Title: Running On

Author: S J Smith

Rating: K+

Summary: Just another office argument.

Disclaimer: No, no, never, never, nuh-uh-uh.

Notes: Written for the LJ Communities, Fanfic_Bakeoff and Mary_Marshall. The prompts I used were "Lucky" and "Marshall, rattlesnake."

"I was lucky, I tell you," Marshall said, striding into the office, Mary rolling her eyes as she followed him through the door.

"Yeah, lucky," she snapped, "but stupid."

Marshall bridled at that. "Stupid? Stupid how?"

"One," Mary held up a finger as she flung herself into her chair, rolling up to her desk. "You were out in the desert without a weapon."

"I was running a marathon," Marshall said, "I'm not carrying my weapon when I'm running a marathon." He tightened his mouth. "It wouldn't go with my jogging shorts."

"Do I want to know what's going on?" Stan asked, peering out of his office, his eyebrows raised.

"Marshall nearly stepped on a rattlesnake while jogging," Mary snorted.

"Running a marathon, thank you very much," Marshall corrected her.

"Two," Mary said, "You were running a marathon in the desert!" She popped her eyes. "If that isn't a particular brand of stupid, I'm not sure what is!"

Marshall protested. "It was for a good cause!" He turned to Stan, spreading his hands. "Susan B. Koman."

Stan pursed his mouth and nodded. "That is a good cause. Mary, stop teasing Marshall. Marshall, continue doing the marathon thing."

"Thank you," Marshall said.

Mary rolled her eyes again. Men. Mention boobs, and they forget anything else. Still. "Well, at least it's better than you trying to tell me some Billy Jack crap nonsense about snake dancing."

"Actually," Marshall turned to her, "are you aware Tom Laughlin did get bitten by the snake in the movie?"

Groaning, Mary slumped over the desk. Maybe talking about boobs was better, after all.

Note: Billy Jack, for those of you too young to know, is a movie from the 70's with Tom Laughlin as the titular character. During one of the scenes, Billy is in full Native American regalia, dancing around a rattlesnake. The snake does bite, however, prior to filming, the snake was milked of its venom. Mr. Laughlin said in interviews that 'yes, the snake did bite him, yes, it did hurt like an s.o.b.' It seemed like the kind of movie Marshall might appreciate (especially for that bit of trivia), and that Mary would find out about/know in some way or another.