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I came up with this when writing survivor or die and thought it would be fun to write. The sisters get an amazing gift for killing the source. All their fantasies can come true, what will they be?

This is a fun and fluff story with a lot of interesting imagery.


The sisters are rewarded for killing the source at the end of season 4. They get to go to an Island that lets their fantasies come to life with no consequence. What will they be? Please review.

Hidden fantasies

Chapter 1

Is this legit?

Paige came through the front door of the manner after a long day of work and headed right for the kitchen to get a snack before dinner, but apparently someone else was already starting to nibble.

"Get a cloud," she said as Piper and Leo were kissing. Piper rubbed her nose against Leo's with a giggle and then went back to preparing dinner.

"Hay missy Paige," Piper said while Leo took his coffee to the kitchen table.

"How was work?" he asks.

"I went, I finished and then I almost hurled when I got home," she replied referring to their passionate embrace.

"Good then you will be hungry for later," Piper said and cut up some onion and then sneezed into her forearm while her eyes stung and her nose began to run a little.

"What's wrong?" Phoebe asks as she entered the room seeing tears in Piper's eyes.

"Attack of the onion," Piper replied and tried to finish quickly.

"I don't want to get attack by vegetables, Grams would always make me eat them before I could have dessert, so we are already fierce enemies," Phoebe cheerfully said as she stood next to Paige.

"So what do you guys have planned for the weekend?" Leo asks.

Both Paige and Phoebe looked up in wonderment contemplating the question," I think a movie," Phoebe replied and nodded liking her decision.

"I will probably just veg out," Paige replied and smiled at Phoebe.

"Cute," Phoebe said when a man orbed into the kitchen.

"Or maybe a vacation," he said as everyone was now very alert and Leo almost coughed up his coffee.

"Odin?" Leo asks and stood up straight but seemed very nervous.

"Hello Leo how are you?" Odin asks.

"Good, I'm good yeah good," Leo replied and Piper looked at her normally put together husband as he swung his hands back and forth in front of himself.

"Sorry but who are you?" Piper asks.

"I am an elder and I have a gift for you," he replied.

"Yeah I beware of Greeks bearing gifts," Piper said and Leo gave her a look that was telling her to shut up. "Sorry."

"Its ok don't blame you," he said and put his hands through his robe sleeves.

"What is the gift?" Paige asks curiously.

"A demon free week at a resort so to speak," he replied.

"I like it so far," Phoebe said but Piper was still suspicious.

"What do you mean resort?" Piper asks while still holding the cutting knife firmly in her hand.

"It's the one the whitelighter's and Elder's use on occasion," he replied and Leo smiled wide.

"So we will be surrounded by' and no offense honey' very chipper and correcting people?" Piper asks.

"No you will be alone with each other or completely by yourself. Think of it like a fantasy Island where anything you have ever wanted to do or fantasize about could happen," he replied.

"Oh I don't know if you want to see that," Paige said as her mind was already beginning its imagining.

"We will not see it. Everything is completely private and can only be shared if you wanted to be," he said.

"What about the club and work?" Piper asks still not convinced.

"Time will stand still while you are gone, it will be like you never left when you return," he replied.

"Why?" Phoebe asks just as suspicious as Piper.

"For vanquishing the source and everything you have done for us and the innocence," he replied.

"Count me in," Paige said and he smiled at her seeing her enthusiasm.

"What do you say Piper," Leo asks as he walked over to her.

"I don't know," Piper replied and then Paige folded her arms.

"Listen missy you will not ruin my fantasy," Paige said.

"We could use it," Phoebe chimed in and finally Piper gave into peer pressure and nodded.

"Enjoy yourselves and Leo can answer any questions you may have while you are there," Odin said and with a snap of his fingers they were all standing on a white sandy beach with clear blue water as far as the eye can see. Piper was still holding her knife and the onion smell was replaced with salt water.

"Well I'm glad he gave us time to pack," Piper said while looking around.

"All you have to do is imagine any clothing you want to wear and it will happen," Leo said and put his hand through the sand and let in run between his fingers. Paige decided to give that concept a test and closed her eyes as she imagined a bathing suit.

"Go Paige," Phoebe said noticing the bikini that her baby sister was now wearing.

"I think you need to imagine more material," Piper said as she was seeing way too much of her sister.

"And I think you need to get rid of that knife before you kill all the fun," Paige said and the knife disappeared out of Piper's hand.

"Leo is this legit?" Piper asks.

