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Beautiful like a princess

Chapter 1

Stupid Well!

The battle with Naraku was over. The battle has been won. Naraku was completely defeated by Inuyasha and his comrades. The bright Sunlight shone on them as they staggered and limped back to Lady Kaidae's village. (Please help me! I don't know how to spell her name!) Inuyasha had quite a few wounds on his body... Kagome was okay but exhusted from using her spiritual power and energy. Both Miroku and Sango had small cuts that weren't too deep, so they were fine too. Shippou was never involved much in the fight in the first place. Kirara was just tired and needed some decent sleep. Apart from that, everyone was mostly fine. Rin was already asleep on Kohaku's shoulder. And Sesshomaru didn't have any serious wounds, quite similar to Inuyasha. Because there weren't many rooms, Sango and Miroku shared one, Rin, Kohaku, Kagome and Shippou shared another one and Inuyasha and Sesshomaru chose to sleep outside on the trees and stuff, you know.

Ah...Sleep... Yes, sleep was definitely welcomed... Kagome thought as she tucked herself under the blanket and drifted off into a peaceful sleep, for the first time, in like a week when they were getting chased by Naraku. Shippou snuggled next to her and slept like he always has.

As the sun emerged from behind the clouds and casted it's beautiful bright sun rays across the whole village and fields. Kagome awoke to the sound of birds chirpping and the warm sunlight lit on her face. She yawned and sat right up. Shippou who was currently still aslepp on her toppled over and fell down.

"Ow... Good morning Kagome!" Shippou said with a cheerful smile as he rubbed his head gently.

"Opps...Sorry Shippou. I didn't see you there. Let's go outside."


Kagome and Shippou walked outside to see Inuyasha sitting on the fence watching the sky.


"Yeah what Kagome?" Inuyasha turned around to face Kagome.

"Um... I've decided to go back to my world and finish High School before coming back here again... Is that okay?"

"Yeah...I guess so...Well there's really no need for you to be here anymore... Naraku is dead and you can go back to your own living just like before. Be sure to bring me some of that ramen the next time you come..."

"Okay!" Kagome said with a bright smile and with that, she jumped through the well and disappeared. But the world that awaits her on the other side is a totally different world to what Kagome would think as 'her' world...