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[Diary found in the tool shed of the Pond residence]

Umm, Keiko and Coo... Juu... Kyuubey, (that's it!) suggested I write a journal about anything massive, so here goes.

Day One (I'll start after I got my magic, its still a bit surreal)

I still can't believe this is really coming true. Amelia Pond, a magical girl, fighting against the forces of evil and darkness, to protect my fellow human. I'm still getting used to the feeling, so light and free. It's like I've dropped weights that I never knew I was carrying and I can go and fly around, free as a bird. Kyuubey says that that's my talent from my wish, I can "translocate myself rapidly" or some gobbledygook (that's what he said, I didn't understand most of it).

Ooh, but best thing of all, Kyuubey says that once I get home, I'll be able to meet the raggedy doctor again, and then everyone will be able to meet him and he'll be so proud of me, saving people for a job.

I also went on my first witch hunt today. I don't think I've ever been more scared in my life! But Kyuubey says that with my "energy potential" (gobbledygook!) I should be able to fight them easily. He just told me to focus, and I pulled out this little laser thing. And guess what?

It's just like the doctor's!

Day Three

Me and Keiko are going home today, and I can't decide how to feel: Do I want to be sad that I'm leaving Mitakihara (I love, love, loooove this place), or over the moon that the doctor will finally be able to see me. I actually shouldn't really be writing this right now, we're about to get on the plane and Keiko just saying goodbye to her family (clan? horde? army? there's so many of them!) and the line is just stopped, so now I'm waiting and I'm writing this and I hope the security guy by the door really isn't looking at Kyuubey on my shoulder and-

Hey again, on the plane now, Keiko is asleep and Kyuubey is dozing (i think he's asleep) on my lap. It's cool that he's going to be coming with me; to "dispose of the excess energy of the witches" (he talks like such a nerd!), but I'll get to have him as a pet and a friend and it'll be so much fun.

I wonder if he'll like the Doctor?

Day Five

What happened? It was supposed to be perfect, and he... what?

Let me write it down:

I woke up yesterday and had breakfast, that's normal.

I checked my new ring (gorgeous) and Kyuubey says its fine, so no need to run out and find a witch, he says.

Then I waited. It was Saturday yesterday and I decided to read until he arrived, after all, Kyuubey said he'd be here today.

I got to just after lunchtime and then I heard that noise ; that grinding, groaning, beautiful fanfare. I look out the window. There it is! Right in the garden, just like last time, except, you know, upright.

I floated out the window, I'm wearing normal clothes, not my magic ones, I don't know if I should dress up or not. Then I'm at the box, and it's that pretty blue, just the same as the blue on my lasers!

Then he opens the door and he looks confused and he's going on and on about "distortion fields" and "inexplicable energetic attraction pulses" and then he sees me and sort of half grins. I hug him tight, I never want to let go of this. I tell him about everything and he tells me stories about before he met me and they're sooo cooool.

Then he asks me what I've been up to recently, and I smile and I start to tell him about my trip to Japan and he nods when I talk about Mitakihara, he says he's been and he thinks it's lovely too, and then I ask him to close his eyes, I've got a surprise.

He does and I change quickly and tap his nose and he opens his eyes and stares, his jaw actually dropped, just like in cartoons. I started to tell him about how I met Kyuubey (who'd gone out) and how he gave me a wish and magic and how all I have to do is stop evil witches. His face was odd, his mouth was moving but he didn't have anything to say and his eyes were surprised and then curious then a bit sad and then just angry.

He stood up, still angry, but he looked at me and kneeled down and told me to stay safe, and that he'd be back in just a little bit and to wait, but it was weird, his voice sounded like he was scared.

Then he dove into his box and he made the noise and then he was gone again and I was standing there just about to ask if he'd want to meet Keiko and my friends.

I don't get it, but Kyuubey says he'll be back soon and that if I can hope, then I can make anything possible.

Ooh, Kyuubey just sent me a message, he's found a witch and I should go and stop it before it can hurt anyone.

Day Twenty-Eight

Gahhhh, I didn't realise how tiring school and witch hunting could be together. Keiko and I tried out for the netball team together and she was really nice about not being able to meet the Doctor. I told her it'd be fine and that she could see him lots the next time he came to visit.

Gosh, I hope I'll be able to keep up my entries in this, wouldn't want to neglect it after all.

