The sun crept slowly over the horizon as Raven meditated on the previous days adventures. She had never thought in a million years that Beast Boy would've been this secretive about his past. She thought back to the Doom Patrol and how the changeling had said it was just something he "did once". How you could feel the tension between him and Mento when they were together.

She thought about the people in his mind and the place that he had created inside there. The dark girls mind was somewhat similar in that they had both revolved around places that represented themselves well, hers a dark mystical place and his... deep jungles filled with mystery and adventures. It fit him perfectly.

Her alarm went off, letting her know it was 8 a.m. She waved her hand slightly, using her powers to turn the small chirping off. She hadn't slept much but her meditation was somewhat relaxing after everything that had transpired and with her new found energy she set off to the medical bay, hoping for some better news.

When she arrived the others were sitting around, talking about the police report that was filed and the damage reports from the city. It was the usual except for the addition of Beast Boys incident, nothing had ever happened like that to a titan. Robin had his head resting in his hand, a frustrated look on his masked face, "Ugh, How am I supposed to know how to file an incident report about not taking him to the hospital? He's a titan. We have our own hospital." the leader grunted. Cyborg laughed at the statement, "Since when do we go to hospitals? Those are for regular people... and greenie here definitely isn't normal. Heck, We'd take him to a vet first!" Raven looked around as the others let out a few giggles, remembering the first time they took Beast Boy to the vet. It didn't end very well and it was probably the first and last time the vet would see any of the titans again-or at least that was their hope.

The continuous beeping still rang through the room, making its presence known. Raven flew over to where the changeling laid, resting a hand on his arm. Remembering the searing pain she had felt yesterday she looked a bit closer, trying to look for any clues as to his minds story. After looking for a bit she found exactly what she was looking for, two small scars-perfectly spaced from each other, almost like a snake bite. Raven knew it wasn't from a snake however, it was from the green monkey. A "Hmm" escaped her lips, alerting the others to her close examination, "Raven? What is reason for your hmming and inspection of Beast Boys arm?" she heard Starfire inquire. Slowly setting his arm back against his side she turned to the alien princess, "Oh, just something I was shown while inside his mind. I have a lot to tell you guys but I need to find out more to piece together everything... I'm not sure what we're dealing with." Raven answered truthfully. It was true, she didn't know what was going on or if she was going to find Beast Boy safe in the depths of his own mind or if he had completely vanished into memories. She didn't want to tell his story or secrets without at least a mental allowance from him as it wasn't her story to tell. Looking back at Beast Boy she let a small smile grace her face for a brief second, "Fitting place Beast Boy..." she told him before leaving the room.

As the day went by the dark girl found curiosity getting the better of her. The key she had found was an odd shape and had to go to something that Beast Boy currently owned, the question was what. Raven teleported from her room into his, letting his smell greet her as she entered. Looking to the messy floor she let out a small grumble, "This place is a mess...". A quick chant later she had things off the floor and in places they should be. Clothes were tossed into the hamper (which she didn't know he had), pizza boxes and old candy wrappers were thrown into the garbage, the rug was shaken outside the window, and his bed was made. It wasn't very often she was in his room (who wanted to be in a animal filled garbage pit?) but being in here where he always was helped her feel more connected to him. Looking out the window she realized why he had fought everyone for this room. The view out of his window was perfect. The ocean waves were gently lapping against the skyscraper lined beaches, and the sky shone bright into the room, allowing for her to not need the ceiling lights on. The breeze came in just enough to keep things cool inside his room as well. She smiled, Beast Boy was always watching the sun set from his window and it was just the kind of view that was required to do so.

With the room cleaned to her standards she began to look through his closet, not finding anything the small key would open. The rounded edges and one spoke looked like a luggage key, but there wasn't any luggage that she saw. She looked through his desk again, moving papers to see if there was a small keyhole hidden in the panels like her desk. Nothing. The only place left was under his bed. About a year ago he had removed the bunk beds, settling for the typical full-sized beds. It didn't have anyway to put things underneath however, instead it sat on a box spring with built in drawers. She pulled each one out, finding comics, food, old case files, and CDs all mixed in with them. Nothing that the key would fit in. Defeated, she let out a sigh and plopped down onto his bed. Thunk. A solid sound came from the center of the bed which was odd, seeing as the placement of the drawers wouldn't have met in the center. An idea came to her and she rose off the bed, "Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she chanted, lifting the mattress off it's perch.

