Leroy Jethro Gibbs isn't a man known for his impulse buying. He always goes into a store knowing just what he wants, whether it's groceries or new undershirts. Today however he smirks when he sees the t-shirt at his local Wal-Mart store. He stops and checks the sizes available, smiling when he finds one that will fit him. Ever since Abby had captured Seamus "the leprechaun" MacGruder last year he's been looking for something that will help him tell Tim that he does love the younger man and more than that, he is happy with the way things turned out between them and needs to show him someway, somehow that he likes the fact that they've exchanged bands.

As for Timothy McGee, he's starting to dread the days ahead. The ones where Abby finds fault with him more than normal as she searches for proof that leprechauns do exist and does everything in her power to find one. She'd almost succeeded last year when she'd kidnapped Seamus MacGruder. Seamus had been dressed for a St. Paddy's Day party at one of the local bars. Abby had kidnapped him and dragged him all the way back to NCIS just to prove to Tim that leprechauns were out there.

Seamus is not a leprechaun, having given up his powers when he'd married his lassie over 50 years ago. Tim however is still a leprechaun. He can feel the green lands of Eire pulling at him, and he knows that Gibbs will start feeling that pull soon too. Not as much as Tim does as he's a true son of the Lord and Lady, but due to their bonds and their bands, the pull of Ireland will soon start to consume them. The only good part about that in Tim's mind is that Jethro doesn't seem to mind going to the Emerald Isle. He's already put in for the team to have that weekend off, not just this year but for the next few years to come. Vance had looked at him a bit strangely, but other than a shake of his head, granted the request for the MCRT's top team to have that time off, no matter what day of the week it fell on.

Over in the land of Eire the Lady Jade sighs as she senses the gateway between worlds starting to open. She wants to visit her son again and verify that he and Gibbs are truly happy with the bonding they experienced last year. Gibbs hadn't seemed overly upset with the bond and the bands, but she knows her son, and she knows he'll be stressing over making the other man choose to live a life with Tim in it permanently. The fact that Gibbs declared his desire in front of Jade hasn't done much to ease Tim's mind and she frowns as she wonders how to open her son's eyes to how much Gibbs does love him.

Up in heaven, a red-haired, green-eyed little girl sighs as she watches over her father and her lepercan. Timothy has done so much to keep her daddy safe over the years and she wants them both to be happy. She wonders what she can do now, how can she make that third wish she's been holding onto all these years.