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Bloody Hikaru...

Kaoru was short from hurling forward, armed with a small knife in his hand and a small, self inflicted cut near his forearm.

Oh god...he's breaking me...

A vast, empty yet torching fire of warmth erupted through the corner of his orbs, and his eyes felt like torment. The tears were gouging his eyes out; taking its territory like Hikaru took his...

Hikaru...that bastard...

There was a murmured wave of whispers that travelled through the transparent faces of the maids before a hushes silence trailed through their humble lips. In their kind eyes held looks of pity, and a mount in order to comfort or at least soothe the sobbing, hurting boy. Kaoru slammed the knife into the table and turned around fiercely to eye Masao who had reserved a noble breed of pity welting into his old, good natured face. Kaoru shook his head disbelievingly, on the verge of breaking down even as the man took one step towards him yet only did so to turn away from his young master, eyes set afoot.

That was bloody it! My brother, he...he ordered the servants to not interfere...

Dispatching his sight from the bloodied, slick surfaced kitchen knife his palm made its way to his blooming face, whisper caressed, swollen cheeks faintly crimson dyed to tell anyone he'd been crying the whole time. He felt a immediate damp splash dominating the region of his fingers, and his face was heating up as little bulbs of liquid poured down from his swollen-red eyes.

It was torture...and Hikaru knew it. He knew that his brother's vulnerability would break him slowly apart, limb from limb and his delicate face on the brink of defeat. He knew that his stubbornness would determine that Kaoru himself was the prey, that it would slowly be leading the younger twin right into his deathly, demonic trap. The elder servants were prodded to separate and left to abide—sauntering to the exit of the kitchen, in hope their master wouldn't catch their pitiable looks. They threaded heavily on his heart, in mishap—their pointy, dangerous needles with delicate fingering and movements connected the holes of the organ together: they were playing mind tricks. They were toying with him, with his heart under the commands of his elder brother, the equivalent of the devil himself.

There was a slamming of the door being swung to the side, making Kaoru jump in all its worth and soon enough, a briskly, mockingly cruel tone of voice was heard and seemed to string a pair of words that hung heavy on his prey's neck.

"Honey, I'm home!" He laughed and laughed.

Kaoru stared right across as the kitchen door tilted to the side instead of being abused like what Kaoru assumed was the front door of their establishment. He heard two footsteps, and his secretive scowling converted into a well-announced death glare that he shot at a blurry figure, incomplete with the moisture of his eyes.

"Aw, don't cry, loser," Hikaru bit out, an evil grin slicing the bit of his damned beautiful lips. "You know I hate it when you cry," He murmured softly, a sinister repetition of silent yells secretly capturing his voice and the pointy edges, leaning closer to touch Kaoru because contact was always needed.

"Get away from me, bastard!" Kaoru flung those arms off of his shoulders, but instead of succeeding in pulling the intruding heat off of him, his chin was tilted upwards by a rough grip and he was staring right into the demon's eyes, swallowing once dryly. He steadied his stance by gripping his captor by the biceps and lowered his view, away from the triumphant, mischievous face.

Then suddenly, Hikaru was leaning closer and closer and hot breath was issued against his neck wherein he shivered in response. Kaoru flinched, unexpected and alarmed as a lone hand came up to grip his left shoulder possessively, and there was a wet trail of Hikaru's hot tongue, pursing up from the back of his ear to his alabaster toned jaw-line. Kaoru was shaking, a wild figurative motion of what people would assume as fear, his eyes shut tight and the thin sheet of skin over his lips almost breaking from the sharpness of his teeth. He's going to break me...

"I win, you lose. You owe me one week of laundry service..," He whispered fiercely.

Kaoru groaned his head flipping to side from side in a disagreement before forcefully pushing Hikaru back playfully. "That's damn unfair; you knew what would happen." He pouted, but it was wavering a little in attempt to conceal a defeated grin.

