Title: It Only Takes a Moment

Summary: When Beast Boy risks his life to save that of another his world is turned upside down. Friends realize it only takes a moment for your life to change for better or for worse. What does this heroic deed have to do with the caring thoughts and love of another?

Disclaimer: I don't own the Teen Titans.

"It was just an ordinary day in Jump City. The sky was free of clouds and a light breeze blew in between the buildings. People were going about their daily lives, wandering carelessly between the towering structures that loomed high above their heads. The reason? They knew they were safe. They had their own secret weapon. The Teen Titans."

A knock came at the door startling the green changeling who sat at his desk. "Yea?" he called, hurrying to shove his scribbles and notes away in the drawer. The door opened with a slight swoosh as the leader of the team walked through the doorway.

"Beast Boy, you've got a patrol in 20 minutes, get yourself ready to relieve Raven at the south end." The leader stated flatly.

"Yea yea, I know… I've got a clock see?" Beast Boy pointed over to his shelf where a small clock sat, it's screen a bit cracked from the morning snooze poundings it received from its owner. The masked titan nodded and turned to leave, "Good." was all he said before walking out.

Beast Boy sighed, he didn't really care to patrol the city today, in fact he would've been happy to just sit around and work on his comic book. Lately he had begun to write a mini-series based on the titans-of course the others weren't aware and never really paid attention to him doodling on napkins when they went to eat pizza. "Well, time to get going" he said to no one, listening to the sound of his voice. Recently it had deepened just a tad and he had grown a bit taller-Not enough though to outgrow Raven. He was still the shortest titan. The boy grabbed a fresh uniform out of his closet and tossed it on, grabbed his communicator from his desk, and headed out.

The green bird approached the girl floating above him on one of the cities skyscrapers, she was sitting in a lotus position, Meditating as she carefully watched the city below. With a quick caw he morphed back into his human form and sat below her on the rooftop.

"Hey Rae, how goes the patrol?" he asked her, not really interested in the boringness of watching the city but feeling the need to converse with her. The dark girl peeked to where the green boys voice came from. "It's Raven." reprimanded the half demon. A snuff could be heard from the changeling, "The patrol is fine as you can see." she added calmly. She began to descend to his level, sitting next to him on the roof, "Your turn to patrol?" she asked. Beast Boy nodded. The two sat on the roof for a bit in silence, the breeze running through the green boy's messy hair and causing the girls cape to flutter slightly.

He felt his eyes wander from the city to the girl sitting next to him, he slightly wondered why she was still sitting here since she really didn't care to be in his company but he shrugged it off, "Hey Rae," he said, disregarding her earlier comment, "Wanna hear my new joke?" He flashed her a toothy grin. Raven rolled her eyes, "No Beast Boy, I really don't want to hear one of your horrible jokes, I was rather enjoying sitting here in silence." Beast Boy looked at his feet, feeling sort of defeated. The changeling scooted closer to the edge of the building, letting his legs dangle off. "Oh… okay." he mumbled, not really too put off as she rarely listened or enjoyed his jokes.

Beast Boy scratched his head, grinning to himself, "So…. What did Batman say to Robin before they got into the car?" He turned his head, wiggling his eyebrows at Raven, She shook her head, "I told you I don't want to hear your jokes." she was silent for a moment, "…. fine. What did Batman say?" Beast Boy laughed, he knew he got her, "He said… Robin get in the car!" He smiled the biggest cheesiest smile he could muster and waited for that small smirk she was known to give. "That was stupid." came instead, he merely shrugged. "Rae, you just need to learn to get a sense of humor!" he told her.

"Oh, I've got a sense of humor Beast Boy…" she replied, "Oh, do you now Raven? I don't think I've seen you do funny." The green boy poked. An odd look was given to him, "You want to see? Fine." The dark girl used her powers to shove him off the building, She stood up to see him failing about only to find his bearings and turn into a butterfly. He flew back up to the top of the building and grabbed on with his front feet, morphing back into a human. A smirk sat on the face of the empath.

"DUDE! That was NOT funny!" he spat out between deep breaths, "You coulda killed me!" As he pulled himself up he felt the building vibrate, "Rae was that you?" He looked to the girl who was starring down below as he clambered back onto the roof. Raven looked at him, "While you're cracking pathetic jokes you've let a criminal get past your view, I'm calling Robin."

At first Beast Boy was confused, he hadn't seen a villain, hadn't smelt a villain, and with his keen hearing hadn't heard a villain. That was not normal. "Raven, I don't see anybody down there!" He said to here while he glanced over the side of the building, trying desperately to see something. Instead all he saw was giant patches of the ground shaking and cracking.

Raven pulled up her hood, "Let's go, Robin is on his way." she command, flying ahead of him, He nodded and morphed into a pterodactyl. When he got to the sidewalk the other titans had arrived. Robin took charge, directing his team where to go. "Raven, locate whatever it is and make it seen! We gotta take this thing DOWN." He yelled, throwing a finger in the direction of the thing. The empath nodded and flew after the growing sidewalk cracks. Cyborg was firing his arm cannon in random directions to try to get a hit, and Starfire was getting civilians out of the way. The green titan felt sort of lost, but figured he'd make himself useful. "Robin! I'll try to find the vibrations of it with my feet!" he called, morphing into an elephant. The leader just ran past with a nod and a quick flick of his bo-staff in the direction of Starfire.

The odd scene of four titans and a giant green elephant chasing after nothing would be rather amusing, had it been acting. But this was their real life. The giant mammal stood still, concentrating on the ground, He could feel small vibrations but nothing noteworthy. He morphed back into a human to find Raven had located the source of their invisible attacker. Cinderblock, with some strange cloaking device. Seeing the villain come into view gave him an advantage, the others were doing their jobs and he was going to do his. "RHINO COMING THROUGH!" he exclaimed before turning into a rhino and charging the massive stone creature. With a powerful crash Beast Boy had sent Cinderblock flying into a towering apartment complexes lobby, causing the occupants above to scream. The brick-brained monster merely got up and ran towards the titans.

Raven gave the green changeling a glare, "Look what you've done! We need to get them down." she spat at him, flying over to retrieve the people who were now trapped in the upper levels of their house. Cyborg, Robin, and Starfire had engaged in taking down Cinderblock while the green boy joined Raven in their task to free people. When all but a few remained he turned to see the others had detained their stoned enemy and were waiting for the Jump City PD to take him away. Something was off though. He didn't know what it was, but he could feel it. In the pit of his stomach he could feel panic rising. Quickly, Beast Boy turned into an elephant again, trying to feel for more vibrations. "Nothing…. Nothing… THERE!" Within seconds he could feel panic turn to fear as he looked to see exactly what was happening, Before his green eyes he watched as the apartment building began to collapse. "Raven!" Without hesitation he morphed into his regular form, "RAVEN! LOOK OUT!" He screamed, trying his best to get to her. Distracted, Raven had hold of two citizens, both looking above them in fear as a giant piece of the building was falling.

"Raven, MOVE!". It was the last thing he said. It was as if everything at that moment happened in slow motion. The girl had felt something smash into her side, pushing her out of harms way. The citizens fell to the ground next to her, debris falling around and onto them. A brick from the complex crashed into Ravens leg, however the pain was nothing compared to watching an entire building collapse onto a small green figure…


So this is just a random tidbit of something that's been boiling in my head for a while. I've got a few chapters already written out and finished so I will be uploading those soon :)

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