Title: Change of Heart
Author: Britani Gael
Rating: PG-13
Genre: General
Series: Yu-Gi-Oh!

Summary: Yami Bakura wakes up in a strange desert, with scattered memories, no Millenium Ring, and an unconscious Bakura.

Author's Note: Yami Bakura be known as just Yami, because there's no other Yami's around to get him confused with.

Yami Bakura slowly opened his eyes.

He saw nothing but sand.

He sat up, trying to ignore the aches and pains that lingered in every joint in his body. He looked around, and saw that he had been right. He was in the middle of the desert.

How had he gotten here? He couldn't remember.

What had he been doing before he had gotten here? He couldn't remember.

He tried again. What was the last thing he did remember?

Nothing. He got fragment of sensations and sounds, nothing more. It was like someone had taken his memories and shattered them into thousands of irreparable pieces.

Shit. Not good.

His head hurt.

He heard a soft whimper behind him. Turning around, he saw Bakura curled up on the ground behind him, sound asleep.

Sighing with annoyance, he grabbed Bakura's shoulder and shook him sharply, to wake him up. Bakura whimpered again, and curled up tighter.

Yami growled. He did not have time for this.

He shook Bakura again, harder. And again. But the boy refused to wake.

Yami gave up. He surveyed the area they had been dropped into. It was a desert, yes, but like one like any one on Earth. The ground was completely flat in all directions, and was uniformly covered in sand. The sky was gray, bright enough to light the place, though it was not itself lit with any sun or stars.


If they weren't on Earth, they must be somewhere else.

The Shadow Realm.

Yami's eyes dropped down, and then shifted over to Bakura. Neither of them were wearing the Millenium Ring.

Shit, shit shit. Getting better and better.

He started to feel vulnerable out on the sand, like a target. He had no powers, no way to protect himself, and no place to retreat to.

So this is what being mortal felt like. He had forgotten.

He turned back to face Bakura. Bakura was still curled up, and it didn't seem like anything was going to wake him up. Yami wondered how he could possibly be that tired.

Then a thought occurred to him. He frowned.

He scooted closer to Bakura, and then put a hand on his shoulder. He pulled him up into a sitting position, and Bakura's head rolled onto his chest like a ragdoll's.

Yami used his spare hand to hold his head up, and then looked right into his face.

A few emotions flickered briefly across Bakura's face. Amusement. Fear. Anger. Happiness.

Yami let Bakura drop back to the ground. He curled right back up into the fetal position.

Bakura was out cold, but he appeared to be dreaming. The lights were all out, but at least someone was home.

A spell, then. But to what purpose?

He wouldn't figure it standing around out here. He stood up and looked around.

Unfortunately, deserts tend to look the same in all directions. His only chance was to pick a direction to walk in, and hope it was the right one.

And how much time would he have? Did he need to drink, to eat? He was just a spirit, after all. Could he die? He had no idea.

Bakura could. And that would be inconvenient. For more reasons than one.

He looked down on the boy. Bakura certainly couldn't follow along. Yami let out a breath through clenched teeth.

He made his decision based upon two facts.

One, the boy could very well be useful to him. Yami wasn't one to pass up a possibly opportunity when he saw it.

And two, no one was around to see him.

Muttering ancient obscenities under his breath, he bent over and picked up Bakura.

He picked a direction, the one he thought to be the direction he had been facing when he had first woken up. And he started walking.

* * *