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Pain was the only thing these people, no monsters, allowed him to feel. He was never once granted happiness of any kind.

He was smart, he was kind to others, he always kept to himself. So why? Why do these monsters take such pleasure in his suffering?

Didn't they know who he was?

He was Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto, son of the late Yondaime Namikaze Minato and his wife Uzumaki Kushina.

It wasn't hard for him to figure out.

He found a letter addressed to him while being held up in the Hokage tower on his sixth birthday. He found the picture of his father standing next to his pregnant mother smiling like no tomorrow. He was of course sad that they were dead, but better that then being abandon like all these other cruel monsters say.

He cherished that picture; hell he even learned about storage seals and made one on his arm to hide the picture along with a tri-prong kunai his father used along with some things about chakra and how to use it.

It was his seventh birthday today, October tenth. The day a child like him should be happy, but even the celebration of his own birth caused him pain.

He just kept thinking when these monsters would stop or would they? Maybe…maybe he could finally get some peace if they killed him. Would his parents want him to give up though? Would they want him to escape his constant pain? Would he be able to see his parents in heaven if he died?

As he felt his breath leave his body and he gasped for air, he felt light headed, he felt his warm blood leave his body.

0 Naruto's mind-scape 0

The sewer that was Naruto's mind was collapsing around the very being blamed for Naruto's misfortune.

The Kyuubi no Kitsune.

Kyuubi stirred from his sleep and looked around, "You have got to be kidding me! What the hell you retard mortals! Like some child could ever be me! That is it, screw that senile old sage, I am done dealing with damn mortals."

The giant fox gained a vulpine smile, "So, you want him gone you damn monkeys? Well then you got it. Let's see how you survive without your precious Uzumaki and one of the last Senju to protect you, hahaha!" laughed the fox as he did something with his power.

0 Back to Naruto 0

People stood back from the body of the 'demon brat' as he began to glow and just as he was just there he vanished.

A large explosion followed the boy's disappearance and killed all that had harmed him that day and it will forever mark the greatest failure in all of Konoha's history.

0 Tokyo, Japan 0

Currently inspector Megure was walking down the hallway of the local hospital with a very pissed off look on his face, following behind him was his good friend Mouri Korogo a private detective and a younger female detective on the force Sato Miwako.

"Which room?" the inspector asked a nurse with a clear edge in his tone and the nurse gave a shaky finger to the room down the hall in the intensive care unit.

The inspector continued walking down the hall as detective Sato gave the nurse a quick thank you to the nurse and Mouri gave a quick whistle as he had not seen his old friend this angry in a while.

The three detectives entered the room to see a young boy with spiky sun-kiss blonde hair, a tanned complexion and six whisker-like marks adoring his face, tripled on each cheek.

The boy who could be no older than seven had an I.V. in his arm, bandages all over his body and a face mask on to help him breath.

Megure's anger was bubbling to the top as his face turning a deep red as he tried to keep his cool.

Miwako just a hand covering her mouth as she wondered who would do such a thing to a child.

And Mouri, well as a father, he wanted to wring someone's neck as to who would stoop so low as to harm a child to such a degree where it was unknown if the child would be a vegetable for the rest of his life.

"Doc, what do you got for me?" Megure asked a chilled tone.

"W-well inspector from what we can tell the boy has an extreme cause of malnourishment, a few broken bones, stab wounds, a large amount of blood loss and that was just what he has right now. From our physical we can tell he has other injures just like these at an earlier time in his life and most of them had healed over without as much as a scar, but the strength of his bones indicates multiple fracture, sprains, and breaks. We had to pump him with sedatives just to get him from flailing around so he wouldn't reopen his wounds, we gave him as much B+ blood as we could to help fix the blood loss, and now we just need to wait and pray the boy makes a recovery." The doctor said as he read off from the chart.

"Is there an empty room or something I can borrow?" the inspector asked in a quiet voice.

"I'm sorry inspector, but all of the rooms are currently filled."

"A shame." The inspector muttered as he needed to release so of his anger.

"Will that be all?" asked the doctor

"Yes." Said the inspector dismissing the doctor

The doctor and nurses in the rushed out giving the detectives some time to talk.

"Sato, what did the officers at the scene find?"

Miwako cleared her throat and began reading the notes she received from the officers that found the boy, "Well sir, the boy was found beaten horrible at the scene and along with two things, a picture and a strange knife of some kind."

"Was the knife used on the boy?"

"No sir, the knife was in perfect condition and had no blood on it."

"And what's on the picture?"

"It seemed to be what I would believe to be the boy's parents, judging by the similar features the male in the picture shares with the boy and a red haired woman well into her pregnancy. There was a message written behind it as well, 'Minato and Kushina happily waiting for their son Naruto to be born.' That was all that was on the boy, sir."

