they had just proceeded to swim through (literally) the both of them were exhausted. "We just kissed under the rain. Old people would be barking at us yet,"

Hikaru chuckled at that, holding him closer to his rain soaked body.

From afar, Masao was standing at the door, only barely making out the figures and the silhouettes of two young teenagers holding against one another. He could also point out, he thought as he brought a forefinger and a thumb to pinch the bridge of his nose exasperatedly, that the two were soaked to the bone.

He turned around, solemn yet grim face eyeing the twin servants. "I'll get the mop." He grunted out.


"I love you, Hikaru.."

Lest it stays always beneath the chests of the members of the host club's and stays at this very moment, when Hikaru spoons Kaoru up on the bed, legs locked and arms locked and abdomens locked hotly, like a puzzle with only two pieces and as his eyes go to sleep, he has just enough energy to whisper near Kaoru's ear..,

If there was one thing…that Hiroshi taught me…

it was that…
…even when the one you desire…
…is broken to you…,
…it is you, who decides…
…whether to keep following your feeling…
…or hide it like a pest…just like…

"I love you too, baby brother..,"

A Baby Brother….


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