Chapter 12


The day passes uneventfully enough. The team makes it to Stillwater with little or no consequence. As Jade and Deven are already there, having planned with Jack to show up earlier in the morning than the team, thereby avoiding any questions from Abby. He's able to introduce them as his special guests visiting from Ireland. Ducky of course is delighted to meet such entertaining individuals and they spend much of the afternoon gabbing away in Gaelic.

Fornell and Vance both corner Gibbs and the three men head over to a secluded corner of the yard. From the looks on their faces Gibbs knows that he's in for a private interrogation. As they stand there, Gibbs can feel himself getting impatient and finally asks

"What's on your minds?"

"You sure you really want to go through with this?" Fornell asks bluntly and Gibbs blinks.

Vance nods in agreement. "You ask for time off and then I get an email from Ducky stating that you two are tying the knot. Now I know that something happened last year, that you two are a lot closer than most agents on my teams, and the protectiveness on both of your parts is almost scary. DA/DT aside, when were you two gonna tell me about all this? "

"Wasn't going to Leon. And why do you ask me that Tobias? You really think I'm going to get married again if I wasn't willing to?"

"You did it before, got three ex-wives to prove it." Fornell taunts him and Gibbs sighs.

"It's different this time, Tobias." He states quietly as he stares at a yellow daffodil and remembers the day before. He smiles faintly at the memory of Tim running a daffodil over him. The way Tim had held him when they'd gone to see his mother's grave. The quiet talking by the stream, fishing for their supper and the love making that had preceded it.

"How is it different Gibbs?" Fornell pushes and Gibbs smiles. The smile has both of the other men inhaling as Gibbs states.

"I can talk to him Tobias, I know I love him, because I can actually talk to him and not feel the pain, not feel that sense of loss. It's hard to explain, but there ya go."

Vance puts a hand on Gibbs shoulder. "You just better not hurt him Gibbs. I don't know what exactly happened all those years ago between you and Shepherd but if you hurt McGee, if I get any sense of something wrong, I won't hesitate to do a transfer and this time it might actually be you."


When it comes time for the actual wedding ceremony, Jade and Deven bring out their surprise. The special order from Jack, green and blue dresses or tuxedos for most of the guests and a kilt for Captain Ducky who smiles at the green/blue tartan pattern.

Vance looks at Gibbs who shrugs and says, "Magic."

Tim chuckles and Tony narrows his eyes. "You know something Probie. I know you do."

Tim looks at him and smiles serenely. "Hmm, yep, I'm getting married and you're my best man. What more do I need to know?"

Tony puts an arm around his shoulders, "Nothing man, I'm just glad to see you and Gibbs both looking happier than either of you have looked in years."

"Thanks Tony. That means a lot coming from you." Tim admits quietly and Tony pats his shoulder.

"Come on Probie. Let's get you married. How in the heck did they manage to build a boat that you could actually stand on?"


After the ceremony, and the men saying their "I do's."

It's the one thing that most of the team doubted they'd ever see. Gibbs dancing and not just any dancing but doing the locomotion and the limbo and finally a version of dancing that none of them save Tim has ever done before. Abby claps her hands as she realizes that it's the Gibbs version of what Tim calls "Geek Dancing." (See author notes below) The two men bob their heads and shake their hips, waving their hands in the air as they dance around each other. Gibbs grabs Jackie Vance by the hand and she giggles as she joins in the fun. Tim in response extends a hand to Ziva who smiles at her friend and nods her head. Abby doesn't give Tony or Jimmy a moment to think as she bounces over to them and pulls them to their feet.

Deven and Jade join in, their movements a bit more graceful than the others, almost as if listening to a song that only they can hear.

Fornell turns to Vance, "He's gotta love him, only love would make a man dance like that."

Vance grins, "Yeah but it looks like fun. Come on Fornell, where's your sense of adventure?"

Soon they're all dancing celebrating the day and the commitment that Tim and Gibbs are making to one another. Jack had started to join in the fun, but his hips protested so he settled for tapping his foot, and Ducky comes over to sit beside him on the swing.

"They've made tremendous strides this weekend." Ducky says softly.

Jack nods in agreement, "I couldn't be more proud of either of them. Never thought I'd see the day when Leroy would start dancing again. One more thing I have to thank Timothy for."

Ducky smiles and nods. "Yes, for all their ups and downs, they've come quite a long ways. I'm not sure just what happened to make it all possible, and I'm not precisely certain that I want to know. I'm just glad that it has."



The team along with the Vance's, Abby, Jimmy, Ducky, Fornell and Deven, Jade and Jack gather for breakfast at a local restaurant. They toast their friends who left the night before on their honeymoon. Soon Vance looks at his watch then points at Tony who gathers the NCIS party together for the trip back to DC.

Ducky shakes hands with Jack, offering him a place to stay on the occasions that he might come up and visit his son and Jack immediately takes him up on the offer. Ducky then turns to Deven and Jade and in Gaelic makes them the same offer.

"Thank you, Ducky. We would like that."

"As would I, M'lord, as would I." Ducky murmurs and the other two smile, realizing that the wise old Scotsman has figured out at least part of their secret.


Neither man wants to let the team know that their honeymoon isn't some romantic getaway, opting instead to come back to Gibbs' house. Upon arrival late that Monday night/early Tuesday morning they stow their gear and topple into bed.

Several hours later Gibbs sips at his third cup of coffee, and then looks at the piece of wood in his hands. A small remembered giggle has him dashing down to the basement and when Tim enters the kitchen, he pours his coffee then heads down the stairs and watches as Gibbs finishes up a last minute gift as he's calling it. Gibbs hands Tim his gift who smiles and hugs his husband who hugs him back. Tim then guides Gibbs back to the living room where he places the figurine on the mantle shelf above the fireplace.

"Come back to bed Jethro, we have a honeymoon to celebrate."

As they leave the room, neither man sees the golden/green glow as Kelly claps her hands in delight at her daddy's gift to her lepercan: a little girl holding a bouquet of daffodils and in the middle of the bouquet is a small figure of a leprechaun watching protectively as they proceed down the path of gold.


a/n: For those who are familiar with her story and those who aren't "Geek Dancing" is a wonderful story written by Qzeebrella, who is an author and reviewer on a different site. Thank you my friend for letting me borrow it ^)^

On another note: there is a bit of a smuttier factor that I edited out, if anyone would like to read it, just PM me and I'll let you read it