"Thank you, what about the scene? Any evidence of a struggle?"

"No, the boy was most likely dumped at the scene and the beating took place somewhere else."

"Well since the kid is out like a light we can only hope he wakes up soon. Try and see if you can get a BOLO on the two in the picture. Maybe the boy was kidnapped."

"Or abused." Muttered Mouri

Megure looked at his friend and remembered some of the cases they did together early in their careers and how some of them were around child abuse cases…it wasn't a pretty sight, that's for sure.

"Sir." Said Sato as she saluted and left to call the station and gave one last sad look at the boy.

"Takes you back, right?" Mouri said wishing to light a cigarette to calm himself.

"Yea." Megure agreed

"Hee, and I thought we became members of the law to lock the animals who would do this kind of thing up."

"I think you mean me, as you quit." Shot back the inspector

"Yea yea." Said Mouri as he waved his hand at his friend

"Do you think we can find the kids parents?" asked Mouri

"I don't know. I'm hoping we do or they could be dead from whoever did this to the boy." Replied Megure

0 Naruto's mind-scape 0

'So…I'm dead huh?' thought Naruto as he laid, in what looked like a sewer.

'This is heaven. Man Kami needs a new decorator.'

"Be grateful boy as I have given you a chance to live the life you wanted, NOW LEAVE!"Bellowed a voice in the distance of the sewer and Naruto was brought out of his mind.

0 Back in the ICU 0

Detective Sato had returned and sat in the room with her boss and consultant.

30 minutes had passed and Naruto woke up. He looked around as he sharp ocean blue eyes looked around and smell the familiar scent of antiseptic.

He saw three people in the room with him, a large man with a brown hat and coat with a large mustache on his face, a slimmer looking man in a blue suit with slicked back black hair and a smaller mustache them the larger man on his face, and finally a woman with short black hair in a blue jacket and white pants.

His instincts kicked him and told him to run as he did not recognize these people who are usually near him when he wakes up in a hospital.

He shot up from the bed and ran out the door. The occupants in the room were so shocked that he woke up that they final snapped out of it a few seconds later.

"Crap, Sato go look for him, me and Mouri will round up the staff to help out, and be gentle, we don't know how stable he is." Said Megure

"Understood." Relied Miwako as he ran after the boy.

0 with Naruto 0

'Where they hell am I? This isn't Konoha's hospital?' he knew that hospital inside and out, after begin sent their so many times and being denied so many times it was hard not to memorize the places layout.

He found a storage closet and hide in it trying to figure out what was going on, 'How did I get here? Where the hell is here to begin with?'

As he was panicking he didn't notice the female officer behind him till it was too late.

"Here you are!" stated the officer

Naruto turned around and slowly etched to the back of the closet till he had no room left.

"Listen, I am not going to hurt you. Some police officers found you badly hurt and brought you to the hospital. We need to get you back into bed and ask you a few questions about what happened." The female officer calmly stated

Naruto just narrowed his eyes, "Liar, people are always hurting me for no reason. Why should I trust someone I don't even know?" the boy said with venom in his voice

The declaration shocked the detective but she knelt down near the boy, "I'm Sato Miwako, and can I ask your name?" she asked with kindness

Naruto just stared at her for a bit trying to see if she was lying, this was skill he had to learn quickly in order to survive that hell he lived in, "Naruto, Namikaze Uzumaki Naruto." He said with some pride

"Fishcake?" she said with a giggle

"Maelstrom!" Naruto said with his eye twitching

"Oh, sorry, yea it means that too. Well Naruto-kun, do you think you can come with me? The inspector has some questions to ask you about what happened."

Naruto was contemplating this and he didn't see any deception in the lady's eyes so maybe he should, "Fine."

"Come on." Sato said as he stuck out her hand

Naruto just stared at her hand not knowing what to do.

Miwako got a bit of a worried look in her eyes; did he not know to take someone's hand? Didn't his parents do that for him? She leaned closer and took his hand and started to walk back to the room with Naruto in tow.

They arrived in the room a few minutes later and Megure had Mouri tell the staff that boy was found.

Naruto propped himself on to the bed and waited for the officers boss to ask his questions.

"Hello son, I'm Megure Juzo, an inspector from the Police department. You were in some pretty bad shape when we found you kid; can you tell us what happened?" he asked in a kind voice

Naruto thought of what to say, 'Hey, I have no idea where I am. I'm usually beaten four to three times a week and I eat garbage to survive at times or ramen.' "No sir, just that I'm usually beaten a few times a week and all I really know is my name."

Megure's eyes showed some pity with a bit of anger, "Did your parents do this to you?"