Day Forty-Two

I was doing my patrol (I go on patrol! it's still all so cool, like I'm a super police girl) when Kyuubey diverted me and showed me what it looked like when a witch goes on too long. All those poor people... I don't think I'll ever get the smell out of my hair or my skin or my teeth or even my gem.

I told Kyuubey I would do my patrols twice as often, and that I wouldn't let anyone else suffer this way, because that's what the Doctor would want. Kyuubey seems pleased.

In the end I didn't make the team; the coach said that even though I'm fit enough (yay magic!), I shouldn't be on the team if I can't fit the timetable, which makes sense.

Keiko consoled me, but I told her that I'll be the most supportive friend she could want and that I'll be there whenever she asks. She gave me a hug and told me that she would do the same.

I knew what she was talking about, but I couldn't burden her by telling her about the people. One of us knowing is already more than enough.

Day Ninety-Three

I'm looking back now and it's been three months since I got my powers. I counted it up and I've stopped 17 witches! Kyuubey said that's alot and that I should be proud for doing that on my own. I asked him what he meant by on my own and he tells me that in some cities, there needs to be four or five magical girls all at once to keep the witches down. That sounds scary. I asked if they ever fight, but he told me not to worry, and that in a town as small as Leadworth, I didn't need to worry about that at all.

Still, I have to wonder; what if Keiko had made a wish too? Then we could have been Super Duper Witch Hunters together.

Day One Hundred and Twelve

Mum and Dad talked to me today when I got home from school. They wanted to know why I wasn't doing so well in school anymore and why I always look so tired in the morning. It felt bad to have to lie to them, but I told them that I was just having trouble adjusting to the new course this year, and that I'd bounce back by the time it started to count.

I spent the rest of the afternoon studying, trying to catch up on some of the work that needs to be done, gah, that's meant to be my rest time. I've just gone to bed and I'm just about to slip out. It's a patrol night after all, and I can't skip out on that.

Day One Hundred and Thirty-Five

It's my birthday! My first birthday as a magical girl and I still can't quite get over it.

I had a big party and everyone from class was there and we all played games and had cake and opened presents. Keiko got me the most incredible looking watch, it's an old wind up and has an inlay the same colour as my gem, but no one else knew that. "For your running", she said (that's what I ended up telling my parents I did at night)

Rory came and he got me a proper policeman's hat. I put it on and gave him a hug and he just turned bright red. Jane commented that he matched my hair and everyone laughed.

As a present to myself, I'm taking the week off, and just having me time. Kyuubey says that that should be fine.

I didn't get the one thing I really wanted though, no present in a blue box waiting under the tree for me.

Day One Hundred and Forty-Three

No more me time. The amount of people was worse than last time.

Kyuubey said I'd need to deal with the next village as well, because their girl had gotten too old and had had to retire. It's a bit sad to think that she would have to have lost her magic, but it was nice to think that she wouldn't have to follow our mad schedule 24/7. I asked Kyuubey when girls retire after I cleared out the last witch in the village and he told me that it is unique to each girl, and depends on "your initial potential" as well as your "stability matrix". He told me though, that on average, most girls would get anywhere between two and five years and that there was no way to predict it, so just to make the most of it while I could.

Day Two Hundred

Jeff Angelo, the sporty boy in Keiko's class asked her out today. She said he was so nervous and that he did a weird little dance. But she said yes and when she told me she was almost glowing with happiness and I was so happy for her too, and I was thinking, maybe it'd be a good thing to lose my magic and be able to settle down with somebody. Kyuubey said that this would be a good thing to aspire to.

Day Two Hundred and Seventy-Seven

Weird weird weird. I was on patrol, heading for a witch and then the energy just vanished, like a poof of smoke. Kyuubey said that it was probably another magical girl who's trying to take the village out from under me. But he told me not to worry and that this had happened before and that it always manages to resolve itself well.

Day Three Hundred and Twenty-Six

Almost two months since I learnt about this new girl, we've been sort of dancing around, cos' I want to meet her, but it seems she doesn't want anything to do with me.

Keiko and Jeff are going out to the movies, she asked if I wanted to come, but I told her I had to do something.