Hikaru laughed to soften the tension which now seemed to be nonexistent, his carefree strands of auburn hair flinging around as his head bobbed like what would happen in a commercial for special effects. Kaoru concluded that his brother didn't need any special effects. "Well hey, as one insane philosopher once said: only time will tell. How can I know from the first place that cutting up one onion while I was away would make you blubber like a baby? Besides, you called this upon yourself—you shot yourself in your own foot,"

Kaoru brought a hand up subconsciously to wipe at his damp face. "I was not blubbering like a baby, you retard!" He brought his arm back and pounded Hikaru in the chest with his shoulder, making Hikaru successfully satisfy the younger brother with a groan of pain. Though after that, Hikaru took advantage of their newly found positions and wrapped his arms snug and tightly snaked over Kaoru's body frame, forcing the younger into his broad shoulders and toned chest.

"Oi, you-!"

Kaoru got amusingly cut off as he was flipped around and set backwards on Hikaru's chest, so Hikaru was leaning back on the kitchen counter, two arms wrapped around a vulnerable abdomen while Kaoru had to rest with his back pressed into the devil's embrace. "God, you're always the more devious one," Kaoru whined with a petite pout, his arms sneaking out of the trap to rest on the arms surrounding him.

"Don't even try to deny it," Hikaru snorted. "If I recall correctly, Kaoru, when Suki's kitchen on in-channel stated that onions do make you cry and it's not only in cartoons, that's when you jumped up with a dramatic air surround, saying something among the lines of 'I bet if I cut onions I won't cry, because I'm so almighty superior that-'"

"Idiot!" Kaoru growled out, trying to break from Hikaru's sheer force. "I said that Haruhi didn't need goggles when she chopped up onions, then you somehow twisted my words like the devil you are and next thing I know, I'm completing a bet that I don't even remember betting on!" He managed to break free for a second before getting hauled back into those strong arms.

"Who's with idiot?" Hikaru teased as he lowered his mouth to kiss softly behind Kaoru's ear, kissing a few strands along with it. "And you should really be more careful next time, really." The younger male peered upwards as if to question the statement but opened his mouth in recognition when he felt his forearm get lifted up and sighed in content when the small wound above his forearm got entangled with an admonishing kiss. He had accidentally swiped the offending knife a little over his skin, creating that visible wound that was now kitted under the soft lips of his twin brother.

"Well technically," Kaoru pointed out. "The reason why this relationship was created-"
"Was because you were pining after me for a whole seven or eight years give or-"
"I don't recall myself crying while screaming out 'I love you' over a storm?"
"No, but you were crying-"
"Yet you told me you were subconsciously pining after me as well-"
"With a girlfriend?"
"With a girlfriend that you so arsehole-lely ditched, making everyone believe that she didn't deserve you?"

Hikaru blinked once before grinning, prodding at Kaoru's right shoulder with a slim finger cheesily.

A loud sniff was pelted through their bonding moment which snapped Hikaru out of his trance that Kaoru's innocent, beautiful face sinfully caused him to be melted in. He stared at Kaoru, bemused before half groaning half laughing as he turned to the side and tossed the onion into the bin with one shot. Or, that's what he visualized; Kaoru snorted when the onion just tapped the side of it before crumpling onto the floor, a mess now officially made by the existent (the twins assure you) rats.

Once again, a demanding chin was tilted upwards like an obstacle for their brotherly love acts (which seemed more than just realistic now) and gold in molten fire was dressed into four orbs as they melted with each other, all seeming one, all sync, all together. Kaoru's eyes fluttered in a small flower of warmth so lovingly that it filled his stomach with fluff and jumps and spirals. His eyelids lowered and his eyelashes tapped lightly on his cheekbones.

"I really do hate it...when you cry," Hikaru said softly, adjusting his fingers so he could run them down along Kaoru's soft cheeks. As soft as a baby, mother had always said. Maybe even softer—or maybe it was just the right amount to turn Hikaru's limbs to jelly. The smile Kaoru gave him produced worse effect and he knew it.

