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Since languages are so different from one another, some concepts got lost halfway and I found myself basically rewrite the whole story in the process of translation. :(

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The one with the coke

"Drink it." Nami demanded.

Zoro looked at the glass of questionable brownish liquid in front of him and then up to her. "No?"

"Look, I just spent 3 precious minutes out of my life to boil this thing for you. So either you start drinking it, or I'll start screaming so loud that your eardrums will explode." She threatened as she put both her hands on her hips.

"But-"He gave that glass another disgusted look. "Who on earth boils coke?"

"Me. Now be grateful and drink it up already! It's good for your cold, Zoro!"

"I do NOT…"He sneezed in mid-sentence, "…have a cold!"

"Chopper said otherwise."Now she just looked impatient as she tapped her fingers on her hipbone." Come on, Zoro. I'd like to watch you finish it so I can leave this room quick. I don't want your germs to pass onto me!"

"Just leave then. I'll finish it when I want to."

"No, drink it now! It won't be therapeutic if it's cold!" She insisted, pressing the glass into his palm.

"And it won't be coke if it's all warm and…without bubbling!" He looked down in disgust to her "secret cure for cold", as she had referred to it earlier. Just by looking at it he could tell how awful it would taste. It was basically cough syrup, overly-sweet, thick and brown-even Franky would hate it.

"What's that look? Are you telling me that Roronoa Zoro, the soon-to-be greatest swordsman in the world, is afraid of some boiled soft drink? It's not like it's going to poison you, you know."

He glared at her from the corner of his eye. As stirring as her provocation was, he didn't feel like snapping the bait.

"You drink it." he put the glass back into her hand.

"Why should I drink it? I'm not the one who caught a cold!"

"I want you to take a sip, and tell me how it tastes like." Maybe it was the germs getting into his head or something, he just couldn't help being completely unreasonable at the moment.

Nami stared at him for a good minute and surprisedly found that he wasn't joking. She let out a defeated sigh: "You are such a baby when you're sick, you know that?"

She lifted the glass up to her mouth and damped her lips with the liquid in it.

"It tastes fine." She informed him.

He looked at her incredulously and then took the glass back. His eyes fixed on the rim.

"What's the problem NOW?" She just wished he could realize how close she was to lose it.

"You left your lip print. Here." He said, pointing at a tinge of shimmering pink on the glass surface.

"So? Just drink from somewhere else. Or-" She rolled her eyes, feeling slightly offended. "Are you calling me unsanitary?"

"No. Just uh- I never thought you wear lip gloss." He had always assumed her lips were naturally this pink and…perfect.

He guessed he must have been staring at her lips for longer than was appropriate, since she now curved them into a very smug smile.

"What? You want a taste of these too?" she teased, touching her lips enticingly with her index fingertip.

"Maybe. You want my germs?" he was never one who would back down from a challenge- even in teasing.

"No thanks, you are gross." She declined, making a disgusted face. "Just drink the damn thing up so I can go!"

She pretended not to notice when he began to drink the boiled coke from exactly where she had taken her sip moments ago.

"Phfff…" he wrinkled his nose as he put the now empty glass down."I can't believe I just let you convince me to pour this down my throat. It's too damn sweet!"

"Well let's hope at least it'll work-like really really soon, all right?" She shot him a glare of restrained irony. Although a sick Zoro could be rather endearing in some way, she just decided she liked him better when he was healthy.