Thundercats belongs to Tobin "Ted" Wolf

Based on the Thunder Cats 2011

Thunder Cats: Affections Across Time

Story summary: When a young woman comes across the legendary sword of Thundera, and looks into the sword's mystical's stone, her world, and life will never be the same. What Does she see thru the Stone? That changed her life?

Chapter 1: Thunderian Dream Girl-while training with Wilykat, Lion-O ends meeting a human girl after she leaves Lion-O sees her in his dreams

Chapter 2: Daughter of the Prophecy-A Modern time high school student ends in third Earth

Chapter 3: From Dusk till Dawn- After a slight run in with Cheetara, Raelyn runs into Lion-O and the Gang

Chapter 4: Till I Forget About You-After spending time with Raelyn, Lion-O finds it hard to forget about Raelyn, but finds it impossible; Raelyn faces the same thing