chapter one - Someone Else

Summary - Reid attempts to change who he is, but terribly fails. When his life becomes a living nightmare, Hotch will be there, to help him through, and to help Spencer realize that he's the only one who needs to really accept himself as he truly is.

Okays this chapter has now been edited, and hopefully improved. This chapter is still short, and it doesn't even resemble the others in 'quality' i would say. I've been trying to add more detail and conversations to my chapters.

Spencer Reid was tired. Tired of all the times people would get ticked off by his ramblings. Tired of all the jokes made about him. Tired of people judging him because of his age. But mostly, he was just tired of himself. His geeky self, his awkwardness in social situations, parts of his attire. They were all weird qualities that made him different. He was tired of feeling different from others.

He realized all this, when he thought back to all the times he had been bugged by the rest of the team. Morgan wanted his 5 minutes back. They all wanted their minutes back, after he had wasted their 'precious' time on facts and numbers. The only one who had practically always listened or politely dismissed him was agent Hotchner. The others were blunt, mean, and hurtful.

He wanted a change. He was going to change.

He was in the B.A.U. office, it was 9pm, and they had wrapped up their last case. He and Morgan were sitting, and Prentiss was on her phone. Morgan was wondering how much traffic there was outside, and Reid mentioned the different statistics for traffic on Monday nights, but his statement turned into a long run off. Morgan looked at him with a ridiculed face, and he immediately stopped talking. Spencer snapped.

"Morgan if you don't fucking want to listen to me, then just don't talk to me at all! This is who i am, i'm sorry i can't be normal, i didn't choose who i got to be at birth!" he yelled, as Prentiss hung up her phone and stared in shock. Morgan backed off and raised his arms defensively.

"Whoa kid, Sor-ry! I didn't think you'd be offended." he spoke, but in this moment of time, Reid had gotten the courage to speak up about something that had been deviously bugging him. He was not going to back down.

"Didn't think i'd be offended? Who do you think i am Morgan? I have fucking feelings, I don't tell YOU to shut up, and you guys just ignore me, and make fun of me. Do you really think you're being friendly with me? I know we are co-workers, but haven't we established the friendship status? All of us!" he accused, as he grabbed his messenger bag from the table. At that moment, Hotch walked out of his office, because he had heard the commotion. He looked at an angry Reid, and a defensive Morgan. Reid turned around to face Prentiss.

"You too! You and JJ and Garcia and Rossi. You guys think this is funny! Don't try being friendly." he growled, and rushed out of the B.A.U., ignoring Hotch, who had been calling his name. He got on the elevator, staring at the doors impatiently, waiting for them to open, so that he could get the hell out of the building. He was furious.

He walked over to his car, as his phone rang. Caller I.D. said it was 'Hotch'. He missed the call, as he threw his messenger bag, and sat in. He powered off his phone, and removed the battery. His hands shook as he turned on the car, and headed to a liquor store a block from his apartment. He sighed, and groaned, thinking about the consequences of his argument. He couldn't get fired though. He was just speaking up, and he was a vital part of the team. But.. They didn't want him, did they? Nevertheless, it was his job, and he couldn't risk leaving or getting fired.

After buying two large bottles of two random drinks, he headed home, a block away. He parked his car, and got inside his house. His keys were put on the kitchen table, and he left his messenger bag in his room, while changing into his pajamas. The t.v. was playing cartoons, and he thought, 'why not', as he sat to watch Tom and Jerry. A few minutes later after watching the mouse get chased by the cat, he got up, and grabbed a glass of the drink, bringing the bottle with him. He was never the type of person to drink, but as this called for desperate measures, he gulped it down. He felt the burn in his throat, as he watched the cartoon change to the coyote following the road runner but never succeeding.

After a few more glasses, he felt dizzy and completely drunk. He began to laugh at himself. How pitiful! If he were Morgan, he would be making fun of himself. He took another glass, and watched cartoons. This was so much funner than reading, or thinking about cases, as he was actually enjoying being drunk while watching cartoons. He thought of all the times he wished he weren't a genius, and this was one of them. Tomorrow, he would wear matching socks. He would leave his messenger bag and all its unnecessary contents. He would ruffle up his hair, and forget his geeky sweater vests. 'Yeah, tomorrow i'll be different, they wont be able to recognize me. i wont be their kid genius. just regular Spencer. regular Reid.' he thought, excitedly, as he drank. He leaned back, giggled to himself, and laid down on the couch, turning his phone back on for his morning alarm. Without even bothering to go to the bathroom, turn off the lights or t.v., he closed his eyes. He shook his thoughts multiple times, as his mind finally gave away and he fell asleep.