"Yeah its like a retirement home for Elders and whitelighters before they move on," he replied and could not stop smiling," I've always wanted to come here but this is better, I have you with me," he said and kissed her.

"I think I know what they're fantasy is going to be," Phoebe said as the two separated for a moment." We need a drink and take a moment to let this settle in," she said and looked around the beach for a hotel or something, but there was just beautiful trees. She then closed her eyes and imagined an open bar with stools and looked like one you would see on the beaches of Hawaii. In a puff of white smoke there it was, with the bartender who was also clearly imagine as well and he winked at her.

"Ok this is cool," Paige said and went over and sat down.

"And a little scary," Piper said as she joined her two sisters and Leo at the bar.

"Daiquiri please," Phoebe said and then imagined herself in a comfortable bathing suit with a cover because she was a little chilly, but it was very comfortable.

"Virgin," Paige said.

"Not quite," he said and smiled at her seductively.

"Ewe," Piper said while Leo order a beer and Piper also had a daiquiri.

"This is the best gift ever," Phoebe said as she could not stop smiling. It has been a while since she has felt this happy and relaxed. Even Piper was succumbing to the possibilities and imagines herself in a bathing suit but Leo frowned a little when it was not a bikini.

"They don't need to see the goods," Piper said while drinking some of her drink. Leo was already moving his hands on her leg as his attire changed as well, and now he was just wearing long swimming trunks.

"I am so glad he did not imagine a Speedo," Paige said and shook her head a little.

"Ok Leo how does this work, I mean I'm kind of figuring it out but what are the rules?" Phoebe asks.

"There are none, anything you want you can have with no consequences," he replied.

Piper was lost in thought as she sucked down her daiquiri and the bartender put another one in front of her. There were a lot of things running through her mind at the moment and she hoped none of them would just come to life in front of them. "No one can see what you don't want them to see," Leo continued as he could see a little worry on Piper's face. She relinquished her breath and was thankful for that.

"What time do you get off?" Phoebe asks the very handsome bartender as she used the straw to mix her drink.

"Whenever you want me to," he replied as she was like a schoolgirl with her first crush.

"Not yet I need another," Leo said as he finished his beer.

"Where do we sleep?" Paige asks as there were just trees and this bar.

"You can sleep in a mansion or just on the beach, it's a fantasy Island and you can have anything you want?" Leo replied as they still were having some issues understanding the whole thing. For some reason Dr. Seuss came to Paige's mind and in the distance just along the shoreline a colorful and oddly shaped house appeared in a puff of white smoke. They all looked at the absurd angles and shapes and immediately looked at Paige. "What he is my fav," she said and they all just laughed.

"Ok we go and play but I would like to spend time with you guys as well, so we should meet later tonight for dinner," Piper said.

"I like that but I am kind of hungry now, lets see what do I want," Phoebe said and bit her lower lip trying to think of something good to eat," crab legs," she said and a huge plate of steaming hot perfectly cooked crab legs appeared in front of her with the utensils necessary to eat them. "Oh god, wait no consequences right, so I won't gain a pound?" she asks before digging in.

"Nope not one," he replied and a banana Sunday appeared in front of Paige.

"Hello Gluttony," Paige said and began to dig in.

"Well guys I think Leo and I are going to take a walk. Don't do anything I would not do," Piper said and took one of Phoebe's crab legs before heading off with Leo.

"Oh I plan on doing a lot of things you would not do," Paige said as some caramel dripped down her chin. The bartender used his thumb to wipe it off and then put it in his mouth to clean it off. Paige's ice cream almost melted on the spot as Phoebe was enjoying the sweet taste of fresh crab legs.

"Piper what time do we meet?" Paige asks while looking down the beach. Leo and her were holding hands and she felt warmth in her heart for them.

"Around seven," Piper replied turning for a moment to answer.

"That is so cute," Phoebe said as she watched them leave.

"I wonder what they will do?" Paige asks.

"No idea, want one?" Phoebe asks and Paige took one of the crab legs.

