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Epilogue: Home Again, Home Again...Jiggedy Jig

"Look at that belly, Bella Walker!" Emmett Cullen exclaimed. He rubbed it softly. "It looks like you have a basketball in there."

"Twin basketballs to be exact, my dear man," I grinned at him.

Emmett wiggled his eyebrows. "The other twins are looking mighty fine, too."

"Ignore him," Rosalie whacked him in the head. "We are so happy for you!"

Garrett and I had returned back to Forks to attend Jessica's wedding. Her wedding to Jamie finally was happening. That girl fought hard to resist his charms, but those Walker men made it impossible to do so. I knew better than anyone. I gave my husband a wink where he was talking to my dad. Those two had become great friends. Now that we were moving back to Forks to a house with a yard for these children in my belly, my father liked Garrett even more.

I felt a hand on my shoulder and turned to find Jasper giving me a timid smile. "Take a look at you, pretty. Motherhood suits you."

"Thank you, Jasper." I rubbed my stomach to soothe the flip flopping babies, until he gently took my hand. Jasper and I had found a way to coexist after all the drama that came between us. We weren't close friends anymore, but moving slowly to perhaps being more than associates.

Jasper had met a lovely girl named Heidi, after finally breaking things off finally with Alice. Where Alice disappeared to with that James character I had no clue. I was just happy she was no longer in Forks. Jasper seemed happy with the lack of Alice, too. I think my lack of presence in his life was looked upon differently. There were these moments, like this one, where his gaze was a little too intense and the hold of my hand is a little too tight. I removed my hand from his and said quietly, "I think Jessica needs me."

"Be safe," he said sadly.

I gave him a tiny smile and headed towards Jessica. I put my arm around her. "Are you happy? You look happy."

"We'll there's beer," she teased. "None for you, Momma."

"Guinness is amazing for breast feeding," I pointed to my breasts and wiggled my eyebrows.

Jessica wrinkled her nose. "Gross. I should warn you..."

That's when I heard his voice, bragging about his excellent surgery skills. I turned to see Edward, handsome in a suit. He was talking to a group of men, a glass of Scotch in his hand. He turned and saw me, his eyes lit up until his eyes traveled down to my stomach. He glared at it.

"What is he doing here?" I asked in shock.

Jessica frowned at him. "He's Jamie's pet project. He wants to make him into a real boy."

"Like Pinocchio?"

"Yes, because Edward knows how to lie like no one else," Jessica said with a giggle. "I am surprised his nose isn't growing right this minute."

"Good luck with that. Jamie has his work cut out for him. If Edward doesn't stop sending me roses, Garrett's going to kill him," I admitted. Roses from Edward were delivered everyday on our doorstep in the Bronx. We started donating them to a local church.

Jessica shook her head in amazement. "I hate the guy, but his tenacity is impressive."

"Please tell me he has a date?"

Jacob wrapped his free arm around me; the other arm was attached to his boyfriend, Embry. "No, little mama, Edward is dateless. I just heard Jamie chastising him about being a stalker. A Bella stalker, to be exact."

"Lovely," I said sarcastically.

Speaking of the devil.

"Isabella Cullen, dance with me." Edward stood before with his hand stretched out.

"It's Bella Walker and no thank you, Captain Delusional." I turned to get to Garrett and my dad.

Edward looked sad. "One dance, please."

"Then you'll leave me alone...forever?" I inquired. It would be worth one dance for that.

He smiled and pulled me to the dance floor. "One dance and I'll leave you alone the rest of the day."

It was a slow song. I rolled my eyes. At least my large belly would protect me from him getting too close.

"You can try to pretend to be happy around me," he pleaded. I just looked at Edward like he was crazy. " like the roses?"

"The sisters of The Holy Cross think they are the tops." I saw Garrett looking at us and I mouthed, "Save me."

"They were for you!" Edward exclaimed looking annoyed.

I shrugged, "Roses make me sneeze. You never learned that about me all those years we were married."

"Oh." Edward actually looked embarrassed. "'re moving back to be with me."

"Garrett and I want a nice town for the babies to grow up in. Of course, you're still here so I am wondering how smart this plan is."

"I thought people were lying to me about those," Edward complained looking at my stomach. "Luckily for you, I'll be an excellent step-father. Mother is so excited about babysitting."

I stopped swaying to the stupid music. "You must be nuts!"


I felt strong arms wrap around me. Garrett simply announced, "I am going to dance with my wife now."

"The song isn't over, yet!" Edward was getting irate.

"Goodbye, Edward," Garrett told him, as he danced me away. I saw Jacob and Jamie pull Edward off the dance floor. "I refuse to let that man upset any of my babies. That includes you."

"He's not the type to give up," I explained in exasperation.

Garrett carefully twirled me and pulled me back to him. "Neither am I. You chose me and we are in love. He needs to learn how to deal with it. I love you so much, Sugar Lips."

He pulled me closer, one hand caressing where the babies were using my bladder as a drum and kissed me passionately. That man could still make me weak in the knees.

"Oh my!" I cried happily, as he pulled away. "I really want to take you back to the motel. However, calling me Sugar Lips? You have to be as delusional as Edward to call me that!"

"Damn woman, I'll find a nickname for you yet!"

We continued to dance and kiss, knowing that a lifetime of happiness in this small little town was our future.