"That lost all its power because you knew this would make me cry in the first place," Kaoru replied in a joking tone, setting the palm on his face gently aside so he can lean across Hikaru, holding the stead-fast stone of the kitchen counter so their lips met. And it wasn't one of those cheesy sigh-giving moments when one would press their lips to another and hold back everything they would. Or one of those kisses where youths didn't know what to do, so they'd just settle it at that length. It was all they got, all of their fire strength and fuel that lit that irresistible fire in their hearts. It sounded anything but real ground, but that's how they felt whenever kisses were initiated.

When Hikaru's insufferable hand trailed down his spine to rest on his backside, that moment was when Kaoru chose to push him away, a faint blush dabbing at his soft cheeks as Hikaru guffawed cheekily.



Usually, when a club or group of acquaintances stick together for so long, they would arrange and uphold celebrations for occasions. Like two year anniversaries. Some might hold a glorious party in an estate too rich for blood. Commoners might go out to watch a soccer game or stay home and chat, maybe. This ending year, the Ouran High School Host Club decided to spend their time at the beach.

The beach was golden under the cool glint of the warming sun, the sand warm and the barbeque burnt to a crisp, not that anyone was looking after it. Mori, Honey, Kaoru, Hikaru, Haruhi, Tamaki, Kyouya and an added Daisuke and Hiroshi were too busy chatting amongst themselves on supplied blankets and a beach ball getting tossed over their heads while their actions. The shore was coloured with beautiful crystal filling and the sand intruding the water often got overlapped with a large sheet of ocean every time the waves lapped for a bit of dry ground. It didn't seem to bother the hosts that the weather was heated enough to cause unsightly tans as Haruhi would call them.

Honey was splaying in loud 'whees' and 'yays' as his small body draped over the large, built shoulders of his dark boyfriend, his arms above his head as if on a roller-coaster ride, Takashi running alone the water line of the beach.

"Careful, you two!" Haruhi yelled out at them. The two paused and stared at her for one moment. The next thing staged was Honey giggling and bouncing on the sand stream as Haruhi protested rather loudly when she was picked up and set above Mori's shoulders in Honey's previous spot. The club watched, briefly amused as the large kendo student ran faster than usual with Haruhi desperately clinging onto him and Honey running alongside them, laughing and skipping while beckoning them to go faster.

"Hmm," Kaoru and Hikaru perked up interest, their unison hums not even finished as their heads turned sideways slowly to face the shadow king of the host club, both their eyebrows raised in what Kyouya can only hope was constipation. Bad luck, if the perks of their devilish lips didn't say so themselves.

Kyouya who was lying on the beach chair with a notebook set aside on the refreshments table concealed a dangerous flash of threatening eyes with an adjustment of his glasses. Tamaki, on the chair next to Kyouya's was snoring his arse off, a book set on his bare stomach which the twins put there as an experiment—would the ladies would love him more or less with a book-shaped tan on his flawless skin? Hikaru's hypothesis was, hahahahhAHHAHAHHAHAA.

"Yes?" Kyouya asked with a stoic, poker face, his arms gripping tightly on the arm rests of the painted white wooden ledges. Hence, the shadow king.

The twins grinned at him. "We picked up how much fun Mori, Honey and Haruhi are having-"
"—by loosening up—."
"—and being the observant one you are—"
"—we figured that you might have set your eyes on them as well-"

"Your point being?" Kyouya's eyebrow twitched, cutting them both to stop the irritable passing-on-the-sentence-to-your-twin game. He addressed them both like one before he can stop it, to the twin's amusement.

"Oh, I think you know our point," Hikaru rose up with the wind of a devil surrounding his aura. Kyouya didn't even have the time to react before his right wrist was clamped by a deathly grip, the captor being Hikaru.

"You know our point so well," Kaoru nodded in agreement, and he felt an identical grip on his left wrist, the demonic aura now spreading around the three of them like the dangerous plague of the levels.