Day Three Hundred and Thirty-Eight

I saw her, I'm sure of it. She was just leaving a scene and I caught a glimpse of her:

Long, dark hair pulled into dreadlocks over her shoulders and down her back

A white coat that covered her body, and with an inlay that flourishes around her gem on her neck.

And a big bloody set of six lances almost twice as tall as me, and they all seemed to float around her (like magic, hah)

I will confront this girl, and soon.

Day Three Hundred and Forty

There I was, walking down an alley looking for witches or familiars or something, and there's this flash of magic and a gust of wind and this note drops down and it just says 'This is my town now'. I look around and there's another gust of wind and then there's one of the girl's lances nailing me to the wall.

By my small -bloody- intestine.

She had evidently found me first. Once the lance disappeared, I fell on the ground. I tellya, intestinal injuries plus falls of any kind are decidedly unpleasant when you mix them.

And I wasn't even in my magical clothes so no armour, and I had to just lie there as my intestines slowly pulled themselves back into place. Once I could move again, I cleaned my gem with a spare seed I was carrying. I was just about to go home when I noticed how much of my... blood was on my clothes (let's just say that that shirt wasn't white anymore). Mum and Dad would have asked too many questions, so I called Keiko. I explained what had happened and asked if I could stay at her place while I got the blood out of my shirt.

Then she mentioned that Jeff was at her place and that he wouldn't know about what was going on and would freak out. I felt sad as I told her I understood and started heading home. I realised that with the hole in my shirt, I might as well just bin it. So when I got home, I dumped it at the bottom of the rubbish and ran up to my room and put on another one just as Mum came in.

She didn't notice a thing.

As she left I thought of Keiko and how we had always promised to be there for each other. It didn't count as breaking a promise if she had someone else to look out for, right?

Day Three Hundred and Sixty-Five

One whole year.

Almost 60 witches.

Three hundred and sixty five days since I made my contract and they seem to have gone so fast, all just disappearing into a blur of sleeplessness and witch hunting.

One thing that I did, I cornered the other girl, her name is Eleanor. When I spoke to her (after she tried to stab me again) we ended up becoming pretty good friends (she did apologise for stabbing me that time). She said that we've been hunting for about the same amount of time we actually have alot in common.

We even managed to work out a schedule so that we could alternate the patrols between us, giving both of us more free time (free time, what is this?) which it'll be nice to have finally.

Maybe I can even make friends again.

[Pages missing, this entry single out]

Day Five Hundred

I turn 14 today! Elly told me that she would cover this week, as a gift to me, which I needed beyond words, but she still came to my party, which was just a little get-together with Keiko and Elly and a few other friends. It was good fun, Keiko got me a bag the exact shade as my gem when its clean (I don't know where she finds a shop with that colour, I certainly can't) and Elly got me the latest Harry Potter book, then she joked about how cool it would be if magic were real. The three of us started laughing so hard, everyone else had to join in too.

Still, I'm waiting up for the man in the blue box, underneath the tree, just for me.

[More pages missing, more than before]

Day Seven Hundred and Thirty

That's two years now.

I've made new friends with my time, and I even took up archery.

Between us, me and Elly probably took down probably 100 witches altogether this year and it feels so good, thinking of all the people we saved.

Keiko and Jeff broke up, I can't really tell what happened, except that they had been having fights and they had another one and it just got worse and worse and they ended up screaming that they hated each other.

She spent so long crying, I don't think I've ever seen anyone that way. But she kept saying to herself; "He's not coming back", over and over. It made me wonder, just privately; was my man ever going to come back?

Day Eight Hundred and Twelve

Elly got a letter today, saying that her brother had died in a piloting accident and asking her to please attend the funeral. She cried too, the same way that Keiko had. While she cried, she told me what her wish had been: Apparently her brother had always loved to fly, but he had never been well enough to make it as a pilot. So when Kyuubey had asked her if she had a wish, she had wished for her brother to be able to become a pilot. She said that the way he died was insulting, as if everything she had done was for nothing.

I hugged her and told her that wasn't true and that she could take as long as she liked and that I would take care of witches and of her while she dealt with it.

Day Eight Hundred and Twenty-One

Elly went missing today. I don't know what she did after the funeral (that was today) at the airfield, but no one saw her leaving the grounds. Everyone was saying she looked like a wreck. I haven't had time to look for her yet, but she's not answering her phone, so I'm going to look around town tomorrow and whenever else I can.