"No sir, my…parents died not within an hour of my birth." Naruto said in a voice devoid of emotion

Miwako gasped at that and Mouri just had a frown on his face, 'To see the birth of your child and to be taken away from him so fast after, what a terrible shame.' He thought as he shook his head.

"Did you see who attack you?"

"No, just that there were a lot of them telling me to just die." Naruto said trying to get some sympathy points and it was true.

Megure's mouth became a thin line, "I see. Well son, do you have any other extended family? 'Naruto shook his head' Then were going to have to take you to an orphanage after your released. Hopefully there should be some good people willing to adopt you."

"They would just kick me out like the last one." Naruto muttered

"What?" asked Miwako

"I was kicked out of the orphanage I was in when I was four, something about demons not needing parents."

Each of the adults in the room just thought what kind of monsters did this child live around.

Naruto got out of bed and started to remove his bandages.

"Hey kid, you're still hurt, you can't take them off yet!" Mouri said

Naruto just waved him off, "I heal fast so it's ok."

And just as he said he was healed. That really stumped the adults in the room.

"Well let's just get a doctor to check you out first; it's not that I don't believe you, just better safe than sorry." Said Megure

A few minutes later and a few tests and just as Naruto said he was fine.

"Well lets getting you to that orphanage son, so you can get some sleep."

"Actually inspector since I'm already dealing with Conan, I'm sure I can handle one more at home." Mouri said as he didn't want this kid to be around some strangers even if he was one but he was still a familiar face.

"Actually…I would like to adopt him." said Miwako in a quiet voice

"Eh? You sure Sato." Asked Megure

"Yes, I live alone and I also have a spare room. I actually have always wanted to be a mother." She said with a bit of a blush, she found the boy cute and wished to help him out. Just something about him made her maternal instincts come to the surface.

"Well that's sounds like a plan, how 'bout it son? Do you want detective Sato to adopt you?" asked Megure

Naruto just stared at the woman again, why did she want to help him? Did she pity him? Or was it something else.

"Yea, that sounds great." Naruto said with a smile and not one of his fake ones.

"Oh, can I get my stuff back?" asked Naruto

"The picture? Sure you can."

"The knife too."

"Kid that's a weapon, you know. You could hurt yourself." Mouri said

"It was my dads, he was a…blacksmith that made special thing when he was alive. That was his personal one he made for himself." Naruto lied

"Sure son, Sato will have them for you later when we get it back from the evidence." Megure said, not wanting to part something that belonged to the kids' parents.

"Well Naruto-kun, ready to go?" Sato asked as she placed her hand near him and Naruto took it with a smile.

0 A few days later 0

The next day Naruto had official become Sato Naruto. While he would love his parents, even if he didn't get to know them, he really wanted a family or just a mother.

Miwako and Naruto had started off rough, but they were getting along great. Miwako's best friend Miyamoto Yumi came over a few times to help out. She was mischievous woman with long brown hair and she worked at the police department as a traffic cop.

The first time she saw Naruto, she tackle hugged him claiming he was the cutest thing she had ever seen, he grumbled at her saying he wasn't cute because he was a boy, and she just ignored him and smashed his face in her bosom. She also called him Miwako's secret love child, which said newly mother blushed red and chased her out of the house.

They went clothing shopping for Naruto also.

Naruto was now sporting a white tee-shirt with red flames licking the sleeves and black shorts with red snickers. Of course he got some others cloths but these were his favorite.

Turns out the two both had something majorly in common, they both loved ramen.

Naruto had been register for school at Teitan Elementary.

Naruto was somewhat nervous as he waited to enter the class room with his new teacher, Kobayashi Sumiko.

"Well everyone we have another new student joining our class today, so I hope you will make him feel welcomed." Said the teacher

"Hai Kobayashi-sensei!" said the class

"You can come on in Naruto-kun."

Naruto took a breath and opened the door with bored look on his face and entered.

He walked up to the front and introduced himself, "Sato Naruto, pleased to meet you." He said with a smile and some of the girls had blushes on their faces…were they sick?

Edogawa Conan, or known by a few others as Kudo Shinichi a 17 year old teen genius detective, turned into a 7 year old child by a villainous organization for witnessing a crime, they thought he was dead, but he was now under the guise of Conan trying to figure out a way to be normal again and capture this organization.

He looked at the boy and tried to remember the name, Sato, yes that was that female detective from the police department. He wondered if they were related.

"Naruto-kun why don't you sit next to Ayumi-chan, Ayumi-chan can you raise your hand." Said the female teacher

"Hai, sensei." Said a girl with short brown hair with a yellow band in it, with a pink shirt and white shorts.

Naruto walked up to the girl and gave her a smile, "Hi, I'm Naruto." He said sticking out his hand

The girl giggled with a blush on her face, "I'm Yoshida Ayumi." She said shacking his hand.

