Okay, I am just going to say it, RL is a pain and it's coming to me soon. I am entering my last semester of college. So, I'm switching it onto Hiatus instead. Chapters will come out at random, I will only do it when I feel like it, similar to my Kingdom Hearts fic. I just have so much stuff on my plate that some stories such as ROTK are on the back burner and I want to finish up TMON since the Negima series has ended and finish season 2 of TCOM.

You want to know why I'm doing this instead of dropping it? It isn't because I don't love this fic, I love all my fics since I work hard on them. No, thank a reviewer named Komada. Thank this reviewer. Now. He's the reason for me continuing this, he inspired me not to lose my fire for my fics just b/c real life is in the way, 'There are ways to still give it attention, just pace yourself on it instead of running a marathon with it. I can't even tell you how many good stories get ruined by people trying to rush things, you just need to pace yourself with it.' He reminded me that I don't have to give up and I thank him for it.

Did I jump the gun? Maybe. I am just scared I am not going to be able to do this much once I have to graduate, once I get a job and focus on my future. I love writing so much, it just gives me a sense of peace and calm. And in stressing about it, I almost threw away something I took pride in.

Thanks Komada, you rock.