"Hikaru, Kaoru," He warned slowly, glaring at them both with a glint of an eye. There was a new set of hands that reached up forward to unfasten his glasses from his face in which he whipped his head back to view a grinning Daisuke with the mentioned glasses neatly folded in his two hands. "Really, if you just wanted to—AUGH!" He was yanked forward rudely, and before he could work on his resistance, Mori stepped in the support, lifting up the shadow king by the flanks and tossing him into the water. His alarmed shout was drowned by the last minute as his head was forced down the water.

There was barely five seconds of dying laughter erupting from the twins and Daisuke, and Honey (and the twisted smirk supplied from Mori) before the shadow king rose up, tossing his head to the side to spit a bit of water out. If looks could kill, the host club would be returning home without a set of devilish twins, for they would be reduced to a pile of burnt ashes resting and mingling with the golden sand of the beach.

In the distance, they can see Kyouya's mouth about to open to squeeze in a scary threat, so the twins went ahead and gulped but sighed in relief when the lord chose this moment to wake up.

"Mon Cherie!" Tamaki hollered and the group on the beach jumped in surprise. His arms were flailing over his head and stuck upon his face was the biggest grin anyone could ever register. The blonde pointed almost accusingly at the twins with a laugh. "For once a credit for you two for getting Mummy wet!" Then he made some sort of battle cry, a plea resembling 'I'm coming for you, Kyou-ya!' and jumped right into the water, next to Kyouya and creating a huge wave to dump over the top of the raven head.

There will be more than just eye-twitching from now on. As the sun begun its travelling distance to sink down solemnly, couples joined with couples with the exception of Haruhi smiling good naturedly. She didn't get the girl customer's view with the "lovely" relationships between each member of the host clubs but seeing them all happy and sloshy with their quick exchanges was a little bit...heart-warming. Somewhere around the hills, something mentioned about Arai and a kind face with watermelons sounded and Haruhi shook her head, counting on her father's reassurement thatwith your looks and a snap of the fingers, you'll get boys lining a queue right in front of you! The girl smiled at that.

And at some point nearly this time, a text message was being set. Clipped with a picture of a smiling, elegant nurse with her flowing faint hair tied to her shoulders being held by a tall man with an identical smile and a profound fondness of puppies shared by the both of them.

[1] Subject: Hope you're well
I hope you, Kaoru and the rest of the host club are well. I've just recently heard from Hiroshi and Daisuke that you've finally regained your relationship with Hikaru. Congratulations! You don't know how happy I am for you! You also said a few months ago that giving you a full update every minute was a demand so here I am, reporting from London (which is a beautiful place, actually. Come visit some time!) Yet I admit it's also unfair that while I get to know everything that's happening with you guys, you don't know nothing about my present story. Oh, I'm rambling again, sorry. I have to text the old way, mind you, so I wouldn't be surprised if this took me the whole day. Augh, there I go again wasting text...! Anyway, while new heirs destined for greatness develop, two masterminds are pushed forward into the host club. My dear Kyouya who's helped me out at the hospital of his own has inherited his eldest brother's rightful place and surpassed his own father in ways a youngster like yourself could never ever manage! Same goes for his beautiful relationship with the beautiful blonde. Far is the road to miserableland, I say. Back to my points, I've just learned Haruhi's ambitions and her near-impossible scholarship and Mori and Honey's newly found dojo. I wish you all the best of luck for the future! As for me, I've been promoted, and...Say hi to everyone from me and my boyfriend, John! (:
p.s: You're a legend, Kao.
p.p.s: I miss you all! If you've got the chance to bump into Daisuke and Hiroshi, tell them everything, would ya?
p.p.p.s: Hikaru means radiant. Kaoru means fragrance.

Sent: Ai

It was now nearing sunset and the beach was at its coolest, on the lightest shade of indigo soon to manage, individuals rising up to it's highest like meerkats stretching upwards to meet the day, on an alarm of beauty the fading sun rays were fading, as if it's your last chance to catch them. Kaoru felt like it was one of those cheesy minutes wherein the musical cast in-film were to hold hands as if to be united, and sing some kind of acapella that'd make the viewer's hearts swell. Knowing their group, and their leader of some sort, they might as well actually do it. Darn, his mind was on the bounds of lame comedian art. Kaoru grinned at himself, and he grinned at the sun. There was a glance back to where the others were gathered at, at the highest point of ambience and the warmest part of the beach.