Piper and Leo were now out of view of her sisters and stopped while facing the tree line. "So where do we sleep tonight? " Piper asks and Leo closed his eyes. The trees gave way and white smoke began to build a foundation of white marble and columns on each side with red silk that stretch from one to the other. A king size bed covered in the best linen formed in the center as ancient Greek statues formed on the base of white marble. It looked like something out of her dreams as fire lit up that was held by ancient cauldrons inlaid with gold and bronze. The gentle breeze made the red silk move and dance as chairs and couches formed on the other side of the bed with a table that could have come out of any Caesar's Palace at that time. A plate of grapes and a bottle of wine were on it and of course what house would be complete without people to attend your every need. Leo made sure to balance it with women and men but rolled his eyes when Piper looked at the men who were quite chiseled and only the bottom half covered, but the women looked very similar to her and Leo smiled as their bellies had a jewel where the belly button would be. They almost look like belly dancers, but Piper did not care as she was overwhelmed with how beautiful he made it for her. It was completely open to the elements and she knew it would not rain on them or get cold.

"So you like belly dancers?" she asks and turned to face him.

"I'm a man you know, but look I made them for you," Leo said as he looked at the men. Piper closed her eyes and the men changed to look like him and Leo smiled as he put his hand to her face and kissed her.

"Now its perfect," she whispered while her lips met his. They kissed like they did when they first met and Leo could feel himself grow. He stopped and took her hand to lead her to the king sized bed as the others walked away to give them privacy.

"Wait what if my sisters come by?" Piper asks while Leo removed the straps of her bathing suit.

"They will not be able to see us unless we want them to," he replied and kissed her neck.

"I had no idea you had such an active imagination," Piper said while running her hands through his sandy blonde hair.

"Oh Piper this is just the first day I have a lot of imagination left," he said while moving the bathing suit off her body and now she was completely naked in front of him on the bed. He moved the silky soft sheets up so it covers the bottom part of him and her as she arched her back and grabbed the sheets beneath her and tightened her grip as he moved down her body. She could not help but smile as she looked up through the opening above her and the deep blue sky was her canopy. She let out a moan of approval as he did what he did best, foreplay.

Paige and Phoebe decided to separate and went off to their fantasy homes. Paige looked at her entrance and the door was an odd shade of purple and there was not a straight line in any of it. She opened it up and the furniture was abstract and beautiful with bright colors and great shapes. She sat down on the bright green couch that flowed upwards on the back and then curled at the end. She could not help but giggle at her wonderful imagination as Glen came out from a bedroom above her.

"What are you doing by yourself down there?" he asks and she could not believe that he popped into her mind but she was happy he did.

"Well I should not be alone," she said and headed for the spiral staircase as he smiled at her. He was just wearing a dark blue robe as she made it up and he took her hand to the bedroom. The post to the bed had a swirl at the top and was a mixture of regal and abstract design. He put his hands on her shoulders and she got a shiver as he did. She used the tip of her tongue to lick her lips as he undid the straps and gently kissed her neck while moving his hands down her arms. She could no longer be captive of tasting his lips and turned to face him and they kissed passionately as her top fell to the ground. He picked her up not breaking the kiss and moved her to the bed. He kissed his way down and disappeared under the colorful sheets as she put her hands over her head and smiled wide while he removed the bottom half of her bikini.

"This is going to be awesome," she whispered and then moaned in pleasure.

Phoebe was staring at a line of trees trying to come up with a house to sleep in while she was there. "Oh come on how hard this can be," she said getting frustrated that she could not make a decision. She started to pace until finally an image came in. She turned and looked back at the tree line and closed her eyes as the white smoke formed a mansion that even the stars would envy. She smiled at her accomplishment and felt arms wrap around her waist and knew exactly who they belong to, "Cole," she whispered in both excitement and fear. She believed she was over him but he just came to mind and she did not fight it.

"Nice house," he said and kissed her neck after moving her long hair out of the way.

"Cole," she let the name escape her lips as she turned to face him.

"This is your fantasy remember no consequences," he said to reassure her.

"Oh screw it," she said and kissed him as her whole body tingle. He picked her up in his arms and took her into the mansion. She took a moment to look away from his eyes as the door opened and revealed a double staircase, one going up on the right and the other on the left. A huge chandelier made out of crystals hung from the Fourier as he took her to the bedroom. She looked back into his deep blue eyes and felt like she was floating on air as they went into the bedroom. The bed was floating somehow and was more contemporary then antique. The black silk sheets glimmered in the sunlight that came through the window as he put her on it. He was not wearing a shirt and his tan muscular chest was showing. He only had on a pair of sweatpants and she always loved how he looked in those for some reason. He took off the cover she was wearing and kissed her belly while she ran her hands through his dark short hair. She wanted him more than anything at the moment and just let it happen. He removed the cover and then her top of her baby suit slowly and methodically. She loved it when he teased her and let it build as he moved under the sheets and began to do his magic.

To be continued…


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