I've told Keiko to keep an eye out as well.

Day Eight Hundred and Forty-Nine

Found a strong witch hiding in the corner of the airfield, so I'm going to rest up before I take it on.

Still no sign of Elly anywhere, except for her phone which was found near where her brother's funeral was. I hope that the boss witch that I've found didn't get to her.

Day Eight Hundred and Fifty

The airfield witch's barrier was off slightly, like it seemed familiar, like something I knew. All of the familiars were these little planes that flew in close and exploded if they could get too close, but when I hit them with my lasers, they just exploded.

The witch (once I got there) was just creepy, and the feeling of the barrier got stronger when I was with the witch. She was riding in this big old, red biplane (like the old war planes), except instead of propellers it had two familiar looking lances nailed to a spinning hub, which cut me when it got close. The witch itself was wearing all this off-white flying gear that looked about as old as the plane it was sitting in, and it fired at me from the two machine guns on the plane.

Except instead of bullets there were more, smaller lances flying at me. I don't remember the last time it took so long to finish off a witch; I must have been in there for three hours, but I got it in the end.

I told Keiko she could stop looking for Elly. I don't know if it was my voice or the way I looked, but she didn't ask questions.

Day Eight Hundred and Sixty-Five

15 years old today.

15 years that Elly will never get to. I didn't have a party this year, what right do I have to celebrate anything. And even if I did have one, I'm too tired to enjoy it, especially because I had to go back to patrolling on my own and every day. She broke her promise, she can't stand with me anymore, and oh god what kind of person does that make me to hold it against her?

Please come back, I don't think I can do this without you.

Day Eight Hundred and Eighty-One

Something happened in school today.

I was just about to go home, when Rory cornered me in the corridor. He's been acting weird for a while now and I guess he must have decided to get it off his chest. He took a deep breath and he asked me out. I looked at him to make sure he was serious (he was) and I told him that I couldn't and that I was too busy.

Then he said that he'd thought I'd have more time now that I didn't have to spend so much of it with Elly, and I told him that I actually had to spend more time, trying to pick up the slack as it were.

Then... then I think he asked what could possibly be so important that I would give up so much of my time just to cover for her as well as taking up so much of my own time.

I just saw red...

When I could see again, Rory was on the ground trying to catch the blood that was dribbling out of his now-crooked nose and looking up at me standing over him through blackening eyes and he was so scared and I realised that I had done that to him.

The nurse took him away and then the teachers shouted at me.

They called his parents and his Mum and then his Dad took turns shouting at me.

Then Mum and Dad came because school had rung them as well and they didn't say anything, just watched me quietly. It was worse than all the shouting put together.

It must've been what he said that made what Elly did sound so pointless and trivial. I didn't realise that I'd felt so strongly towards her.

Please come back, I need you with me, I... I think I love you.

Day Nine hundred and Three

No matter how hard I try, I can't make my gem go any brighter than a sort of dark pink, almost the colour of dried blood. Fine, it suits me perfectly.

The teachers all glare at me, Rory does too but only when he thinks I'm not looking, otherwise he's scared out of his wits at the sight of me. Mum and Dad just stare at me, as if they're looking for some answer to leap out at them. Keiko is really the only one who talks to me anymore, the only one who's seemed to notice that I'm so alone right now.

But she's not her and she can't be.

Does she seriously think she can just jump back and be my closest, dearest friend?

Well she can't, she had her chance before, but she broke her promise and if you can't keep those then you really can't be trusted.

Maybe the Doctor could help, help bring Elly back. I'll write him a letter.

Please come back, there's a man coming who can make it all better. Just come back to me.

Day Nine Hundred and Fifteen

My gem barely shines at all anymore, it's almost entirely black which is perfect.

Keiko broke her promise and abandoned me.

Elly broke her promise and left me to face the world on my own.

The Doctor, the one I wished for and the one I asked for to help me broke his promise and simply disappeared altogether.

I suppose that in the end, everyone is abandoned by anyone they cared about, like Jeff abandoning Keiko or Elly's brother abandoning her.

One last effort, I'm so tired, it's night now, so I'm going down to the apple orchard; it was Elly's favourite place.

Maybe if I wish hard enough, she'll come back.

Please wait for me, I'm going to come to you instead.

[Diary Ends]

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