. . .

"'Fellas, and kind sirs, I would like to inform you all that I have just received a text message from our beloved Ai!" Kaoru bellowed at the top of his lungs, his knees at their highest as if marching at his full potent.

Hikaru looked aghast. "A text message, Mr. Hitachiin?"
"Why, yes Mr. Hitachiin!"
"Is this some kind of futuristic technology the devils have performed and mastered?"
"That might indeed be the case," Kaoru replied smartly.
"Well, in that matter, we might need some of these...text messages for ourselves-!"

"Damn it, you two!" Hiroshi laughed. "Just read the text message, and we can establish later on whether you two should each get bonks on the head by our cell-phones or a kick in the ass to send you both into the twenty-first century,"

"Well spoken," Hikaru and Kaoru bowed their heads down in respect.

"And read it aloud!"
Tamaki hollered, almost cutting the twins off. Kaoru cleared his throat in a gentlemanly manner, sitting on the log at campus and a comforting brotherly arm slung over his arched shoulders. The glowing text highlighted his face in the mid-dimming light and the rest of the participants leaned forward. The youngest blonde earnestly locking the youngest raven-head onto his lap like some toy, the aforementioned raven head desperately trying to get out of said lap, the only female lapping at her last bit of ice-cream opposite of two middle-aged men who were leaning on each other which was rudely interrupted when the last two individuals produced a mishap, the Lolita boy tripping over the sand who was caught by his boyfriend, hands on small hips.

The twins had their hands clasped together. Hikaru on the right, Kaoru on the left and their pinkies intertwined especially. And together, they read aloud. Kaoru had every second sentence, of course.

. . .

It was nearing night now. Kaoru had thought of one of the most famous, anonymous litanies of all time for it seemed to fit an occasion rubbing off all of them at the same time. At every end is a new beginning. In some sense, it can only be accurately true if people wouldn't perish. Though human beings are given fair time, and it is their decision to act on their hearts or not. Kaoru will treasure this moment, this time, his dear friends and his brother. Maybe a miscalculation or a dunce might happen right in the middle of his happiness. Yet at least his brother would be there to pick his limp body up with crimson, blood-dyed ribbons. He'll surrender to anything he gives him.

The twin stared up into the lone sky; it was yet at the point of not afternoon nor night yet. It was at that time and space where the sky was as clear as a graved diamond. Yet not a single star was shining in the sky, for it was too early for the orbs to come. The moon was however visible to all eyes like a melted heaven in the sky out of human reach. Somewhere out there, the clouds were stretching to resemble a white sheeted blanket. And the owls would be displaying their shimmering coat under the moonlight. But right here, right now, this was not that night.

"Kaoru, you lousy oaf!" A loud voice snapped Kaoru out of his thoughts and immediately a large grin formed on his handsome face. "Get over here! I just convinced everyone to challenge us a game of ice sissy! Up for horror movie night once again!?"

"Dream on!" Kaoru shouted over his shoulders before turning fully, a smile gracing his features. "I'll be there in a sec, Hikaru! Prepare the queen labelled Ice Sissy for your thick head!"

"Stop dolting around and hurry up! My ball point pen is itching to scrawl that ungodly title against your fore-head!"

Kaoru stifled the last, shovelling his bare foot in the sand once more before reassuring his brother. "Coming, coming!"

Then just as he was about to turn around, a figure stood at beach, having just reappeared from the particles of sand and rock. Kaoru blinked his eyes in disbelief and whipped his head over his shoulder just to see the person more visibly. Gradually, the distant figure which was almost near-silhouette's arm rose up to wave at Kaoru. A grin was pasted on the face of him which made the baby brother smile right back.

A wink was registered and a smile was given, before imaginary Hikaru disappeared. Hopefully for all of eternity.


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