After class ended most of the girls in class swarmed around Naruto asking him questions.

Ayumi was pushed aside during this interaction.

"How rude." Huffed Ayumi as she wanted to talk to the new kid also.

'Looks like we have a future playboy in the making.' Thought Conan with a chuckle as he adjusted his glasses.

The detective boys gang round up to him and their new member, a light brown haired girl named Haibara Ai, her true identity though is Miyano Shiho, a scientist that work for the evil organization he's after and the one that developed the drug that turned him into a kid. she had taken the drug as well to escape the organization and now they are working together.

"So…what you think of the new kid?" asked the portly member of the gang named Kojima Genta

"The girls seem to like him a lot." Commented the nerdy looking member named Tsuburaya Mitsuhiko

"Indeed." Muttered Ai as she looked at group swarming the poor boy.

"His name is Sato, do you think he's related to detective Sato?" asked Conan trying to get the ball rolling as he wished to know.

"Ah, your right Conan-kun, he just might be!" Said Ayumi

"Looks like the detective boys have another case!" exclaimed Genta

'It's just one question though.' Though Conan and Ai as they watched the kids get overly excited once again.

"Sorry girls but I have to go home." Naruto said apologetically

"Aw!" said the girls

"I'll see you tomorrow though." Naruto said with another smile and they squealed at him.

'Weird.' Naruto thought as he walked near the door

"Hey Naruto-kun, wait up!" Said Ayumi as she and her friends walked out with Naruto.

"Yes, Ayumi-san?" Naruto asked as he tilted his head to the side

"Well, we were just wondering, since your name is Sato, are you related to Detective Sato?" she said


"Eh! She's your mother!" shouted the three kids as Conan and Ai went wide-eyed, they knew she was only 26 and to have a child at 7 she would at least have been 18,19 years old.

"Well, not really, I'm adopted." He said with no shame, after all finally having a family of his own he would be happy to talk about it.

"Oh." The kids said with some embarrassment

'She seemed to be more of a work oriented woman, didn't think she would want children so early in her career, eh who am I to judge.' Thought Conan with a mental shrug

"Wait a sec, aren't you that Edogawa kid?" Naruto asked pointing at Conan

"Um, yea."

Naruto gave a light laugh as the group walked in the courtyard, "I hear you're a pretty good detective. Kaa-san talks about you sometimes and about how smart you are."

Conan blushed a bit and smiled, "Wow, thanks." Giving a kid like answer

"Hey! Heads up!" shouted one the kids playing soccer in the distance.

The stray ball went flying for Ai's face and Conan was about to kick it away but he was a second slow as Naruto was already there and gave the ball a jump kick and sent it flying it to the goal.

Naruto landed and looked at Ai in concern, "Are you alright Ai-san?"

Everyone was wide-eyed at the shot he just made, Ai came down from her surprise and nodded her head, "Thank you Sato-san."

Naruto just waved her off, "You can call me Naruto."

Ai just gave a small smile, "Very well, Naruto-san."

'That was one hell of a shot.' Thought Conan as he would need his power shoes to hit that hard, how strong was this kid.

"Well I got to get going, see you around guys." Naruto said waving good bye as he ran home.

Naruto used his key and walked into the apartment.

"Ah, Naruto-kun, your home." Said Yumi

"Hey Yumi-nee-san, Kaa-san not home yet huh."

"She should be back in a few minutes or so. The inspector had her filling out some paperwork." She said with a shutter

"Ha, sounds terrible."

"It is! It is!" she said childishly but she got a sly look on her face

"How was your first day?"

"Well it was-"

"I'm home!" said Miwako

"Hey Kaa-san."

"Mou, Miwako, you just ruined Naruto-kun telling about his first day." Yumi said with a pout

"Well good, as now I can hear it. Go on Naruto-kun." Miwako said with a smile as she took off her shoes.

"Well I walked in and introduced myself and all the girls faces were red after that, class was a bit boring, and after school was done all the girls surrounded me asking what I liked to eat and if they could touch my whisker marks, just stuff like that. Oh and I ran into that Conan kid you talked about too, even saved that Ai girl from being hit in the head with a soccer ball. That's about it."

Yumi was just holding in her laughter and Miwako was dealing with a problem she thought she wouldn't have to deal with till he was older.

"Well go clean up and I'll set up dinner, ok." His mom said

"Gotcha ya." Naruto said with a sly salute and dashed to his new room

"Well it seems-"

"Don't even say it." The detective said with a bit of edge in her voice

"We have a little heart breaker on our hands!" Yumi said in a sing-song tone

"Great." Miwako said with a sigh as she rubbed her temple.

"Just wait till puberty." Yumi added with a laugh

Miwako just groaned.


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