Hello readers im here and about to do an Astro boy fic, this well be Astro boy 2003, this is about Astro not having a mother all childrens have their mom, so Dr O'shay got him a mother, but he did not know that she hate robots what well Astro new mother do to him?, i don't own astro boy

In the early morning in a town called Metro city. All of the robots and humans live together where robots aid the humans. And everything was at peace thanks to a certain robot boy who has saved this city from his father Dr. Nagamiya Tenma, now locked in prison for attacking the minister of science. As for the boy who stopped him was his son Tobio, better known by everyone as Astro.

In the home of Dr. O'shay, Astro was sitting in his room looking out the window as he sees a kid walking with his mother, Back when he was a human before his death. Tobio never knew his mother, he only knew his father. He sighs with depression knowing that he never had a mother, so as he walks down the stairs with a look of depression on his face. He notices Dr. O'shay and Zozan in the living room.

Now Zozan was playing with her toys and Dr. O'shay was currently working on something. But that's when he saw Astro coming down the stairs and had a depressed look on his face.

"Something wrong Astro?" Dr. O'shay asked.

"Oh, it's nothing Doctor!" Astro replied in a sad tone.

Dr. O'shay seemed very confused about Astro looking so sad as the robot boy walks into the kitchen with the doctor following him & sits down at the table.

"Astro, will you please tell me what's wrong?" Dr O'shay asked.

Astro wasn't sure about this, so he asks him. "Doctor? Do kids like their mothers?"

This surprised the Doctor as Astro told him about the kids mothers, but know he knew what Astro was sad about as he answers to him. "Yes Astro! All children love there mothers when they're born. And I know you never had a mother, but just your father Tenma!"

Astro lets out a sigh knowing that his father was evil to create him & have him involved with world domination.

"I understand why your sad about not having a mother Astro, but remember you were created by Tenma just before his son Tobio died."

"I know Doctor, but I never had parents. I'm just a robot, and I don't think a human would want me." Astro told the Doctor as he frowned at this.

"That's not true Astro, you have your friends and your sister. They would never leave you alone." Dr. O'shay told him.

"I know, but even a mother has to love their child, but not me." Astro said as he looks down at the ground now feeling really sad.

Dr. O'shay thinks of something as he tells Astro. "Listen, I'll think of something before I have to work." So with that O'shay leaves Astro alone as the robot boy walks back up the stair & into his room so he can have time alone.

Meanwhile at the Minister of Science, Dr. O'shay was in his office working on his work while thinking about Astro wanting a mother, so he thinks about it & decides to get Astro a mother right now. So he picks up the phone & dials a number.

"Hello! I'm calling to find a mother for Astro." Dr. O'shay said on the phone as he knew Astro was in for a big surprise.

In a office a woman that was by the front desk was currently talking to Dr. O'shay about wanting a mother for Astro.

"Okay then, I'll send her right over. Good bye!" The woman said as she hangs up. "Sakura Urashima, Some guy named Dr. O'shay called. Looks like he's got a child just for you.

That's when the woman named Sakura smiles as she asks. "What's the boy's name exactly?"

"I think his name's Astro." The woman said.

"So where should I see him?" Sakura then asked.

"At Dr. O'shay's House, I'm sure you'll be able to see him there." The woman said as she filed her nails.

So with that Sakura nods & walks out the building now on her way to Dr. O'shay's house.

Meanwhile at O'shay house, Astro was in his room still sad and depressed about not having a mother. But then he hears knocking on the front door downstairs as Dr. O'shay answers it. And it was Sakura at the front door.

"Excuse me, are you Dr. Oshay?" Sakura asked.

"Why yes I am, you must be here to meet your new son?" Dr. O'shay said back.

"Yes! May I see him please?" Sakura asked.

"Of course!" Dr. O'shay said as he calls out to Astro from his room. "Astro, come down here and meet your new mother."

Astro's eye opened wide in shock as he starts to smile, then runs down the stairs & once he got downstairs he looks at Sakura with a smile.

But as for Sakura, she frowned a little knowing that her son is a robot as she asks the doctor in a low tone. "Is this my son Dr. O'shay?"

"Yes Miss Urashima! This is Astro, The first boy created by Nagamiya Tenma that has a mind of his own. It is called Kokoro that has a heart, mind, & spirit of the 1st child he ever had." O'shay explained.

Sakura wasn't happy about this at first, but then decides to accept Astro as her son as she walks up to him and says. "Hell Astro! I'm Sakura Urashima, and I'm your new mother."

Astro looked very nervous meeting his new mother as he says. "Hi. I'm Astro!"

Dr. O'shay watches them as Sakura turns to the doctor saying. "If he's going to be my son, Then I will be his mother."

"That's wonderful Miss Urashima, I'm sure you'll be a perfect mother." Dr. O'shay said with delight not knowing what Sakura is thinking of.

"He didn't tell me my son was a robot. And I hate all robots! I'm going to hate this." Sakura said in her thoughts knowing that she's going to stay in Dr. O'shay's house to take care of Astro.

Will look like Astro finally has a mother name Sakura Urashima, what going to happen with Astro as her son. were find out. (R&R)