Situated perfectly in between the drawers and sides of the beds frame sat an old beat up suitcase. Raven smiled, this was it. With a wave of her hand the suitcase was moved and the bed place gently back in place. A bit of excitement crossed her face, "Didn't think you were this good at hiding things Beast Boy." she told the suitcase. Raven lifted it onto the bed, whatever the contents it was a bit heavy and the handle let out a rusty creaking noise as she held it. She picked the key off of the desk and put it into the small keyhole, "Here goes nothing." she added to no one.

Raven turned the key to the right and was rewarded with the slight clicking sound of the lock. The brown and yellow suitcase sat waiting to be opened. She quickly put the key aside and opened up the old suitcases lid. It smelled musty, but inside was Beast Boys story waiting to be told. There were rolled up newspapers, tickets, the remnants of what looked like a blanket, and a very weathered book. Raven looked at everything for a moment, feeling her emotions excitement, fear, and anticipation for what these things meant to the green boy. Raven gently picked up the old book and set it in her lap, readying herself for whatever mystery it held. "I'm sorry to invade your personal things Beast Boy, but it's the only way I can help you.".

Raven opened up the cover, "The Logan Family" was written neatly on the first page, "This is it...He's a Logan." she thought proudly to herself for the discovery. Over the course of the pages were parts of newspaper clippings from S.T.A.R. Labs, things about his parents research, the birth of Garfield Logan, how he was raised in the jungles of Africa.

"Africa... that explains the jungles." she muttered, while reading through the stories written on the pages. An occasional chuckle could be heard escaping her lips at a small exerpt about Gar getting stuck in the mud with a photo to its left. Turning halfway through the book she turned to a taped-up photo that had been damaged by water. There was a man, a woman, and on top of the mans shoulders was Garfield. The same Garfield she had seen inside Beast Boys mind. She ran a finger over him, "Why didn't you tell us who you were?" she asked him. His parents were world renown scientists who had help cure diseases for all sorts of different countries, in fact, his parents were considered heros to lots of people. She wondered if Cyborgs parents had worked alongside Beast Boys, being they also worked for S.T.A.R., however this brought up more questions, How did Beast Boy become green? Sakutia wasn't curable from what little she knew about the foreign disease. A newspaper clipping further on in the book revealed his parents had saved him, using a new genetic breakthrough between animal and human DNA. His life was saved and the green pigment of his skin was the side effect.

As Raven continued to turn through the pages she began to understand a bit more about their animalistic friend. It seemed he was always getting himself into trouble, and she couldn't help but laugh at the small drawings that were pasted in places. She sat the book down for a minute, looking at the other items in the suitcase. in the corner underneath the blanket was the elephant Beast Boy had in his mind. She gave the ratty thing a small hug, "Oh Beast Boy, I'm sorry we've neglected you. You've always been so interested to learn about us and we haven't spent any time getting to know about you.". She looked back to the book, noticing a few things sticking out at the back. One was a birth certificate, "Garfield Mark Logan born April 22nd" it read. Raven figured he must have been born during his parents research trip. He couldn't have been born in a more fitting place, the stories told just how energetic and adventurous he was as a child. There was a page with things written on it in Swahili, it made her wonder if Beast Boy understood and could speak the language. As far as she knew English was his first language but now she questioned it.

The last thing she came upon was an old newspaper clipping from twelve years ago, the bolded letters brought a small gasp from Ravens lips, "Logan family killed in tragic accident". The clipping went on to say how the families research boat was found in pieces littering the rivers around one of the larger waterfalls in Africa. The bodies were never recovered and their research was left unfinished. Raven pulled the paper off to continue reading on the back side, she was stopped however by two words written on the books page, "I'm sorry." It was hard to make out, but Raven knew it had to be Beast Boys writing. If pain was something that could be felt from the words, she felt it. A tear escaped her eye, making its way onto the small elephant sitting in her lap. All the happiness that shined in the photos and stories in the book was all but a fairy tale with a horrid ending. Something was missing though, How had Beast Boy survived? Did the Doom Patrol find him during a mission? Only Beast Boy would be able to give her those answers, as she didn't feel it was her place to go snooping around to the patrol. "I'm going to find out exactly what happened to you Gar, and bring you back to us..." she vowed.

As she began to place the things back into his suitcase the alarm rang, alerting the team to a new attack on the city...


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