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Chapter Thirteen: Brand New Eyes

Harry strolled along the streets of Cardiff, one hand holding onto that of his godson and the other linked with Luna's as the blonde woman carried a sleepy Victoire on her hip. Harry had offered ten times (at least) to carry the little girl seeing as he was bigger and stronger than petite and delicate Luna, but the blonde woman had shaken her head each time and assured him she was strong enough to carry her niece.

"Uncle Harry, can we stop and get some ice cream?" Teddy asked with wide amber eyes peering up at him from beneath messy blonde-brown locks. Harry practically melted under the onslaught as Luna and Victoire added their pleading blue eyes to Teddy's amber pair, and sighed as he ruffled his godson's hair.

"Oh, I suppose so," he said in a long-suffering tone, grinning when Teddy and Victoire cheered happily. Luna laughed delightedly and set Victoire on her feet, grabbing hers and Teddy's hands to run ahead of Harry to the nearby ice cream shop. Harry followed at a more sedate pace, a small happy smile on his face which always appeared when he spent time with his godson and eldest niece. It might have been only four months for them, but for him it had been over a year since he last saw them and he had missed them so much.

In the ice cream parlour Harry ignored the disapproving looks he was receiving from some of the middle-aged mothers as he ordered and paid for his and his family's treats, smiling warmly at the elderly man behind the counter before ushering the two children and his sister over to a booth.

"Uncle Harry," Victoire began in her adorable French accent, and Harry felt a faint sense of satisfaction as the eavesdropping mothers looked startled and surprised. They'd likely thought he was hers and Teddy's father and was far too young to have two children their age. "Mama thinks you're a bad in-flu-ence on me and Teddy," she said rather matter-of-factly.

"Teddy and I," Harry corrected absently. Then he registered what she had just said and gaped at her as Luna and Teddy giggled behind their ice cream at his expression. "Wait, what?" he choked out, and Luna patted his back in a mock-consoling manner.

"There, there, Harry," she soothed. "I don't think you're a bad influence on these two little monsters."

"Yeah, but Aunty Fleur thinks you're loopy, so she won't listen if you tell her that," Teddy piped up. Luna giggled.

"She always has," she replied cheerfully. "Isn't that right, brother of mine?"

"Unfortunately," Harry sighed. "You never do anything to disprove her, though."

"Of course not," Luna said dismissively, waving her spoon. "That way she'll always underestimate me."

"What did you do that made your Mama think I'm a bad influence?" Harry asked Victoire, who shrugged innocently. Too innocently... "Victoire Weasley-"

"I coloured her hair pink by accident," Victoire admitted, and Luna and Teddy giggled again.

"Victoire!" Harry was flabbergasted.

"Teddy 'elped!" the little girl said defensively, dropping her 'h' by accident, and Harry's stare turned to the now protesting little boy.

"Theodore Lupin!"

"I only asked Uncle George for the dye!" the little metamorphmagus yelped. "I didn't help her actually do the prank."

"And why isn't your Uncle George getting blamed?" Harry asked, and both children ducked their heads. "Teddy, Victoire, don't make me tickle you," he threatened, and the children eeped before mumbling an answer. "I'm being serious!"

"We might have told Aunty Fleur that we got the idea from you," Teddy admitted.

"You told them you dyed your teacher's hair blue, remember?" Luna piped up, and Harry scowled at her.

"Not helping, Luna," he said flatly. "And that was a complete accident!"

"So was this," Victoire and Teddy chimed, and Harry groaned as he dropped his face into his hands.

"Bill and Fleur are going to kill me," he moaned, and Luna winked at her niece and nephew.

"Don't worry, Uncle Harry! Aunty Fleur and Uncle Bill won't kill you," Teddy piped up brightly.

"Mama will just yell, and Daddy will only maim you like 'e said 'e would to my boyfriend if I got one before I turn thirty!" Victoire added just as brightly. She was far too intelligent for a girl her age. Harry whimpered, and Luna giggled even as she patted his back soothingly.

The various mothers around the store had heard the entire conversation and were hiding their smiles and laughter. The poor young man was being ganged up upon by his elder sister and his niece and nephew for some reason.

"This is payback for going away for so long, isn't it?" Harry whined, and the three with him responded simultaneously.

"Yep!" they said brightly, and Harry groaned as he dropped his face back into his hands. Gods and goddesses save him from the whims of his sister, niece and godson.

"I'm so dead."


"Mobiles, landlines, tin cans with bits of string, everything, absolutely everything. No phones, phones all broken. Hello, anyone there? No, because the phones aren't working!" Ianto said irritably as he threw his hands up in the air, only for the Hub to suddenly echo with the sound of a cellphone ringing. Harry grinned sheepishly as everyone turned and looked at him, and he pulled a phone from his pocket and answered. Ianto looked irritated while Owen just looked smug.

"Hey, Victoire, what's up?" he asked. "Whoa, sweetheart, slow down, I can't understand when you talk that fast. What's wrong?" He listened for a moment longer, face becoming grave. "Just hold on, sweetie, I'll be there as soon as possible, alright? Keep close to Teddy and stay where you are. I'll be right there. Love you, sweetie." He looked back at the others with solemn features as he turned off his phone and put it in his pocket. "I need to get to my niece and godson."

"What happened to them?" Ianto asked with a worried frown – he adored Victoire and Teddy.

"They were with Luna at the bank when it exploded. She shielded them and is unconscious now, but the kids are awake and they're all alive. I need to get them out before they run out of air." Harry was clearly worried, tugging at his hair and frowning as he shifted impatiently on the spot.

"Go, Harry," Ianto urged. "We'll be fine here." Tosh and Owen nodded their agreement, and Harry breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank you, guys," he said gratefully. "I'll be back as soon as I get them back to their parents. Good luck with the sleepers." He raced towards the cog door and left as fast as he could, apparating to the exploded bank as soon as he reached the tourist office.

You must be ready
Look around with brand new eyes
Everything's changing

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